Monday, August 13, 2012

Alpaca, Silk and Bamboo

I'm making mittens.  I didn't make even one pair last year much to Diane's disappointment.  She loves her woolies and was considering asking her Aunt Susan if she would be willing to whip her up a pair.   Well, I am making up for it this year.  So far I have made two pairs for Diane and two pairs for Lisa.  I am on a roll.

Today I am making a pair with "good" wool.  The good stuff comes from the "good" yarn shops.  Susan and I have found a new yarn shop to frequent, thanks to my dental hygienist who is an avid knitter.  Wool Revival is a quaint little spot in Edmonton. The owner does not keep regular hours so it is best to go mid-day in hopes of finding her open.  She  also only takes cash and hand writes the bill.  Upon entering, she can be found sitting in a comfy chair in the middle of the store, knitting, of course.  There is often other ladies sitting along side knitting away.  It is like taking a step back in time.  The only downfall is the disorganization of the store.  The front counter is one foot deep in "stuff".  The clutter dips in the middle where the payment process is done.  I do have to admit that my first visit haunted me a bit.  I had an overwhelming desire to go back and ask if I could spend a week there organizing.  hee hee  The best part about this shop is the low price of the yarn.  About 1/3 less than it's competitor.

The wool I am using is 80% Alpaca and 20% silk.  Oh there is something so satisfying about knitting with natural fibers.  Throw in a pair of bamboo needles and I am happy!

Susan is coming over  tomorrow for a day of knitting.  The needles will be a click click clacking.  It is predicted to rain all day long and I can't think of a better way to spend a rainy day.  :)

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. I love knitting in winter while watching TV, but must admit i haven't done it for years. I can probably blame scrapping for that. :) Looking at your pics and reading your stories about wool I feel the urge coming back. Lol!

  2. It sounds like just my kind of store - I bet it's impossible to come away empty handed! I need to start some Autumn knitting now I think..

  3. I can just see how lush that wool is...I can only imagine how it feels in your hands.

  4. Looks fab and the yarn sounds delightful. i have not knitted for a few years but I used to love it! WTG with the mittens!


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