Saturday, December 22, 2012

Studio Calico Love

I caved last month and bought myself the Studio Calico November kit.  I had only ever ordered twice before.  It arrived and it was exciting.  Looking through it, it looked even better IRL.  I love getting exclusive papers.  I love how they mix up colours.  I love how all of the embellishments now come in cute little glassine bags, sealed up with a sticker.  It was so exciting, in fact, that I caved again and ordered December's kit.  It arrived last night.  I was passing by the front door when I saw that happy mail sitting out there in the cold.  The postman hadn't even rung the bell.  I retrieved it, poured through it and yes, it was just as awesome as the November kit.  However, all of this awesomeness comes with a hefty price tag.  I am always torn as to whether I am really getting my money's worth.  I'm not sure on that one but I am sure that I always seem to love the LO's that I produce with these kits.

Now I will have to be strong and pretend that the Studio Calico site is not opened for viewing for awhile.  ;)  I spent a few hours cleaning up the studio the other night and I have lots of stuff to use up.  I haven't scrapped as many LO's this year, as I usually do, but I continued to shop for scrappy goods.  Many of my LO's were made with Les Papiers de Pandore paper that I receive from France.  It's time to start making a serious dent in the stash, but first I want to totally use up these two Studio Calico kits.

On the domestic front, you know you are old when you are excited about purchasing one of these.  ;)

It's the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop!  It cleans hardwoods and ceramic with just good old water! Very green, indeed.  The middle section lifts away so you can steam other surfaces, or even curtains.  We are going to give it a go later on tonight.  Wow do we know how to spend a Saturday night during the holiday season.  hee hee  What can I say, Rob and I have a weakness for buying floor cleaning devices.  I am hoping that Rob enjoys this toy so much that he is going to want to clean the floors almost every day!  Wishful thinking I am sure.  I'll let you all know what our review is.



  1. I will wait for the review! I have wondered what they are like.
    Your layout is just lovely! You have such a great always inspires me!

  2. I caved in and bought the December kit too. I can't wait for it to get here. I love the soft colors of their papers. I wasn't as strong as you and subscribed for 6 months:-)

    Your layout is gorgeous.


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