Wednesday, November 28, 2012

December Daily

I'm taking the leap this year and have decided to create a December Daily album.

Here's my vision!

It will be housed in this 8x8 American Craft D ring album that I had picked up at HomeSense for a steal last year.

I will be using mostly a mix of new Christmas collections from this season; Studio Calico "Wonderland", Pink Paislee "City Sidewalks" and BG's "Aspen Frost".

I am going to try to keep it simple.  After all, that is the concept behind this project.  For me, this means that my focus will be on getting the memories recorded and not the design of each page.  Embellishments will be kept to a minimum and along with this the lumpyness too!  Paper and layering will be my main embellishment.

My foundation pages will all be prepared before the beginning of December.  These pages will have some kind of border and the number representing the date.  My album will span December 1 through the 25th.

I will take my photos daily and jot down my journaling on scrap index cards to be referred to at the time of scrapping.  Photos will be developed once a week.  Some LO's will have more detail while others may be more basic and simply added to the foundation page "Smash Book" style.

I may add some pages to my album that are not in plastic protection sheets, some smaller pages, an envelope and some smaller tags to add dimension and interest while going through the album.

I might do some splattering, stamping and heat embossing.  Stitching too!

So that is it in a nut shell.  I'm going to make this a stress free and fun project!  If I miss getting a photo one day, I may have a photoless LO that focusses on journaling instead.  I may even scrap a photo from a Christmas past!

 I'm excited to photograph our lead up to Christmas, as quiet as these days are for us in this phase of our life.  More importantly, I want to record the stories of the simple everyday things that happen in December.  I'll post my foundation photos soon.  :)

On an unrelated note, the pups are on Santa and Mrs. Claus's naughty list tonight.  Urghhh.  Rob and I went out this evening to shop for some toys at a terrific toy shop in town.  The pups decided that they should punish us for leaving.  One of them, my guess is Lady, went into my knitting basket and dragged my half knit hat to the front door.  The ball of my good teal,  merino wool from the "good wool store" is a mangled mess.  :(  My good bamboo circular needles are chewed up.  :( :(  I had to cut off and throw out the knitting,  as I could not pass it over the chewed up needles.

Rob, the perfect example of patience, has been working to detangle my wool for over 2 hours now!  He says that he finds it relaxing.

 I tried for about 10 seconds and it seemed hopeless.  I would have thrown it out into the snow in the backyard and stamped on it a few times too. Yes, my photo would not show up in the dictionary next to the word, patient.  ;)


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On Acorn Avenue

Yes I am still hanging out on "Acorn Avenue."  I love this Crate collection!  I still have quite a bit left but I think I might be shedding a few tears when it comes to an end.  ;(

I finally wrapped my head around scrapping Gus.  I do tend to leave the photos that have a sad story unscrapped.  I am trying to change this as I want my albums to document life,  not a made up fairytale.

I tried to leave my comfort zone on this one and make things a bit off and angled.  I even pinched up some corners for dimension.  I added some EP "Take Note" papers here.

Here is the sketch I used new from Creative Scrappers this week.  I am finally getting brave enough to splatter but I sure am not ready to drip!  ;)

Next up is the lovely Lady.  Love these crazy photos of her.

Here is the sketch used by Julie Bonner.

I came upon this special interest publication from Paper Crafts magazine this past weekend, while wondering around the pharmacy.

I am hoping that it inspires me to get some more use out of my Cricut.

Here's a peek into the world of dogs around here.  Maggie looking like she has lost her will to live....

and a close up of Lady as she sits on me and demands some love.

Well my laundry is calling me.  I might even dig out some Christmas decor and start writing up some cards.  Must be this Christmas music radio station that I am listening to that is having me feeling a little bit festive.  I love the oldies and classics but the newer ones tend to get on my nerves.  Yay Burl Ives!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

CSI #47

It's been awhile since I took out my forensic kit and solved a case at CSI.

When I saw last night's palette I thought of Echo Park's "Take Note" collection.  All of the colours were right there.  It did seem like I was cheating though with not having to actually search through the stash.  ;)  I was inspired by a LO done by Debbi where she documented etiquette of her kitty.  I decided that it would be great to document some of Lady's quirky ways.

Evidence:  striped paper, frame, gold metal accent, mesh and flourishes

Testimony:  etiquette of Being Lady

I used this sketch from Creative Scrappers.

I love that these challenges always force me to get the story down.  I am going to really try to start getting some of these cases done again.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Acorn Avenue

This last CHA had me really "needing" only one collection.... Crate's Acorn Avenue.  I loved everything about it.  Once I finally found some, I looked at the patterns in the papers and was worried that they would be hard to work with.  They are so eclectic and busy.  Well, yesterday I mustered up the courage to cut into them.  I kept telling myself, "Less is more."  lol  Photos that I took of MO last Fall were perfect for the colours in this line.

Playing with tags in this one.  I have been wanting to use the title, "Grand" for a long time.  My all time favourite teacher was my grade five teacher, Miss Shakel.  She was an older lady who smoked like a chimney (even while in her office helping me try to conquer fractions.)  What can I say, it was the 70's. ;)  Whenever I did something that pleased her, she would seem so pleased and say, "Grand!".  Her encouragement meant a lot to me.  I think of her often as she was everything that a teacher should be. Anyway, I think that Mo is grand and decided to play on the fact that I refer to him as my grand-kitty.

The stitching through the stamped numbers was a "happy mistake."  I love it when that happens.  My stamping left an empty ridge under the seam of the paper.  I decided to fill it in with a line of stitching.

I used this sketch by Marcy Penner.

For my next LO, I went searching for some Julie Bonner inspiration.  Julie is my #1 scrappy mentor.  I have been pretty much stalking her creations for the past three years.  When her blog is inactive, I seek her out on whatever team she is on to see what she has been creating.  I found a terrific sketch by Julie as well as lots of inspiration from her take on it.  Thank you Julie Bonner!!

Here's Mo, once again.

Here is Julie's amazing sketch!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with some creative time too!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Saint Nick

I have two more LO's to share using my bargain find of a Fancy Pants collection kit at HomeSense.

I think this one is my favourite.  Maybe it is just that photo of those quirky empty nesters.

I used a sketch by Marcy Penner that I found on the Studio Calico  blog.  You can see the sketch here.

This LO marked the end of my kit other than some scraps.  I didn't use a sketch for this one and just let the product guide me from whatever pieces I had left over.

Wishing all of my American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of turkey and goodies!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Yesterday we woke up to a winter wonderland with beautiful frost!  It always makes winter look so amazing.

It definitely feels like it is time to start scrapping Christmas even though it is not yet December.  I decided to cut into an amazing kit that I found at HomeSense.  It was a collection of goodies from last year's Fancy Pants line, "Saint Nick".  I got all kinds of goodness for all of $12!  This included paper, alphas, die cuts, glittery transparencies, chipboard and even buttons!  Score one for a scrappy bargain!

You know it must be Christmas when I actually find a use for a glittery transparency.  Yes, it is time to break out the glitter and bling.  ;)

I'll be back soon to share some more creations from this fun collection.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vintage Baby

I finally scrapped one of my favourite photographs of Thomas, taken by his very talented Auntie Carolyn.  I have been saving it for just the right paper collection.

When this colour challenge came up for Les Papiers de Pandore, I knew I had the perfect photo!

I have to give Auntie Carolyn credit for the title of this, as it is what she named her photograph.  Does it get any cuter than this?  I can't believe how much little Thomas has grown since this time!

Here is the sketch I used from Once Upon a Sketch.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Around Here...

We are having an early winter.  I think it is pay back time since last winter, winter didn't really show up.  The snowy days seem to have people in the Christmas spirit a bit early.  There is Christmas music playing in the stores, lots of shopping going on and lots of Christmas decor and goodies to be had at Starbucks.

Winter and all of it's ups and downs have arrived at our place.

The big guy is doing lots of this.

He actually missed shovelling while we lived in the condo.   He does have a new snowblower to play with and already has some of our new neighbours thrilled that the "snow blowing fairy" lives next door.  ;)

We have been taking care of our little feathered friends!  Lots of seed to be had by the little Chickadees who visit each day and eat for warmth.

In the spirit of Christmas, we spent last weekend building a Christmas village.  I have to blame Michelle for this sudden tangent!  Last week's email conversation about villages along with a link to one woman's amazing village started it all.  ;)

I have always loved the idea of building a Christmas village.  I think it goes back to my childhood memory of me and Susan building one out of construction paper and glue that my father brought home for us,  after discovering that our store bought village from the previous year had been stolen out of our storage locker in our apartment building.  Although I missed the glittered roof and light up houses of the store bought version, there was something so special about making our own.  We sprayed canned snow on our roofs and hung Christmas lights around our bedroom dresser where the village sat.  Fast forward to my adult life and the fact that I married Mr. Baaa Humbug.  ;)  Each year Rob tries to convince me not to put up a tree let alone build a village.

Last year I caved and bought my first house for a village with the idea of collecting one piece each year.   After my conversation with Michelle, I happily went over to Michael's and bought the United church as this year's addition.  It was on for 40% off and has significance to our life as we were married by the United church.

Things started going willy nilly when I discovered a Saturday only coupon at Michael's for an additional 25% off sale items...... 4 hours only!!  So off we went to buy one more piece.  Then.... Rob spied the train set that goes with the village.  Yay!!!  It was a boy thing and enough to get him to buy into the village construction!  So we spent the weekend looking for pieces, buying styrofoam, blankets of snow and fake snow.

In the end, we realized that we didn't have room to actually have the entire train track up and running.  The train is parked on the tracks at the edge of town this year.  But... there may be a village expansion next year!

Christmas Village 2012

Complete with skating rink

a police station, of course, and United church.

Here's my favourite house in the village.

Lots of dogs in my village because everything is better with dogs.  ;)

Here's the large community Christmas tree

and lastly, our parked train that just may be up and running next year!

So this seems to be what empty nesters do in their spare time.  I think I need some grandchildren. LOL

The knitting needles have been going in full force.  I have been working on my charity knits for next year,  along with this tiny pair of mittens for my favourite little fellow.  There is also a matching hat.

Hope your days are beginning to be merry!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sketch Inspiration

There is a new sketch up today at Sketch Inspiration and I am sponsoring this week's prize!

Here is what you have the chance to win.....

just by playing along with this fun sketch!

Here is my take using some Echo Park "For the Record 2".  I love how EP collections always have so much fun stuff packed into them.  It makes layering very easy.

I hope you have a chance to play along this week.  :)


Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Sketch

The November sketch is up at Les Papiers de Pandore.  I love a linear sketch with lots of layering, so this one was great for me.

It was my first opportunity to cut into the two new lines, Little Winter Circus and Everyday Portraits.

Once again Mo is my beautiful muse.  I have finally assembled all of his LO's into one cohesive album.  One day I will pass the album along to Diane, but for now there are still more pages to fill.  It always amazes me that Mo always takes such a beautiful photo.  (Well... not literally.  hee hee )

While on the subject of the furry loves in my life, I have a new photo to share of "the girls".  We went to a new groomer last week and the girls got bows in their ears for the first time.  Made me chuckle because my dogs are so not bow dogs.  They are more your bandana for about a half hour until they mangle it up.  Lady had one of her bows hanging half way down her ear after all of  an hour so her bows were taken out by supper time.  Maggie surprisingly managed to keep her bows quite neat for two days!  But... here they are when they were fresh!

Hope you all have a fun weekend planned.  We have had lots of snow this past week and are thinking that today might be a pretty quiet stay in day other than running a couple of errands.  I might get some scrapping done.


Monday, November 5, 2012

The Red Sampler and Zombies

Remember this.....

It's the red sampler that I started back in 2008.  As with most projects that I start, I eventually lose interest and it gets stashed away until a later date.  It was so exciting to pick it back up in 2010 and finish it but alas, it was once again stashed away awaiting framing.  Although cross stitching is an inexpensive hobby, it is the framing that gets you in the pocketbook!  Another reason I was procrastinating was because I didn't know of a reputable framer.  Years ago I knew of a lady who lived out in the rural area of Wetaskiwin, where we lived.  She was economical and did an amazing job.   She is no longer in business.  :(  After putting hours of work into the red sampler I was afraid to bring it for framing only to be disappointed.

It turns out that the framing and art gallery in our local mall guarantees their cross stitch framing within 1/16 of an inch.  I figured that I couldn't go wrong!

So here it is!

A photo to put it in perspective within the house.  It sits in our front entrance area.

I am thrilled with the finished product.   So happy in fact that I brought another cross stitch, which I completed in 1997 for a house we were moving into then,  and had it framed.  I'll try to post a photo of that one at a later date.  I get too much glare in the room at this time of day.

And the moral of this blog post is, Better late than never.

Oh yes, I promised you some zombies.  ;)  Lisa and her boyfriend love anything "zombie".  Zombie movies and that television show, "The Walking Dead", are big hits with them.  Not surprising that for Halloween they decided to go to a house party as a zombie couple.  Lisa calls this photo, Zombie Attack.

I can't wait to scrap this photo.  It was a very inexpensive costume as Lisa and her friend, Hailey, did all the make-up effects using school glue, toilet paper and thick, fake blood.  They took old jeans and bought plaid shirts at the thrift store.  Before tearing and bloodying the clothes they took them outside and rolled them in the snow and then dragged them in the dirt.

Here is the group.

I asked Lisa if she would come and do make-up for me next Halloween.  I'd love to answer the door looking like that!  We could leave Rob "normal" to answer for the small children.  It might be fun.

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