Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Something Entirely Different

Brrrrr from Alberta Canada!  It is cold here.  :(  We have been spoiled with a beautiful mild winter up until this past week and now we are all in shock.  I had planned to scrap yesterday but just couldn't bring myself to venture down to the chilly basement and wait for the fireplace to heat up.  Such a wimp.  ;)  Today I can't even get the fireplace to ignite.  I can see that the pilot light is on so maybe it has something to do with the cold weather?  Today may be another knitting day with three warm puppies cuddled around me.  Okay, two warm puppies cuddled around me (Gus and Maggie)  and one puppy (Lady)  sitting on the back of the sofa near my shoulder,  pawing at my head in an attempt to get me to put down my knitting and give her some more love.  This is pretty much my life.

So I have still been faithfully tracking all of the new CHA releases looking for something entirely different.  I had a good chuckle when Helen left me a comment referring to this as, "new product lust".  Hee hee  So true!

I have to say that I got pretty excited when I saw this line by Cosmo Cricket, "Twenty- Three".  I love the pinks and grey in the line. 

LOVE this book patterned paper too!  Logic does tell me that I really can't see a use for this line but we will see how long that rational lasts.  ;)

Last night I came upon this by Studio Calico.  This is a  must have for me.  I LOVE everything about it!

These butterflies are awesome!

Love these badges too!

Love the original font of these alphas!

Jenni Bowlin has some fun stuff out too!  I can see lots of uses for these stickers!

Lastly, Crate kicks it out of the ballpark once again with, "Story Teller".  Such a versatile line and I love the vibrant palette.  This is a must on my list.

So what's on your "new product lust" list?

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. Pretty much everything you have listed here :) Oh, and a paper doll line I have just seen a little sneak of - I think it's Making Memories?

    Stay warm!

  2. Cosmo is kicking butt with the new lines this term. I like them all. I haven't really paid too much attention. I need to use my stash. This morning when I left for school it was -13 below zero. It is about 5 above, but that wind is NASTY! I don't blame you for not wanting to venture to the basement. I don't want to go down to mine either!! Brrrr!

  3. Ack!! You're at it again! Glad you had a giggle - I must confess to buying some stuff in the sales here - 70% off isn't too shabby! At least then I can justify it because it's a bargain - but I'm eyeing up the Studio Calico now ...

  4. OMG - these are adorable! Right now, we only have one tiny little LSS, so they often don't have the newest releases, but sigh, a girl can dream. Isn't this a weird winter we're having? Selfishly, I've been loving the nice weather, but I know we're going to pay for it. The poor farmers!r


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