Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's New?

Today was a super productive and fun day.  We spent the afternoon with Lisa working on setting up her apartment  and it  is looking good.  It looks like a home now and she is one happy girl.  Lisa has always been my vibrant girl.  No hint of colour or pastels for this girl.  She likes it bright.  Lucky for her,  her landlord/father is very agreeable and let her have some vibrant lime green walls in her place.  This lead to a palette of lime green, hot pink and grey.

The landlord also allowed her to put as many holes in the walls as was needed to achieve the decorative look that she was going for.  He even drilled them for her as he hung a series of suspended shelving units!  Not sure if he will be nearly as agreeable as he fills them one day when we sell the place. ;)

Winter CHA will soon be here and with it lots of new product will be available for all of us hopelessly addicted scrappers. {sigh}  It is bitter sweet, the thrill of what the newest trends and colour palettes will hold and yet that nagging guilt of wanting to buy more stuff that I really don't need.  I don't make statements of abstaining from any scrappy purchases for extended periods of time.  History tells me that I am never successful and everyone in my family laughs at me.  ;)

I like to be in the know of exactly what is coming from the manufacturers that I love.  No walking into the LSS with a feeling of being overwhelmed.  I have studied it all and will recognize the lines I have dreamed of getting into my scrappy happy hands.  I faithfully check out Paper Crafter's Corner daily.  If only I could stay away from this site.  Maybe not knowing what is coming would help me not to buy it but, I doubt it.

When I view the computer images of what's to come,  I try to convince myself that I basically have such similar product in my stash that this time I will be able to just walk away from it.  This stream of thought works until I actually see the product in the store.  Then I get that rush of excitement and suddenly the goodies seem so different and I just want to buy them so badly.  Clearly an addiction.  ;)

This CHA I have a new plan for trying to buy less and use up more of the wonderful stuff I already have.  I will look for things that are totally different.  Only then will it qualify for purchase.  I can foresee a problem with this plan already.  My definition of "different" is a grey area.  I think I am in trouble again.  ;)  Here is what I have been spying so far.

Jenni Bowlin's "Magpie"  has such a soft palette.  A step away from her traditional red and black.  Chevrons are here to stay.

Teresa Collins "Spring Fling"  has one of my favourite colour combinations.  Yummy!

Jillibean Soup's "Neopolitan Bean Bisque" has caught my eye.  I have tried to tell myself that it is so similar to the last four releases but oh I like everything about this.

And now for MME.  Wow!!  Follow Your Heart-Be Amazing is amazing.  It does have a similar vibe to October Afternoon's Farmhouse line.  But some of these papers are a must have.  Love the hexagon paper!

On the Bright Side-2 has another one of my favourite colour palettes to work with.  I love all of the faux wood patterns this season.

Then there is Miss Caroline.  Leave it to MME to release so much goodness.

So, I'll just keep telling myself that there really isn't much new out there this time around.... it's not different enough.  Wish me luck!  hee hee  How is your willpower feeling for this upcoming CHA?

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. My favorite Jillibean this year is the Chicken dumpling is it called? It has the ducks and the woodgrains. LOVE. As for the rest, I haven't paid attention to what is coming. Sad I know. Very cool that Rob let her paint a few walls and such in her place. Didn't know you guys had rental properties. Our first time with it. We just rented out Greg's father's house. They are not liking the lack of color in there either. They asked if they could paint some beige and green on the walls. It is more of a mossy/sage green. We told them to go for it. I like a little color too, so I can understand their wanting to paint.

  2. I'm very excited for CHA too Jennifer and I've never been able to resist anything MME! In fact, I love everything you've put up here. I can feel my willpower crumbling already! Lol!
    Your DD is so lucky to have the perfect landlord! Love the colours.
    Have a great week! xx

  3. Luck? I think you would need an iron will to resist your beautiful picks. I love them all!

    And I'm smiling at the thought of such an amenable landlord. She's a lucky girl :)

  4. What a kind and helpful landlord! Don't get me started on new product lust - I'm trying to stay strong and use the stash that I have. I've even got new stuff to use, but that doesn't stop my wandering eye ....

  5. ooooo ! I didnt realise I have been missing on finding out what the new releases are !!!! I'm trying to not buy much too ! hahahaha ! It will be discount driven basically ! No buying at little discounbt that will help cut down stuff ! too much indeed floating around me here too ! sigh !!!

    Love the lime green Lisa picked ! h0w lucky she is !!! lol


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