Saturday, February 11, 2012

It Just Seemed Off

Sometimes it happens.  I do a LO and I am relatively happy with it until.... I see it on my blog.  Then it hits me that it's not quite right.   I think I knew it all along with this one as after I completed it, I had a feeling of wanting to do something minimal next time.  This is usually my clue that I have put too much on my last one.

Through the years I have heard Rob say over and over, "Less is more." and "Overkill".  ;)  Yes, sometimes the creative juices get out of control.  I so admire the Marcy Penners and Rahel Menigs of our scrappy world.  I study everything they do and yet know that I could never achieve it.  The addiction to pattern stops me every time.

So here is my updated version of "With You".  Thank goodness for re-positional adhesives!

Today's prompt for the photo challenge was so easy it was a hard decision.

February 11 ~ makes you happy

First I took a photo of Lady.  I love all my pups but Lady seems to hold a special place in my heart.  She is the example of what it is to be happy every day.  I now that all dogs live in the now but this little one loves life.  She is so happy that she wiggles with excitement and that tail never stops wagging.

Next, I took a photo of my sweetie.  He really does make me happy every day.  He also makes me laugh every day.  (Sorry Rob, but I'm saving this photo for my annual Valentine's LO of you.)

The girlies were not around so I had no opportunity to even attempt a photo of these unwilling subjects.  ;)

In the end, I settled on this photo.  It makes me chuckle.  Maggie is moving, Gus is just Gus and Lady is blinking.  My motley crew in a reality shot,  my favourite kind of photo.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. I don't know....I liked the first version enough to put you in my inspirational bookmarks! I'll also put this one in my bookmarks too.
    I admire those of you who layer so well you make it look effortless.
    Just wanted to let you know that...and say TFS! :D

  2. No matter what you do, your layouts to me are always perfect! Love your style of layering!!! Enjoyed your pics, especially the last you! So cute!!!

  3. Lovely photos, Jen, and I just love the peachy tones in your layout! I scrolled down and saw the original, and I have to say, I like both! I have a peachy-toned SEI paper pack that I won at a crop in the fall and I just recently cut into it...and while I usually shy away from anything with an orangey tone, I really like it! Plus, that close-up photo is darling! :)

  4. I beg to differ also, I pinned the first one and still prefer it. But I suppose that it is going in your scrapbook, so you get to decide (wink, wink)!

  5. I like them both...but I like all your work!

  6. I struggle with exactly the same thing - I try to go "less" but I always end up with more! You are right - sometimes it's only when I have taken a picture of a layout and stood back and looked at it that I see what needs to be fixed. I like this second version very much - that solid cluster makes for a very satisfying design feature, keeping the focus in the right place

  7. Your layout is gorgeous Jennifer, but then it was always gorgeous! I know what you mean though... I struggle with the same thing and I just can't put too many things on my layout. Lol! Weird, isn't it?
    Love you photos. The one of the doggies made me laugh. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful week. xx

  8. I love your "take two" of this layout...I also prefer less embellishments. I am so impressed with you keeping up with the "photo a day". Lady is cute and I can see why you love her. I will be looking out for your Valentines layout of Rob;-)

  9. I am sorry i missed the first one but this one is a stunner, I totallylove the colours , the design..EVERYTHING!!

  10. Well they are both very lovely - but I know what you mean about the photo showing us something the eye misses. I find it hard to know when to stop adding - half the time I think there is too much on it - but when I try less I feel something is missing LOL. I think it's hard to judge your own stuff sometimes :) and those dogs are sooooo cute (obviously)


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