Sunday, May 27, 2012

Six Little Goslings ~ Photo Post

Well it's another photo post but I am just so excited to share these photos!  Last night I was able to get relatively close to the little sweeties.  Rob was standing behind me to warn me if Poppy decided to take a run at me.  I guess I wasn't close enough to upset him. I have a pretty good zoom on my camera.  I never want to interfere with the ways of nature.  Nature will always win.

Here they are!

Then Mama decided it was time to leave, so the little ones watched.

Then they followed.

I am so enjoying theses amazing little ones.  My favourite time of year on the slough!  Rumor has it that the other couple on the slough are mating, so hopefully we will have even more sweeties to enjoy by next month!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Greetings from the Zoo

No, I'm not actually at the zoo, although that does sound like fun.   Mo, the grand-kitty is back and with four animals in the house, I referred to Rob this morning as the zoo keeper.   Mo is always a welcome addition to the pack although this time around he is not being much of a basement dweller.  He has been with us almost constantly.  Where is his mother?  She is in Quebec watching Memorial Cup junior hockey.  Her boyfriend's little brother plays for The Edmonton Oil Kings but they were unfortunately done in the series as of Thursday night.  :(  So Diane has been in Montreal eating smoked meat sandwiches and texting photos of it to her father to torment him.  Next it was off to Quebec City.  Tomorrow night is the big game for the cup.

As always when Mo visits, a photo shoot is in order.  Mo is one of my favourite muses.  He actually photographs more beautifully than he is in real life.  So here we go with more photos from the crazy dog/cat lady!  ;)

And one just for fun..... a smiling Mo!

Eventually, Lady realized that she was not the center of my universe, so over she came.  Yes, she is a bit of a jealous one.

In other news around here....

flowers are starting to bloom outside,

and inside,

Rob captures a terrific shot of the female Red Winged Black Bird  (told you she was no looker)

The knitting needles and crochet hook is a working (scrappy LO is still sitting half done)

And sadly, our seven goslings are now down to six.  :(  It is only nature but still.)

If you would like to view some amazing photography taken on our slough by my neighbour,  John Warden,  check out this link.  His work is stunning!!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Photo Post

No scrapping to share yet but I do have some photos of the newest additions to our slough!  They are only two days old and out for a morning swim!

There are actually seven but one little one is swimming behind Poppy here.

Here they are this evening.  It is so hard to see them in amongst the grass.

So the neighbourhood is pretty excited about these little ones.  Lots of families coming for a peek and lots of photo shoots too.  It makes me happy to see my community enjoying such a simple pleasure of our spring season.

Now that the goslings are here,  Poppy is being less territorial about the slough.  Or... maybe he is just too busy to have time to fight off intruders.  A new couple has shown up and is enjoying another section of the slough.  Rob got pretty close to this one.  "Hello Human!"

The slough if full of Red Winged Black birds.  I love their shrill call.  The male is so beautiful and yet the female looks similar to a Sparrow being just a drab brown.  Seems so unfair!  ;)

Lastly,  some foliage.

Be back soon with a LO to share.  I have one in the making but it has been just too lovely outside to sit inside and scrap.  A perfect chance to be outside taking photographs.  :)

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Work in Progress

Today I decided to lay out all of my completed granny squares to see where I am on this adventure.  It felt so great to see them all laying out there together..... almost a cozy blanket.

I figure I am about at the half way point.  I have decided to start on lots of neutral colours now, ecru and beige.  It will help to break up some of the colour.  I wasn't sure whether to include the pink but it reminded me of the pink in that old Fall BG line, "Indian Summer".  I'm all about the random, so I think I'll keep it in.

Big news on the slough.... the little goslings hatched yesterday afternoon!  Yes, there will soon be photos of the sweeties appearing on the blog.  (Sorry to all bird "un-enthusiasts".  I just can't help myself. hee hee)

We went out for a walk today hoping for a good shot but came up empty.  Here are the proud parents but the babies are not visible here.  :(  Mama had them out for a swim this morning but I missed the shot.  Poppy is staying close by now so we rarely see him out on the water anymore.

I did manage a good shot of this sweet Robin.  I am happy to see many more songbirds in the area this season.

I'll leave you with a shot of the big guy and his pack.  Yes he dreams of having a "real dog" but has to settle for these reasonable facsimiles.  ;)

Have a great weekend and Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

CSI # 19

Here's this week's challenge up at CSI.

As soon as I saw those colours I knew that I wanted to use Studio Calico product.

Here's my LO featuring Rob with his new toy.  The excitement must have just been too much for him.

The sketch I used is designed by Julie Blanc.  I discovered her blog through The Color Room.  She is on the DT.  I have been so inspired by her work.  I spent hours combing through her blog and just taking in all of her inspiration.

Not much else new in this neck of the woods.  Beautiful weather allowed us to plant our pots last weekend.  The slough is in full gear.  It is very loud between the frogs, birds and our honking geese.  Mama is still sitting on her eggs.  Poppy is on high alert for intruders.  He is even known to chase geese down the pathway around the slough.  Yes, they get the message that they are not welcome.  He was sitting on my roof the other morning and flew over my head as I walked out on the balcony.  He is huge!  Scary!!  ;)  Speaking of scary,  we had a special visitor last Friday.  One of our friendly neighbourhood coyotes came for a stroll around the slough.  I found out later,  from a neighbour,  that he sat down in the bushes by the water's edge for 5 hours.  Hmm  I think I will be keeping a close eye on the pups.

Wishing you all some time to create!  Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I spent the afternoon playing with more Cosmo Cricket.  I love documenting the ordinary.  A photo that is just a moment in time will be so interesting to look back on in years to come.

I am trying to keep things a little simpler on my LO's.  I think there is even a bit of white space in this one!

I used a sketch created by Kristine Davidson from her eBook.  Wish I could share it.  :(  I was on her blog last night and noticed that she has shared a couple on there.  There is always other great sketches there that she has created for others.  Worth a peek for sure!

Hope your day is creative and maybe you are enjoying some terrific spring weather.  It's threatening to snow today.  :(  Brrr!!  It's cold out!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cosmo Cricket Goodness

I spent some time today playing with the Cosmo Cricket collection, "2wenty-Thr3e".  I just love this retro  line with just a hint of a Studio Calico vibe.  It is this sheet that had me smitten.

I knew I wanted to do a LO about reading.

Here is the sketch I used from the Echo Park blog.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rosie and Mo

Two more LO's to share using BG "What's Up?".  The collection has been depleted into a pile of tiny scraps.  So sad.  ;)  I really loved this collection.  Must be the purple in it.

First up is the amazing Mo.  I never get tired of scrapping this beautiful cat, the basement dweller.

I used this week's sketch at Sketch Inspiration designed by Liz Chidester.

For the next LO I decided to use an 8.5x11 canvas.  It is always fun to go back to the size that I began scrapping many years ago.  Meet Rosie,  Lisa's favourite childhood teddy bear.  She was a gift from Grandma Shaw when Lisa was 5 months old.  Lisa named her Rosie because back in the day she had rosy cheeks.  Rosie went along to evening hospital visits for ear infections and the teddy bear's picnic day at Kindergarten.  She also made appearances for show and tell day.  Despite our last dog, Toby, trying to chew her nose off,  Rosie remained a favourite.  Months ago while at Lisa's apartment, I spotted Rosie sitting in Lisa's bedroom. It made me chuckle to see her still around after 22 years.  I can tell you that her cheeks are no longer rosy.  ;)    I decided that a photograph and documentation was in order.  I have hidden journaling behind the photo with the details of Rosie's importance in Lisa's life.

I decided to play with negative space for this LO.  After stamping the circular image to the left of the photo, I punched out circles and backed it with a busy and colourful paper.  I seem to be using doilies. shipping tags and washi tape, as of late.  Influence from viewing Marcy Penner's blog!   They are terrific for layering.

That's all for now.  Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

More "What's Up?"

Another LO to share using my favourite BG collection right now.  hee hee  The purples in this collection were perfect to scrap this "over edited" photo of Diane and Eric last fall in my favourite place in this world... Banff.  Yes, I admit that I played lots with this photo but who doesn't love a purple sky. Ha!

Lots of bits and bobs on this one.  A bit of embellishment overload but I just can't help it.  It's just the way I scrap.

Here is the sketch I used designed by Liz Chidester.

I'll leave you with a few photos of tulips in my kitchen.  One of these photos might be LO worthy.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fruits of NSD

Scrapping is a labour of love.  Nothing better than "National Scrapbooking Day" to get the mojo going and want to just jump right in and scrap!  There are so many challenges up and always some great sketches to be filed away for later use.  This happy day always makes me appreciate being part of this amazing community that spreads throughout our world.  I always feel so grateful to be able to connect with people so far away.   Today I can share two of the fruits of my labour.

First up,  I was anxiously awaiting the Friday night reveal at CSI.  Here is the lovely warm palette.

The perfect inspiration to scrap this photo of Lady and Rob having a Saturday morning cuddle.  I am pretty much "chicken dinner" on the weekend when "Poppy" is not at work.  Rob's love is always more appreciated than the love Lady can get from me at any given time throughout the week.  ;)

Evidence:  tissue paper border, flowers, leaves and bling.
Testimony:  I used the word "growth" as a jumping off point to journal about Lady's emotional growth.

Here is the sketch I used from Page Maps.  I love any sketch with that divided background.

Next up, I started playing with my BG "What's Up?" collection pack.  This was my favourite of the four new releases this CHA.  This LO is for a challenge at the BG blog to use flowers.

I was happy to document Maggie's easy going personality.  The running joke around here is that if there is a fire, I am saving Maggie first.  She is so easy going compared to the poodles of the house.  Something about that poodle personality makes them quite stubborn.  Maybe it comes with their higher intelligence.  Maggie's Bichon brain is not quite as efficient.  hee hee

This LO is based on a sketch from Becky Fleck that I found in a scrappy magazine.

I'll be back soon with another LO using "What's Up?"  I may be playing with this collection until it is done.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)
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