Wednesday, November 28, 2012

December Daily

I'm taking the leap this year and have decided to create a December Daily album.

Here's my vision!

It will be housed in this 8x8 American Craft D ring album that I had picked up at HomeSense for a steal last year.

I will be using mostly a mix of new Christmas collections from this season; Studio Calico "Wonderland", Pink Paislee "City Sidewalks" and BG's "Aspen Frost".

I am going to try to keep it simple.  After all, that is the concept behind this project.  For me, this means that my focus will be on getting the memories recorded and not the design of each page.  Embellishments will be kept to a minimum and along with this the lumpyness too!  Paper and layering will be my main embellishment.

My foundation pages will all be prepared before the beginning of December.  These pages will have some kind of border and the number representing the date.  My album will span December 1 through the 25th.

I will take my photos daily and jot down my journaling on scrap index cards to be referred to at the time of scrapping.  Photos will be developed once a week.  Some LO's will have more detail while others may be more basic and simply added to the foundation page "Smash Book" style.

I may add some pages to my album that are not in plastic protection sheets, some smaller pages, an envelope and some smaller tags to add dimension and interest while going through the album.

I might do some splattering, stamping and heat embossing.  Stitching too!

So that is it in a nut shell.  I'm going to make this a stress free and fun project!  If I miss getting a photo one day, I may have a photoless LO that focusses on journaling instead.  I may even scrap a photo from a Christmas past!

 I'm excited to photograph our lead up to Christmas, as quiet as these days are for us in this phase of our life.  More importantly, I want to record the stories of the simple everyday things that happen in December.  I'll post my foundation photos soon.  :)

On an unrelated note, the pups are on Santa and Mrs. Claus's naughty list tonight.  Urghhh.  Rob and I went out this evening to shop for some toys at a terrific toy shop in town.  The pups decided that they should punish us for leaving.  One of them, my guess is Lady, went into my knitting basket and dragged my half knit hat to the front door.  The ball of my good teal,  merino wool from the "good wool store" is a mangled mess.  :(  My good bamboo circular needles are chewed up.  :( :(  I had to cut off and throw out the knitting,  as I could not pass it over the chewed up needles.

Rob, the perfect example of patience, has been working to detangle my wool for over 2 hours now!  He says that he finds it relaxing.

 I tried for about 10 seconds and it seemed hopeless.  I would have thrown it out into the snow in the backyard and stamped on it a few times too. Yes, my photo would not show up in the dictionary next to the word, patient.  ;)



  1. So sorry about your knitting...naughty puppies!!!

    Rob is a saint to sit and untangle that! You are a lucky girl!

    Can't decide about December Daily. Today and tomorrow my LSS has 50% off an item. They have WRMk albums and snap albums. I had decided on the 8 1/2 x 11 WRMK but they only have one left and it has a smudge on the leather front. Ugh. Now it's a toss up between the Snap and making do with a red 6x6 I already have at home.
    I probably should be sensible...

  2. Oh your pups were naughty!!!! I would of done the same thing as you were saying... throwing it in the snow, etc. Greg has more patience for that stuff too. Good for you for trying a Dec. Daily. It will be a nice book to look back on.

  3. cannot wait to see inside.....ahhhhhh totally LOL at those photo!!!

  4. Don't you just love a man with that kind of patience :)

    Your plan for your album sounds perfect. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  5. Good for Rob...I would find that frustrating. Can't wait to see more of your December daily.


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