Friday, June 29, 2012

Story Teller

Yesterday I finally cut into my Crate "Story Teller" collection.  It amazes me that it took me this long.  This may be one of those collections that I scrap continuously until it is gone!  I love it!!

First up is a captured moment between Lisa and Mo!

I love how Crate has so many bits and pieces in their collections!  It makes scrapping a snap!

I used this sketch created by Jenessa Fedece.

Next up is Diane shopping in Italy.  This girl is a born shopper and has a weakness for shoes and purses.

I used this sketch designed by Sofie Dejean.

Today is forecasted to be quite hot out so I just may have to hide away in the basement and scrap the day away.  :)

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Busy Week

Lots going on around here.  I have been down in my scrappy room, as of late.  Yesterday I played with the Studio Calico line, "Abroad".  A fun, very clean line!  The stamped chevron is from Les Papiers de Pandore.  I'm sure I will be getting lots of use out of it. A very versatile stamp for sure.

I used this sketch from the Kesi Art blog.

So Rob and I are doing that thing again..... that thing that we did just two years ago..... we are moving.

 The condo went up on the market yesterday.  Last night we had our first showing.  It seems weird to be packing up so soon as we were in our last home for 13 years.   After lots of thought, we have reached the conclusion that condo life is not for us.  It may be sometime in the future but,  not now.   We are missing our backyard.  Rob actually misses cutting the grass.  This place is difficult with the pups as the yard is not fenced in.  I have tried to embrace this place but no matter how hard I have tried, it just doesn't feel like home to me.  It is strange because I think it is the most beautiful home I have lived in.  I guess I just miss being in an actual home with my own backyard.  We will be sad to leave our amazing view,  having nature at our doorstep,  our quiet location and our lovely neighbours.  But for now it doesn't feel like much of a sacrifice to have our yard back.

Hopefully this place sells fast.  I have been a slave to my floors!!  ;)  We have already started our hunt for a new nest.  Hopefully we won't end up homeless again like we did in the last move.  My MIL may have me, Rob and three bad dogs landing on her doorstep!  ;)

Hope you are all enjoying some scrappy time!  Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A New Adventure

I finally get to share some news that I have been sitting on for about a month now.  I will be designing for a paper company out of France, owned by Julie Blanc!  Les Papiers de Pandore is Julie's company and she designs all of the beautiful papers and stamps herself.  Two new collections have just been released and mine came in the mail on Tuesday.  :)

"Invitation" is a lovely floral line.

"Urban Essence" is a very urban line.

This LO uses many of the paper collections, both new and old and was based on a colour challenge.  I used a sketch by Kristine Davidson from her eBook.

So I'm really excited about my new gig and am looking forward to creating with these beautiful papers and stamps.  Be prepared to see some French on some of my LO's!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mapping Happiness

When Christine Middlecamp announced a new summer tutorial,  I was so excited to play along!   The basic theme of the project is to create a tag each week documenting a happy moment.  These tags are then displayed in an open frame,  pinned to ribbons which extend the width of the frame.  A beautiful display!  I really have no place to display such a frame, so I have decided to keep my tags in a special box.  I have to admit that I have always been attracted to decorative boxes in every size and love the idea of stashing things away in an organized manner.

I picked up this happy yellow box at Michael's for about $2.  I made a label for it and lined the inside of the box with map patterned paper to enhance the theme.

Today I created my first tag.  I have decided to follow Christine's design quite closely, as I love everything she creates.  I have tried to use items in my stash that resemble some of the elements instead of trying to duplicate each element.

No surprise that one of the first things documented is geese.  What can I say, I'm predictable.  ;)  I am planning on documenting a more generalized list of things that make me happy instead of specific happy moments from this summer.  I have documented the details on the back of the tag.  Nothing fancy just a quick scribble.

The next tag will be revealed by Christine on Thursday and then the instructions will be posted on Christine's blog on Friday.  I am excited already.

This weekend we visited the resting place of my father-in-law, George.  The cemetery is very beautiful at this time of year.  We spotted a family of geese.  These goslings were teenagers!  It is apparent that they have been fed by humans.  As soon as they saw us, they all came swimming over and approached us.  We later saw a sign telling visitors that there is food at the main office which can be picked up to feed the geese and ducks.  Here are the photos taken with Rob's phone.  We plan on going back with our cameras.

Our little slough is now home to a new set of baby ducklings!  We saw them up close yesterday and they are so cute!  There are 8 in total.

I'll leave you with a few more images captured by Rob this past weekend.

Hope you are all enjoying being creative!  Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting it Done

So I haven't posted a LO in about a month.  I can't really say that my mojo is MIA because it isn't.  I am actually feeling quite creative.  I have stored so many amazing sketches and am still constantly searching this community of ours for inspiration.  So what is the problem?  It is summer!  The sun is shining and the birds are singing and the skies are blue and the flowers are in bloom!   I just have a hard time sitting down in my basement studio on days like this!  It isn't as if the days are not long enough.  The sun isn't going down until well after 10 PM.

 Today I finally got back to finishing a LO that has been sitting half done on my desk forever.  I used the new American Craft Amy Tan line.  I love the bright colours as well as some of the water colour effects in this line.

I really wanted to document the subject of my aging.  As much as I plan on aging with dignity I have to say that the daily routine is getting to be somewhat more of a challenge these days.  A 10 times magnifying mirror is in order and then there is dealing with saggy eyelids and grey roots!  I refuse to be one of those senior ladies with poorly applied eyeliner and lipstick extending to their ear lobes!  ;)  I will go all natural before that!  hee hee

I used no sketch for this one but had in the back of my mind that I wanted a bit of a Marcy Penner vibe as far as the top and bottom borders and photo placement.

I'll leave you with a peek at some of my blooms and a photo showing my love of colour.

Hope to be back sooner than later with a new LO to share!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Are You Looking for a Summer Project?

Just popping in to spread the word.  Christine Middlecamp is undertaking another summer long tutorial!   This one is called, "Mapping Happiness".  She last did a summer tutorial in 2010 called, "The Embellished Paper Doily".  Susan and I found it last summer and had so much fun recreating it together.  Remember this?

I am so excited to see this new project unfold.  Christine's tutorials use so many techniques and really jump start my creativity on my LO's.   Head on over and take a peek!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Knitting Post

What is it about knitting that is so intriguing?  I remember seeing a comedian on television once going on about the invention of knitting.  He was making fun of the idea of playing for hours with two sticks and a ball of string.  ;)  I'm sure that Rob must sometimes see this passion of mine in the same light, wondering how it could be so much fun for me.  But.... that is exactly what is amazing about knitting!  You take two sticks and a ball of well..... yarn and eventually you create something.  You get to see shape, colour and pattern come together into something soft, warm and amazing.  Just makes me happy!

I came across this image months ago somewhere in my internet travels.  Can't remember where or who to give credit to.  This image just makes me want to get back into my knitting basket.

And something to chuckle about....

Hope you are all enjoying doing something crafty!!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

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