Friday, February 3, 2012

Sometimes it Just isn't in the Cards

Taking part in this photo challenge has me excited about taking photos again.

February 3 ~ hands

Hmm Lots of thought went into this prompt.  First I thought of taking a photo of my own hand.  Then I thought of a shot of me and Rob with our hands together.  Our hands look old because well, we are getting kind of old.  Plus, Rob didn't have his nails done.  ;)  Then it hit me.  I took a photo of nail polish.  I love buying nail polish.  My addiction to colour I guess.  I am a perpetual nail biter and at times try to keep from this awful habit by keeping my nails painted. Sometimes I am more successful than others.  I may just do a LO to document this nervous behaviour.

So while I had the camera out and ready to go, I decided to take some photos of Lady.  She was groomed today and looking pretty sharp in her purple bandana.  Well, I didn't capture too much beauty but I did get a good chuckle.  These may make a really funny LO one day.

Not bad but I'll see if I can do better.

Oh my, that's not better.  Look at those teeth.

Long tongue!

Long and twisted tongue!

Almost, except for that one snaggle tooth.

More yawning and those ears are really perked up.

Okay, almost cute with that little bit of pink tongue showing.

Oh there is that stern and severe  look that Lady sometimes has.   Lady stink eye.

Okay this one is good.  I'll stop here.  Wait a minute, it looks just like the first photo!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. Oh this is hilarious!! I LOVE the commentary with each photo. I am a nail biter too and sometimes do well and then sometimes have a relapse. Thanks for the chuckle!!! Love the pics of Lady. :)

  2. She's beautiful!! But you knew I'd say that because she's my favourite. ;-) Nice shot of the polish.

  3. OMG that's a lot of nail polish , grrll ! I have been paying too much for manicures and pedicures and have not bought any bottles of nail polish . sigh !

  4. Hahaha... I just adore all the pics of Lady! Great photography Jennifer! Great pic of the nail poslish too. xx

  5. Another fun post from the House of Jen :)

    That nail polish picture is seriously good - will it appear on a page, do you think?

  6. I love your nail polish collection...and those photos of your lovable pooch are precious.

  7. "Lady stink eye" - LOL! I'm a nail polish hound, too! :)


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