Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This Week in Pictures

The scrappy mojo has yet to return however, we did get some exciting news concerning my mother.  As of tomorrow she has a bed in the long-term facility in her home town.  We are so lucky that this worked out for our family.  She does not have to be temporarily placed further away from us and she is still so close for my father and her friends and neighbours to visit her.  Susan and I are looking forward to making her room look like home.

I may not be scrapping but I have been taking some photos.

The Big Guy making one of his last phone calls for the mediation society in our community.  He has now officially given up his title of president.  He will still sit on the board as past-president but will have very little responsibility.

My new coffee pot.  Yellow makes me happy!  My very brown kitchen needed a pop of colour.  For any of you Starbuckians, the new Blonde roast is really good if you enjoy a milder coffee.  I love it!

My little Ladybird catching a snooze in a sunny patch in the kitchen.

New toys make big boys tired.  The new IPad was just too exciting. ;)  A nap was in order.

Lady and Auntie.  Yes, Susan is referred to as "Auntie" to Lady.  These two are a bonded pair.  I actually would not have adopted Lady had it not been for Susan.  I was ready to see things logically and agree with Rob that 2 dogs was enough.  Then Susan chimed in telling Rob that he would feel so great to help out this little dog with a new life.  Then I figured that if my very logical sister thought this to be a great idea, then it must!  hee hee  We have a verbal agreement that should anything happen to me and Rob, Lady is going to Susan and Rich.  Does anyone else out there do this with their animals?  Maybe I'm weird.  ;)  Gus goes to Lisa and Maggie goes to Diane.

Here are the God-Parents.

As for today, it has been an exciting one for my girls.  Lisa had her final exam this morning for her last course in her insurance program.  She is feeling good about it and is soooo happy to officially be done school.  It has been 18 years since play school!  Now she is free, until she finds some insurance course that she figures she needs to do.  She had her assessment done at work and their only grievance was that she is not taking enough holidays.  After being in school and working part-time she isn't used to having holidays.

Diane left this morning for Europe!  She is meeting her boyfriend in Paris.  He has already been there for 2 weeks.  After Paris they are going to Italy.  She is only gone for 8 days.  I can't wait to see the photos and hear the stories. I am not a traveller and haven't even seen all of Canada.  It is always fun to see my girls experiencing things that I have not.  I have been promised a photo of Diane and Eric in Paris.  I already have the title for the LO.... "Meet Me in Paris", of course.

It is hard to believe that she will live out of this back pack for 8 days.  This is usually the size of her make-up bag alone. ;)

Of course, I had to work for that one decent photo of Diane.  This is what I got at first.  A Derek Zoolander meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pose.  Yup!

Lastly,  if you are still with me on this non-scrappy and wordy post, this murder of crows made a visit to the slough today.  They are still circling around and making noise.  I am not a crow fan.  Ravens just scare me.  They just seem so ominous.  My father, on the other hand, loves crows.  He tells me that they are the most intelligent bird and loves watching the baby crows nest in the big tree outside their apartment.  Yes, he feeds them peanuts too.  I have yet to see a baby crow in my lifetime and imagine them to be as ugly as their parents are.   I still do not like crows!

That's it for today.  Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. Jen.... I loved your post and it is soooo cool to read about you and your loved ones. TFS!!!! I know your daughter will have a FABULOUS time in Europe. Happy Wednesday!

  2. I do not like crows either. My hubby has said the same thing about them being smart. Ever notice you never see them hit by a car?! Yep, smart. I hope Diane has a fabulous time!!! How exciting!!! I think that title you have is perfect. My pups like to sun themselves too. They like baking their old bones. Hee!Hee! My mother never had arrangements for her kids should something happen, but last I heard, she did for her dogs. I am so so glad to hear about your mom. I have been thinking about all of you a lot lately. So glad it is working out well. I haven't traveled much either. Only a couple of states. I have been up to the Canada border, but never crossed over when I had the chance. Enjoyed hearing what you have been up to. :)

  3. There's a great documentary called "A Murder of Crows" which was shown on The Nature of Things that shows just how intelligent crows are. I think they're great birds, but then again, I also like magpies, right Jen? LOL

  4. I don't like crows either! But I did enjoy your newsy post. I'm so glad to hear about your Mum. I'm sure that is such a relief :)

  5. I love reading about your life in Canada...I love to get to know who you really are...not just see your scrappy projects. It was good to catch up on what is happening on your blog.

  6. You know, now that you mention it...I've never seen a baby crow either! What's up with that?!


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