Saturday, April 28, 2012

CSI #17

I love this week's palette at CSI!  As soon as I saw it  I knew that I wanted to look through my October Afternoon papers for the perfect mix of colours.

The colours were perfect for a nature LO so I found this photo that Rob took last spring.  This is the father goose with one of his little ones.  There was always one with Poppy and the other six were with Mama.

Evidence:  circles, sheet music, stars, leaves and map print.

Testimony:  I wrote my journaling in a circle.

I have to say that I was so excited to finally use some of my October Afternoon Sprinklers.  Anyone who follows me knows that I have some issues about splattering.  I successfully splattered on the ledger paper!  Yay me!!  I was so excited that after replacing the cap,  I looked at this tiny bottle full of amazing potential and lovingly shook the bottle one more time.  That is when I saw that liquid was dripping down the outside of the bottle.  I then noticed that it dripped onto the bottom corner of the LO.  Waahhhhh!!  Another splattering tragedy.  :(   Oh well, there are no mistakes in art.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  ;)

This LO is based on a sketch from Kristine Davidson's Ebook.

I am happy to report that we have a pair of geese on our slough once again.  Apparently, geese return to the same nesting ground each year.  The neighbourhood all agree that this is the same couple from last year.  The male is very territorial and chases off any other geese that try to land on the pond.   Mama started sitting on eggs one week ago.  Once she drops all of her eggs, she will not leave the nest to eat or drink until they hatch.  Poppy is on full guard duty making sure that his family is safe.  We are all excited to see the new babies next month.   I am hoping to get photos again this year.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

CSI Case #16

Today I played along with this week's challenge over at CSI.  Here is the very pretty palette.

It inspired me to do my annual Valentine's LO of my sweetie.  It is becoming quite the tradition so I figured better late than never in getting it done.  I didn't even have to riffle through the studio much as the Crate "Love Story" line lends itself well to this palette.

What can be better than finding a use for one of those huge numbers from the Pink Paislee "London Market" collection, jumping on the sequin band wagon and getting some more use out of my Tim Holtz mini stapler.  Score!  I'll call this a productive scrappy adventure.

Evidence: sparkly alphas, shiny button pin and crystal brad, use of sequins, stacked paper, stacked doily flower and stacked stickers, use of musical note paper and the something sweet is my sweetie! ;)

Testimony: The title is inspired by the song 1234 by The Plain White T's. The lyric reads, "those three words" but I changed the tense to "these" because I thought it sounded better. The journaling is inspired by the song Marry Me by Train. In the lyrics it says, "I'll wear out the words I love you. This is my journaling.

"I'll wear out the words, "I love you"... but I'll tell you again how much I love you. xx"

I was trying to break out of my usual scrappy style and go for a bit of a messy look with the off set paper frame.  Feels good to do something a bit different.  I still long to do LO's with simplicity and white space but mine all come out looking well, "full".  Oh well, I guess that is just my style.

Here is the sketch I used by Lydell Quin.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm having a catch up day.  Doing a bit of this and a bit of that.  It always feels good to get organized.  :)

I spent some time down in the studio doing just that.... organizing.  I had to put away some new BG goodness that I got my hands on yesterday.  Yum!!  I guess if I was limited to only being allowed to buy one manufacturer, it would still have to be BG!  I love that the new releases are now more affordable.  They have cut the paper line down from 18 sheets to 12 sheets.  With this,  the price for us Canadians has dropped from close to $30 to around $20.  It almost makes us feel that now we should buy more!!  ;)  Good marketing tactic.

I am still knitting away.  Susan tells me that I am stuck in a knitting vortex and that eventually it will spit me out.  Her last vortex yielded 10 hats.  I am on my eighth but sadly my amazing wool from the good yarn shop is almost finished.  It has been so much fun working with this soft yarn.

It is an overcast and dreary day here.  It's been trying to rain all day long.  A typical April day in Alberta but I must remember that after April showers comes May flowers.  :)  The grass is slowly trying to turn green and before we know it, it will be time to go to the greenhouse and plant flower pots.  Just the thought of this makes me so excited!

Well, I'm off to enjoy a cup of tea for one!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eclectic Finds

Lately I have been trying to find embellishments for my LO's that are original.  I sometimes find that my LO's look quite generic.  That is partly due to the fact that I usually scrap in manufacturer lines.  I hate it when my creations look just like everyone else's who bought the line.  Here are a few things I have collected in hopes of looking a bit more original.

Lucky, my LSS often stocks some amazingly original items.

This is a roll of antique butcher tape!  Think of the possibilities.  Now I won't be licking the adhesive to stick this sucker down.  (We all remember that Seinfeld episode with Susan's untimely demise.  ;) )

This is from an old photo studio.  Not sure who this lady is but she will be showing up in one of my creations eventually.  The back of the card is equally as interesting.

Here are some goodies I found at the local fabric store.

These fancy buttons which remind me of Jenni Bowlin buttons.  But these cost about $1.  Love the fancy flower on them.

I am planning on jumping on the sequin band wagon.  I love this amazing shade of grey.  Cost me $1!!

Lately, I always look carefully at packaging before recycling it.

This came in a lipstick from Benefit.  Love this retro girlie!

This is a perfume sample that came in a magazine.  I love the vintage design of it.  I am hesitant to use the part that actually has the perfume in it but will cut it up and tuck it under something.  Love the fancy edging on it too!

Love the teal colour in this business card found at my favourite yarn shop.  This would look awesome on a LO about knitting!

With the envelope craze in full swing I found these!

A library envelope and card pulled out if the back of an old discarded library book.  The perfect hidden journaling opp!  This cute little envelope that held an extra button on a piece of clothing I bought.

This Earl Grey tea envelope has to be put on a LO about drinking tea!  Love the wrinkly dimension it will add!

Concert goodies are always great!  A ticket stub and back stage pass.  The ticket stub may end up on a LO not related to the actual concert.

Love this colourful map from my favouite heritage park.  I could use this as part of my background or make some colourful flowers out of it!

Buttons are one of my favourite embellishments.  When I buy clothes that have extra buttons provided, I always save them in case I lose one.  I have ended up with quite a collection of neat buttons for clothes that have been passed on to charity.  Wood, corduroy. metal..... yum!

Lastly, here is my best free stuff that Diane brought me from her recent trip to Europe.  Ticket stub from the Louvre and this picturesque stub from the Eiffel Tower.  I am a happy Mama!!  I have bought some paris themed embellishments but it is so exciting to have something real.  They are even naturally distressed from traveling around in a backpack!

So I hope that I have inspired you to have a look around your place and find some awesome original finds that will make your creations a one of a kind!!  Gotta love the idea of being green and finding a new purpose for junk! A frugal way to scrap also!!

Before I go I thought I would give you a peek of my recent creative efforts.   A trip to the yarn shop last weekend has led to a knitting tangent.  Loving these teals and turquoises!

This hat looks so intricate but the wool actually knits up into this pattern!  It was so much fun to make these charity hats.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My House Guest

The prodigal Grandkitty has returned for a visit.  Yes, Mo is staying with "Granny" while his mother roams around Europe.  Diane is presently in Italy.  Took the night train from Paris.  Paris was apparently amazing.

So I have not done any bragging on my blog about this amazing feline in quite some time.  Since the blog is slow in the scrappy department, this seemed like the perfect time.  Yes, I will throw caution to the wind and risk losing followers.  ;)

Here he is in all his glory... the basement dweller.  He does enjoy his floor of the condo.  What could be better than a large area to run in,  a patio window to look out of and a LazyBoy recliner all to yourself to nap in?

He does venture upstairs for visits especially if he thinks chicken or treats may be involved.

A sunny afternoon nap on Granny's dish mat is always relaxing.  (Don't judge me.  I can justify gross germs when it comes to spoiling my zoo of animals.  I know... What would Martha say? hee hee)

I noticed when looking at these photos of Mo that his fur looks a bit strange.  I then remembered Diane telling me that she gave Mo a haircut a while back.  Poor Mo.  Apparently it costs $200 to have a big furry cat like Mo groomed.  Diane would rather buy shoes I'm sure, so home cuts it is.

Mornings are always a great time to hang out in the dining room where it is sunny and there may be reflections on the wall.

Oh, what a beautiful boy he is!

While I'm on the subject of bragging and beautiful.... here's a very recent photo of Little Thomas!  What a big boy he is becoming.  A sweet little man with such a cute short haircut!

I am thinking this photo might be great to scrap with some of the new MME with all of the wood patterns!

The last photo I have to share is of Lady catching a weekend morning cuddle with her favourite guy.  I am pretty much ignored on weekend mornings when this guy is home.

Just to redeem myself as this actually being a blog that shares something creative or crafty,  here is a peek at the shawl that I am knitting for my mother.  I am about 5/6 of the way done.  I thought it might be nice to warm up her shoulders.  I love the vibrant colours in this yarn.

Before signing off,  if any of you have some BG "Porcelain" that you are needing some inspiration to use, take a peek at CSI this week!  Could it be any more perfect?

You may also be interested to know that there is now free downloads each week that go with the palette and challenge.  A great way to stock up on some good free stuff!!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Springtime Greetings

We have been so lucky here in Alberta.  We had a terrific winter.  Actually, we really didn't have much winter at all and we appreciated it every day.  Many of us asked, "Where was winter this year?"  Well,  we know where it is today..... right here!!  Winter has finally arrived!!  It makes me chuckle that many of my "snowbird" neighbours are arriving back home to this.  Oh, they tried to escape it!  hee hee

On a positive note, many of the kids are home from school today with bussing being an issue.  It is a warm day and the snow is prime for snowball fights, snowman making and fort construction.  We rarely get the good heavy snow.  If the blowing snow stops, hopefully some of the kids can get out for a fun day of winter.  They really didn't get much snow to play with this year.

And.... here is poor Jack.

 Now he needs his white winter coat back.  ;)  He looks kind of miserable, mind you, that is the look he always has.  I guess I am personalizing him like I do my dogs.  Good thing I left him out a good juicy carrot last night.  Not sure he has even discovered it under the snow.

Wishing you all a wonderful day filled with blooming flowers, sidewalk chalk or even some fun puddle jumping!  I'm off to put on a sweater and make some hot chocolate! (I joke.)  Happy Spring and....

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This Week in Pictures

The scrappy mojo has yet to return however, we did get some exciting news concerning my mother.  As of tomorrow she has a bed in the long-term facility in her home town.  We are so lucky that this worked out for our family.  She does not have to be temporarily placed further away from us and she is still so close for my father and her friends and neighbours to visit her.  Susan and I are looking forward to making her room look like home.

I may not be scrapping but I have been taking some photos.

The Big Guy making one of his last phone calls for the mediation society in our community.  He has now officially given up his title of president.  He will still sit on the board as past-president but will have very little responsibility.

My new coffee pot.  Yellow makes me happy!  My very brown kitchen needed a pop of colour.  For any of you Starbuckians, the new Blonde roast is really good if you enjoy a milder coffee.  I love it!

My little Ladybird catching a snooze in a sunny patch in the kitchen.

New toys make big boys tired.  The new IPad was just too exciting. ;)  A nap was in order.

Lady and Auntie.  Yes, Susan is referred to as "Auntie" to Lady.  These two are a bonded pair.  I actually would not have adopted Lady had it not been for Susan.  I was ready to see things logically and agree with Rob that 2 dogs was enough.  Then Susan chimed in telling Rob that he would feel so great to help out this little dog with a new life.  Then I figured that if my very logical sister thought this to be a great idea, then it must!  hee hee  We have a verbal agreement that should anything happen to me and Rob, Lady is going to Susan and Rich.  Does anyone else out there do this with their animals?  Maybe I'm weird.  ;)  Gus goes to Lisa and Maggie goes to Diane.

Here are the God-Parents.

As for today, it has been an exciting one for my girls.  Lisa had her final exam this morning for her last course in her insurance program.  She is feeling good about it and is soooo happy to officially be done school.  It has been 18 years since play school!  Now she is free, until she finds some insurance course that she figures she needs to do.  She had her assessment done at work and their only grievance was that she is not taking enough holidays.  After being in school and working part-time she isn't used to having holidays.

Diane left this morning for Europe!  She is meeting her boyfriend in Paris.  He has already been there for 2 weeks.  After Paris they are going to Italy.  She is only gone for 8 days.  I can't wait to see the photos and hear the stories. I am not a traveller and haven't even seen all of Canada.  It is always fun to see my girls experiencing things that I have not.  I have been promised a photo of Diane and Eric in Paris.  I already have the title for the LO.... "Meet Me in Paris", of course.

It is hard to believe that she will live out of this back pack for 8 days.  This is usually the size of her make-up bag alone. ;)

Of course, I had to work for that one decent photo of Diane.  This is what I got at first.  A Derek Zoolander meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pose.  Yup!

Lastly,  if you are still with me on this non-scrappy and wordy post, this murder of crows made a visit to the slough today.  They are still circling around and making noise.  I am not a crow fan.  Ravens just scare me.  They just seem so ominous.  My father, on the other hand, loves crows.  He tells me that they are the most intelligent bird and loves watching the baby crows nest in the big tree outside their apartment.  Yes, he feeds them peanuts too.  I have yet to see a baby crow in my lifetime and imagine them to be as ugly as their parents are.   I still do not like crows!

That's it for today.  Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)
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