Sunday, December 16, 2012

December Daily Woes

A few weeks ago I had the brilliant idea to create a December Daily album.  Remember this post.

 Well apparently I am at a point in my life where I really have very little of great excitement to document for 25 days in December.  I have decided to leave this project for another time.  Maybe one day when there are little ones in the family and there is more stuff going on.  I don't want an album filled with photos of my ornaments and yet more photos of "Christmas pups". LOL

Anyway, here I have this album, 8 or 9 completed foundation sheets and a bunch of 8x8 inch cut up papers.  It is good stuff.... lots of Pink Paislee "City Sidewalks".  So I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has been getting lots of photos this month, has some good stories to document and needs this album and some supplies?  I will include some embellishment stuff too.  Plus.... feel free to pick apart my completed foundation pages and salvage what you can... or use them if you like them.  ;)

If you are in North America and want this stuff email me at  The first person to email me will be the winner!  I will try to get this package out this week, but if the post office is crazy busy I may have to wait until after Christmas.  But.... you will have it soon enough to get those memories down.  :)


This giveaway is now closed.  The winner is Michelle!!  Congrats Michelle!!  


  1. Hi Jen,this is just to say ,how sweet you are my friend.I know that someone is North America will be so so happy with your looks gorgeous!!!

  2. ...I have made my album, taken the photos and thatsv as far as I am up to!!

  3. I haven't even started to make my album!! This is my third year doing a December Daily album and it usually always goes this way...I take a picture every day, and write about it...then in the new year, the album gets made! With 3 little boys (one with a birthday on December 23rd) our Decembers are always full! Too full for me to scrapbook!!

  4. Even having little ones...I never managed to do this. You are very generous to give it away.

  5. I feel what you are saying. I have just left a comment on a friend's blog about the number of social opportunites she has openeing up for her with her little boy in his second year at of school. I can remember all those concerts and fairs I had to go to. No longer, though: TTO has been chosen as one of this year's leavers to do a reading at the Carol service, but parents aren't allowed. So my Christmas activities aren't what they were either. I'm thinking Grandchildren might be the answer lol


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