Friday, January 13, 2012

This and That

I haven't posted in almost a week so I figured I should pop in and say hello to my blogging world.  I seem to have lost my scrappy mojo once again.  :(  I think I am soon to find it though.  So strange how this passion of ours goes.  At times I can't seem to get enough scrappy time and at other times, I just can't seem to get myself downstairs to scrap.  I have to say that I am blaming the knitting!  ;)  It isn't like I am feeling uncreative these days.  The knitting front is rocking!

Here is scarf number three of the scarves I am knitting for the Canadian Special Olympics.  Just have to pull in ends on this one.

The last two have been garter stitch and I can say that I am bored.  Number four will be patterned.  I will stop at four as the deadline is soon approaching and I really want to get back to knitting my baby blankets.  In other knitting plans,  I have two scarves planned for Diane.  One with an alpaca/ acrylic blend (so soft)  and one with a really chunky wool and a fun pattern.  Now I just have to get Lisa interested in the world of wearing woolies.  ;)

Life seems busy lately.  Although the girls are grown and on their own, there are still times when they need mom and dad.  I'm not complaining about this in the least.  I love to know that we still play a role of guidance in their lives.  We are helping Lisa to get her new apartment in order.  She has been in for a few months but is not like her tangent-y mother and sister who need all things in a move done.... well, yesterday.  ;)  We went to IKEA to help with choosing some shelving units.  Rob is a pro at IKEA construction  although he would love his life if he never again was faced with the dreaded IKEA box and instruction pamphlet.  Not to mention it is always him dragging the huge boxes up to the apartments.  On Saturday we will be hanging pictures, putting up curtain roads,  measuring curtains for hemming  and putting up wall shelves.  When I say we, I mean Rob.  Well,  except for the curtain measuring and hemming.  ;)

This past week had more than usual telephone chats with Diane as she seeks guidance in helping some people that she is close to mourn the tragic loss of a friend.  She wanted to know what to say to make them feel better.  I explained that there is nothing that she can say.  She can only be there for them.  She worried that a gift of flowers would make someone feel sadder.  I remember having these same concerns in dealing with death in my younger years.  I guess that as we get older, experience helps us to feel more comfortable in dealing with death.

This week also had a trip to the vet for Miss Maggie May.  She has something going on with her hind leg.

The vet can't find anything and assumes it may be a soft tissue injury.  She is on medication and  restricted activity.  No jumping from furniture, doing stairs or running.  Hmm  A tough task as she follows the poodles!  She is kenneled when I am out and I am doing my best to keep her calm.  Having said that,  I am easily distracted and miss her jumping off the sofa at times.  :(  At least when I knit she just lies beside me and sleeps.  We go back to the vet next week and I'm pretty sure they will be doing an x-ray to see what is going on.

She looks pretty sad in this one but, she actually always looks this way in photos.  hee hee

Last weekend we had a visit from two of some of my favourite little people in the world.  Well, we actually let their parents come over too.  ;)

Aren't they just the cutest?  Little A had on her christmas dress and sparkly party shoes!  She is a little angel for sure.

This is what Little S does when his mom asks him to smile. So natural.  hee hee  He's a sweetie!

So I am hoping to break back into scrapping very soon.  I have an assignment due next week so it will force me to get with the program!   I am sponsoring the weekly prize at Sketch Inspiration so I get to do a layout with that week's sketch for inspiration.  I am also thinking of having a giveaway on my blog in the near future.  It has been awhile and I always have fun doing them.  I just have to dream something up, so keep on the lookout!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. Glad to hear all is well on the homefront up there. You know, I think we need to take a break in our different hobbies, so that we are able to keep enjoying them. That is the beauty in them... working on them when we feel creative. It is great you have your knitting and stitchery to float between as well. Sorry to hear about the loss of Diane's friend. There isn't much you can say, like you said. Just be there for them. Laura is looking like she is moving back this way next summer. She wants to transfer to the University in my town. I wish she would call more often for that fun stuff of getting apartments in order. :) She calls when she needs help with her car. She does stop over once in a while as she gets home sick. Have a great weekend!

  2. It's sounds as if you are busy and fulfilled - I love to hear your family news as well as see your layouts :)

  3. You've been busy! I wish I was there to put together your daughter's IKEA furniture - that's one of my favourite things! Weird, I know. :) I agree that as we get older, we become a bit more comfortable dealing with death. I feel like the experience we had with the boys passing in the fall was a huge learning experience in this regard. I was so uncomfortable and afraid to say the wrong thing, but gradually, it became more and more natural to just "be there". I hope this will be your daughter's experience, too.


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