Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Friday ~ Another Case

Here's the newest case up at CSI.

 I always think of anything scrappy in terms of manufacturer lines.  As soon as I saw this palette I thought of BG "Off Beat".  I finally had a reason to use the three year old piece of crazy bird paper!!  I LOVE this sheet!  And, being the bird geek I am, I had many bird photos to choose from to go along with this paper.

Evidence:  glimmer mist splatters, butterfly, string( floss and twine)

Testimony:  I used the word "wonder" as my title and the theme of my journaling.

I also used the sheet of paper with the small letters as inspiration from the photo.

I am proud to say that I splattered some glimmer mist on this LO.  I think I am an impaired splatterer.  It just scares me.  Too much lack of control.  I don't like things all willy nilly.  ;)  I have yet to mix up and use my collection of acrylic paints or my OA Sprinklers that I paid a fortune for.

On a side note, if you like the look of shipping tags you may want to head on over to Staples.  I bought 100 for less than $5.  So much bang for the buck.

Hope you will try cracking one of these cases!  They are quite the challenge but the end result is so worth it!  Plus,  you fall in love with your stash all over again.  I have a bunch of new stuff that I haven't even touched because I have been doing these challenges.  My troubles of mixing manufacturer lines is not an issue when I base a LO on a colour palette.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. Great layout and fabulous photos. The title is just perfect!

  2. I have become a bigger bird person. I have had my favorites, which I can't see because there aren't enough trees where I am. so, I have had to find new ones. That color combo is great. You are right... perfect for that offbeat line (I have some too. ;) ) I need to pull it out for my bird photos. ;) Your page is fantastic. I love the layers and mix of mfr. On a bird note, one bird I don't particularly care for is back. I really don't care for those Killdeer birds. They are annoying and always screeching, building nests in my rock along the driveway and freaks out when we walk by. Oh and my faves that I don't see here - chickadees and cardinals. I now have little hummer birds and lots of them that fly at me, hover, chatter at me and fly away. LOL Funniest thing.

  3. Great page! Great splatters! I saw my first Killdeer a couple years back and it was so interesting to watch how they defended the nest. Strange how they build their nests on the ground like that. I took lots of photos but have yet to scrap them. Unfortunately I wasn't around to see the babies hatch and watch them walk away to find cover. That would have been so awesome to witness. Having said all this, these birds weren't on my property and I probably wouldn't have been so enthusiastic about them if I had to deal with them everyday! LOL

  4. LOL! I love to see you sprinkling glimmer mist on your layouts. You're a neat freak like me when it comes to scrapping. Great are really good at this color challenges and the CSI is amazing.

  5. I love this! Don't think I have ever seen that paper before - it's great.

    I saw the news about your Mum on Susan's blog. Thinking about you all on St Patrick's day

  6. Wow, that page just sings (like a birdie). I will have to go check out CSI.

  7. Ann

    I love the bird photos, your splatters of glimmer mist. Thanks for the tip

    on Shipping Tags. Great Layout and embellishments. So happy to visit with your

    Mom and you all next month when we fly out west.


  8. Jennifer this is so, so beautiful!! I love the design with the two square photos and the mix of papers on this is really fabulous! I like the simplicity of the one butterfly embellie and that you stitched through the center! I have really enjoyed seeing your layouts as one of the Guest Detectives this month!!

  9. I love it, Jen! It's very unlike your regular style, and yet it's so "you"! LOL These CSI challenges are great! (Love that birdie paper - I've never seen that one!)

  10. I agree with the others this one is just fabulous ... The perfect papers for the perfect photos !!!

  11. I just love this, Jennifer! Love everything you do! Your photos are wonderful and your layout is perfect!


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