Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Collections

Just wanted to pop in to share two new collections out at Les Papier de Pandore.

Here is the beautiful "Little Winter Circus".

I can't wait to use this collection for some winter photographs and I also want to do a LO featuring Thomas.

Here are the beautiful stamps that go with this collection.

Next up is "Everyday Portraits".

I just love the colour palette in this collection and can't wait to cut into it!  Such a versatile collection.  This collection is available as a 6"x 6" paper pack.

Here are the badges for the collection.

And... here are the beautiful stamps.

Needless to say,  I will be stalking the mailman in anticipation of it's arrival.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet Me in Paris

I have a romantic LO to share today using the "Invitation" collection from Les Papiers de Pandore.  I have had this LO in the back of my mind since this collection came out last June.  It just seemed perfect to use papers from France for this LO of Diane and Eric in Paris last spring.  I love the angle of this photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

I am sad to say that this beautiful collection has pretty much been reduced to a pile of scraps sitting on my desk.   On a happy note, Julie is soon to release two amazing new lines of paper.  I am very excited to get to play with them.

I used this sketch from Sketch Inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Around Here....

.... fall is in the air.  Although it is a glorious warm and sunny afternoon, the nights soon get chilly and we have had our share of some gloomy and wet days.  There was a time when I disliked this season.  For me, it meant that winter was just around the corner.  It amazes me how I didn't see the beauty of autumn or even winter, for that matter.  Now I appreciate all four seasons but,  I think that fall is now my most favourite time of the year.  I love the low sun, the crisp sunny days, the crunching of leaves under my feet and most of all the ever changing colours of the foliage.  I love that with fall comes more time for hiding out in the basement with Rob and knitting while he watches football.  I love that it is a time of year with less expectation of productivity and more time to enjoy the ones who are important to us.

I have been celebrating the season with my annual purchase of a Mum and some pumpkins!  I never end up carving these for Halloween.  By the time the end of the month rolls around we have often had some chilly temperatures that have turned them to mush.

For the first year ever I bought a Chinese Lantern Plant.

I only discovered them a couple of years back planted on a restaurant patio.

The little lanterns contain a berry inside.  I plan on eventually taking some of these lanterns inside for decoration.  Apparently they can look like this!

I found this image on Google.

I had to chuckle when Lisa was leaving, after a visit last week,  and commented how she liked that I was growing a "pumpkin tree".  I guess they do kind of look like miniature pumpkins.

I am also loving orange inside the house these days.  Not sure what kind of tropical plant this is.  We picked it up at the greenhouse and likely should have enrolled in the free class to learn how to care for it.  I am sure that the ladies at the greenhouse would not agree with it sitting next to the kitchen door where the pups go in and out all day.   I really need to find a warmer home for this beauty.

The knitting needles are still clicking away.  I am still making my favourite hat pattern for my charity hats.

This trio is made using my favourite Lion Brand yarn, "Vanna's Choice".   Ohhhhhh, Vanna.  ;)

This hat was made using a trick that my mother-in-law showed me.  When using a worsted weight wool that seems on the thinner side, add a ball of baby wool and knit the two strands together.  It yields a thick, warm hat and I love the tweed look it achieves.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Martha Stewart merino wool at Michael's this weekend for about 80% off.  Well worth $2.99 for 50g  but I sure wouldn't have paid $10.50.  Yikes!  Anything with Martha's blessing seems so pricey.

 I am loving the classic "Martha" colours.

I also bought some of her alpaca blend thick wool at the same sale.  Score!  I am hoping to knit up some scarves next.

I'll leave you with a glimpse of my little knitting assistants.  They love knitting days because it means that there is lots of cuddle time on the sofa.

Gus's passing has brought these two girlies closer together.  I guess dogs hang out together by nature, so when their favourite was gone, they had no choice but to stick together.  I still see the empty space where Gus should be when I see these two together.  I am missing my little guy today because I dreamt of him early this morning.  I was at the vet's office and one of the techs was showing me a video clip that she had recorded of Gus and Lady playing together.  In the dream it made me cry.  It has left me missing him.  These little ones sure do get into our hearts and they stay there for many years after they have gone.  Well, enough of my being sappy.  ;)

Hope you are all enjoying some creative time these days.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Welly Warmers

With our Canadian winter being just around the corner, the knitting needles have been a clicking.

 Diane has been keeping me quite busy with wishes of warm woolies.  I had already knit both of the girls mittens for this winter.  I have to thank Maggie and her knee surgery for my getting this done during the summer months.  It kept me busy as I sat on the sofa with Maggie trying to keep her off her knee. I still  have a couple of scarf patterns planned for Diane. (Lisa is not much of a woolie fan and basically just accepts the basics mostly to appease her knitting mother.)

Diane's biggest wish was for me to knit her a pair of boot socks for her Hunters.  For anyone out there who lives under the same rock as I do when it comes to the latest in fashion, Hunters are just your basic pair of "billy boots" as we said in the east and what westerners call "gum boots".  Because Hunters are a highly sought after fashion item, they cost around $150.  Someone's getting rich.  The long socks that are worn with them and roll over the boot top into a cuff are sold for $40.  Diane decided that this was too expensive and that I could knit her a pair much cheaper.  Anyone who follows my blog may remember the sock knitting adventure of last winter.  Yes, I conquered the goal and decided to never knit another pair of socks, let alone a loooong pair of boot socks.

Diane is a resourceful girl.  She is an HR girl,  after all.  She set out to find the perfect pattern and that she did.  Welly Warmers!!  A bit of a cheat actually.  It is basically a short leg warmer that extends up and over your boot into a cuff.  No sock knitting or heal turning involved!  Yay!!  She is thrilled beyond her expectation of the project and so am I.  :)  I am even proud to say that I tweaked the pattern.  The original had an opening in the cuff and a large button to close the flap.   We didn't like the look of the button so I altered the pattern to omit the opening and hey.... it worked!

Next I will knit a pair in a light grey shade.  Diane assures me that I could sell these things for $20.  Not sure where I might find these welly wearers wanting welly warmers???  Could this be my opportunity to riches and fame?  hee hee  I think not.

On a related note, the charity woolies went out for donation today.  There was quite a stash between the four knitters in our family and I have to admit that I yielded the least amount of goods.  Robert's mother who turns 85 next month,  outdid us all!  My mother had quite a lot done already, as of last February when she had her stroke.  I have to give Susan kudos for the beauty of her knits.  Some amazing patterns and even some little girl hats with crocheted flowers on them.  They were so cute.  

I'll leave you with some funnies.  This is me after a trip to Michael's.  I say it but never can follow through on it.

This could be my Mother-in Law, Pat.  She is such an accomplished knitter.  I think that she could knit in her sleep!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Sketch

Julie has a new sketch up at Les Papiers de Pandore.  I am a definite fan of Julie's linear sketches.  This one has some fun layering too.

Here is my take using the "Invitation" collection.

I guess it is time again to up the knitting activity around here.  It is starting to be time to stay inside and stay warm.  We woke up to a skiff of snow this morning and  there have been flurries all day.  No worries though, it just may be BBQing weather by this weekend!


Monday, October 8, 2012

A Guest Designer Opportunity

Hello Bloggy friends!  Exciting news at Les Papiers de Pandore!  Julie is looking for Guest Designers from outside of France to work with her new collections that will be released later this month.  I have seen these new lines and they are amazing.  Here's your chance to get to create with some of these wonderful papers and stamps from France!!

You can check out all of the information here.

I would be so excited to have one of my readers join me at Les Papiers de Pandore for the next couple of months!  Julie is amazing to work with.  :)

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