Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Tom and "Stuff"

I have been hoarding this amazing B&W photo of little Thomas for a long time.  It was taken by his very talented Auntie Carolyn.  I finally decided to scrap it using the Urbanessence collection from Les Papiers de Pandore.

I used this sketch designed by Julie Bonner.  I have used it before and love it.

As of yesterday, my scrappy room is mostly packed away.  Wahhhhh!!  ;)  I have kept out a small selection to keep me going through the next month.  It seemed stressful to pack things away and take everything out of order.  I think this might be a sign of "scrapping addiction".  ;)

 I did learn a few things yesterday whilst packing.

 I have too many albums.  I know I have whined about this before on the blog but here I go again.  I know logically that I have to slow down the scrapping process.  I can't continue to accumulate these albums at this rate.  There are boxes and boxes of packed up albums sitting in my basement.  Maybe the solution is to mostly scrap for other people.  If I could stick to just scrapping two LO's per month for me, that would be about one album per year into the house.  That is doable.  Oh, if only.  ;)

I have too much "stuff".  It really hits home how much you have when you see it all packed up together.  I need to start using this supply.   I think that Green Peace will soon be after me for the trees I am killing. ;)  I know that the solution to this one is to stay away from the LSS.  Well, I have taken the first step and have unsubscribed from my two local stores.  If I don't get the email telling me what is new in the shop, I will be less likely to run down and buy it.  I know that I have plenty of supplies to record any memory that needs to be recorded.   I still love all of the supplies that I still have to use.

The bulk of the stuff in our house is my "crafty stuff".  Yes, moving would be much less work if I didn't have all of this crafty stuff.  There is scrappy stuff and cross stitch stuff and knitting stuff and lots of magazines about all this stuff.  Jennifer's Knitting Emporium is sitting in boxes..... in my basement.

Well, enough of my whining.  I never lose sight of how lucky I am to have all of these wonderful supplies to keep me inspired to create each day but, sometimes I question how I will house the end result of this addiction.  At least with knitting, the woolies are given away and put to good use by others.  Where do I draw the line at creating albums for myself?  Could my time be better spent creating less for me and more for others?   Do you guys ever feel the same way about this crazy addiction?  Does it overwhelm you at times?

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. So adorable!! Love those papers, too!!

  2. Awww Jen what an adorable LO!!!! I so love it!!!! what a cute boy too.
    About Raverly yes I know it!!! Do you know www.garnstudio.com it´s fabulous!!! That purple sweater I made it using a pattern from that site.

  3. Oh My!! That photo is too totally adorable, Jennifer!! The papers you chose highlight it so well and I love how you used the sketch!! Lots of great embellishments on this one!!

  4. I can totally relate to all your high-lighted points above Jennifer. It's an addiction and there is NO CURE! Scary hey? But then it's harmless and good for the soul. Lol! There is always a way to justify what we do. :)
    Your layout is adorable. I love the colours you've used for this sweet photo of Thomas. xx

  5. Your work is beautiful! I'm sure others would love to get pages from you, but wouldn't you feel then that you have too many pictures and stories that you would want to scrap for yourself? What kind of albums do you use? cause 3 ring binders can fit 50 pages or even more!

  6. Oh Jen, what a stunning page!!! That pic of Thomas is precious!!! I can completely relate to all that you mentioned. I have moved my room around my house a couple of times. So, I know I have a ton of supplies!! Your albums are for others. Look at the amazing books the girls will have!!! Ultimately, it really isn't about you, but about preserving those little moments special to your family and the little day to day things that will be forgotten that those albums will remind you and others of. Those albums are a treasure!! Family heirlooms.

  7. I admit I have the addiction too!
    I loved this when I first saw it over at Pandores. That photo is so precious.
    works so well with the papers. TFS!

  8. I love your layouts! I definitely don't have your problem with albums. I guess there is a benefit to being a really slow scrapbooker.

  9. Beautiful photo, shown off to perfection with that colour scheme!

    I think you do well at giving away some of what you create - you knit for charity don't you? I know what you mean though. Magazines especially are my downfall

  10. What a gorgeous layout Jennifer and what a gorgeous little baby boy.

    I can only echo your sentiment about the mountain of stash we manage to accumalate over the years.


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