Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mo Post

Mo has been staying with me lately.  He is still my favourite muse.  What else could I hope for, a beautiful cat and brilliant fall light and foliage.

Here he is roaming around the backyard.  He loves it out there but it is not too relaxing for me.  I'm always afraid that he will hop the fence.  I figure that if I lose Diane's cat, there is no hope of me ever babysitting future grandchildren.  ;)

I came upon him sitting in my bedroom window.  The sun was shining in and I could see the bright fall leaves beyond him.  I ran and grabbed my camera.

Wishing you all some wonderful fall captures.



  1. He is such a cute kitty!!! Such a sweet face!

  2. He is such a gorgeous kitty....and no...you will have to practice on babysitting him before you're let loose on your future grandchildren;-) I am greeting spring with a song in my heart. Our winter has been cold and wet. (nothing like as cold as yours but colder than we are used to)

  3. What a gorgeous kitty Jennifer! Love the beautiful pics. :)


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