Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nothing Scrappy

There is nothing scrappy going on around here but I am making terrific headway on my granny square afghan.  Making these little squares that will eventually make up a full blanket is quite addictive.

Diane expressed an interest in learning how to make these as she loves the vintage look of them.  So a Mama's dream came true as we sat together and I showed her how.  What, one of my daughters doing something crafty?  She is making herself a blanket now.  

I was not supposed to put this photo on my blog as Diane thinks it makes her seem "pathetic" to be spending a Saturday night at your parent's house learning how to crochet.  ;)  In her defense, her boyfriend works up North two weeks out of every three so, sometimes these "pathetic" weekends do happen.  

Check this out if you want to see my new crocheting hero, Johnny V, in action!  This video will easily teach you how to make these, if you are interested.  There is also a written out pattern to go with it.

Here are the latest photos for my photo challenge.

February 15 ~ phone

February 16 ~ something new (the newest bloom on my orchid)

February 17 ~ time   (Time to clean up the scrappy desk.)

February 18 ~ drink

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. Time with our children is always a good thing.
    What a lovely picture.

  2. LOL! I have a lot of pathetic nights if that's the case! With small people, I am in bed by 9pm and I spend a lot of nights crafting... I like those nights ;)

  3. Tell Diane, she is not pathetic. She is creating some wonderful memories with her mom that she will always treasure!!! :) I LOVE when my oldest (who falls in between your girls, age-wise) comes around. I wish she expressed an interest in something crafty that we could share. I can't wait to see your afghan! :) Your scrappy table looks so very much like mine!! I need to clean up mine too before I start on any other project.

  4. Always great to see pics of your daily life , grrll !!!

    I realised I have not much to scrap these days --- not enough pics of the kidlets especially on a day to day. I am happy with just cardmaking for sure for now. Which translates well to NOT byuying new stash ! yay !!!! lol .

  5. It is precious that you could teach her a craft and time spent together is always a bonus. By the desk looks just as messy as yours;-)

  6. Not pathetic at all! Time spent learning a new skill is never going to be time wasted. It's lovely that you had an evening of creating together

  7. Jen, you can tell Diane that she and I can be "pathetic" together...because that's pretty much EVERY Saturday night for me! :) I just wish I had my mom here to do it with me!


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