Sunday, August 19, 2012


A sad day for us on Friday as we said good-bye to our Gussy.

Gus became ill recently and Rob and I made the decision to put him down before suffering began.  We would rather his life be shorter but happy.  A dog's life is to be wonderful every day.  We stayed with him as he was put down peacefully.  We miss him terribly.  The house seems too quiet without him here.  He was the leader of the pack and kept the girls on schedule and me too, I think.  :)

We were worried for Maggie as she has had Gus with her since she left her birth brothers and mama.  She appears to be fine.  She paused and looked into Gus's empty kennel before going to her own on the first night.  I wondered if she was looking for him.  I am thankful that she has Lady and is not alone.  We were not too worried about Lady as she is quite resilient and has endured much change in her life.  Those two poodles were partners in crime and were quite close.

Maggie has been having knee problems for the past month and we will find out this Wednesday if surgery is in order.  It has been a tough go for the past month and I have been spending lots of time at the vet's office.

I sometimes question the value of all of the LO's I create and albums I have.  I have to say that I am feeling so thankful that I have such a great documentation of Gus's life with so many memories recorded.  When I get in the new house and am unpacked, I plan on collecting all of my LO's of Gus and compiling them into albums as a remembrance of his life and the joy he brought us.

I'll leave you with a photo that Rob took of me and Gus having a little cuddle time before his appointment.  He was a good boy and I am thankful to have had him as a constant companion for the past 7 years.   But... all dogs go to heaven.  (A favourite movie of my girls when they were little.)  I know he had a good life.

February 5, 2005 ~ August 17, 2012

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. Awww Jen, I am so sorry!!! I am glad he had so many good years. It is sad and hard to say goodbye to our furry family members. I hope your Maggie will be ok. Hope the packing is going well and you will soon be settled in your new home. Hugs!!

  2. Sorry for you and for Gussy. Pets are such precious members of the family.

  3. Ann

    We are very sad for you Jennifer and Rob too that Gus had to be put to sleep.
    It is understandable why you look so sad Jennifer laying on the couch with Gus. We hope Maggie can be helped with her knee problems. We know how much you and Rob have always loved your animals.


  4. Sorry for the loss... I believe that we don't always see the value of our LO's as we create them, they seem to go up in value with time. Glad you have recorded the life of your little friend, now he will always live with you on your scrapbook pages.

  5. I'm sorry for your family. Gus will be ok. You were good parents to the precious dog.

  6. I´m really so so sorry my dear and lovely friend.....a big HUG for you.

  7. I'm sorry jennifer, really sorry to hear this

  8. I now have tears in my eyes Jennifer. I am so sorry to hear about Gus. I know too well how it feels to have to make that decision. Hugs to you. xx

  9. I am so very sorry Jennifer. I know how you love and cherish your furry children and I know just how hard this must have been for you. Sending you a big hug.


  10. Geez, I'm all teary-eyed again reading this and seeing that photo but I know it is for the best. It'll be strange not having Gus around when I visit. :-(

  11. I am so sorry. Our dogs are family members and we may be making the same hard decision soon with our 11 year old. Letting them go is loving them to the end without prolonging their discomfort. Prayers for you.


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