Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tales of a Yarn Hoarder

It seems that my tendency to hoard crafting supplies has taken a new direction.  I do admit to being a paper hoarder and I do admit to buying more sale yarn than I can possibly use.  I can rationalize these behaviours.  Paper is cheap and as for the yarn, when I find that I have too much, I pass it on to knitters in my family to knit up woolies for charity.  Four knitters can get more done than one!  It is a win win.  I get the immediate gratification of buying wool on sale and more people get to stay warm during our chilly Canadian winters.  It all made sense until....  I discovered the $2 yarn bin at Michael's.

The $2 yarn bin is every yarn hoarder/ bargain hunters dream.  It is a huge bin where they place balls of wool that have lost their labels and are looking a little bit mangled.  Oh, I do love this bin.  Not sure if I feel that I am rescuing a reject but as I approach,   I get excited at the thought of picking through and looking for yarn treasure!  It really is a hit and a miss.  Some days it will have all of two balls of really cheap wool in lovely colours such as dusty rose and maroon.  Yuck!  Then other days, I hit the jackpot!  Yesterday was one of these days.  Yay!

This is what I got for a grand total of $10.  Score!

I can't believe they only charged me $2 for that huge coral coloured ball.  My first idea was to use these yarns for my charity knits.  Then once I really looked at them all together I realized that they were such a beautiful fall palette together.  These yarns are being saved for when I learn how to knit granny squares.  What an awesome blanket this will be!  When I got home, I rummaged through the yarn stash and pulled other balls that work well into this palette.  Now I have a big bag of yarn just waiting to be crocheted...... once I figure out how to crochet that is.  ;)  Hmm  Now I need to find a home for this addition.

As if this bargain didn't just make my day, I decided to peek into my LSS.  Upon entering,  I asked if they had got in the new BG line, "Kissing Booth".  No they hadn't but.... all BG stock was 50% off.  What?  Score again!!  I picked up two collection packs ( Little Black Dress & Indie Bloom) for $13.50 each!  I am one happy camper.  "Indie Bloom" is really bright and busy but I am excited for the challenge to work with it.  I bought "Little Black Dress" to use the "B" sides for background papers.  I love pre-CHA sales!!

So that is my story.  Now not only do I need to try to avoid the LSS but also the magnetic pull of going to Michael's to look in that $2 bin.  ;)  It is a slippery slope for me.  Where will I store all of these yarns if I can't stay away?  Will I end up being on an episode of Hoarders?  So many crafts.  So little time.  {sigh}

Hope your crafty day is going well!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. Great yarn! The afghan will be really nice. Just wait until you start crocheting those granny squares - they're really addictive too. Yes, so many crafts, so little time. sigh

  2. You are so funny. What you picked up in the discount yarn bin all work so well together. I can't wait to see what you make with it. No new scrappy purchases here. Feeling a bit like a hoarder's episode as I sit here and look around my scrappy room. LOL

  3. I completely know the feeling! Thank you for letting me share the fun of your bargains - it might hold me off until I go shopping tomorrow :)

  4. I'm not a knitter - but I can so relate to the excitement of any crafty bargain! (and the BG of course)

  5. I have a feeling that most of us crafters have an addictive personality that is why we hoard.

  6. Yay for crafty bargains!! I've never noticed a similar bin at my Micheal's, but I'll have to look more closely!


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