Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In My Backyard

Thought I would post a few images that I took yesterday morning in my backyard.  Fall is definitely on it's way but there is still something beautiful in these somewhat weathered and aged flowers and foliage.

Looks like someone has been nesting.  I'm hoping for a return next spring!

Makes me happy to see the girlies roaming free.

I'll leave you with a funny photo of Lady.  Since she has had some teeth extracted, her mouth seems to sit a bit croaked and shows off that one snaggle tooth even more.  Oh poor Lady.  {sigh} ;)  She is still beautiful to me.  :)

Wishing you all a beautiful fall day to enjoy.



  1. Beautiful pictures of my favourite time of year!

  2. Such pretty flowers. I love the pic of your pups too. Lady is cute!!


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