Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New in the Shop

My big BG Giveaway can be found here!

Susan and I have been busy bees lately making new goodies for the shop.

Susan decided to knit up a baby blanket with the same pattern that I have been making lately.  I love the beautiful creamy yellow!

I have gotten bitten by the cross-stitch bug!  Here is my completed kitchen towel that I started last week.  I have decided to put it in the shop for sale!

I am currently finishing up another dishtowel.  This one is a little different from the happy, spring floral one.  Hmmm Zombie themed kitchen towels??  ;)  I'll share them here once the first in a series of three are finished.


Monday, April 29, 2013

No Buy Challenge ~ April Review

My Big BG Giveaway can be found here!

Well here we are at the end of another month.  It's time to let you all know how my scrappy buying diet is going.

This month seemed unbelievably easy!  I think it might have had something to do with spending my $10 free coupon at the LSS and the gift of some amazing enamel dots from some people who felt sorry for me!  LOL

 It has been a month of organizing the studio.  I have been going through supplies that I have stored as collections and taking the goodies out into the common area to be seen and used.  Alphas and stickers are now with the group of said products and all sheets of tags have been cut up and are ready for use.  Last night I went through all of my Crate stuff.  It was so much fun to look at everything again and fall in love with it all over again!  Ha Ha  The strange thing is, I used to hate organizing the studio.  Last night it finally hit me why this is.  It is because it used to overwhelm me.  It all felt like too much to even know where things were and where to begin.  Now when I pick through the stash, I feel that I have more of a control on it.  For me, having less is more.  I remember when my girls were little and Rob would get bothered that the "Barbie Doll Blow-up" was always all over the place.  It got me thinking of how Susan and I always had our stuff neatly put away in the Barbie cases.  That was when it hit me that combined we had about 6 dolls.  Then I counted.  Combined, my girls had 35 dolls.  It was just too much to take care of.

I have been pondering the psychology of my scrappy shopping of the past and present.  I thought I would give you a peek into my mind.  Scary!  ;)  I was looking at the three collections this CHA that I really wanted.

After drooling over them a few times, I realized that they all share a very common colour palette.  That got me to thinking that I would never "need" all three but could just choose one.  Then I started to really look at the "Hey You" collection by BG.  Some of those papers looked so familiar.  A bit of snooping around the studio found me this!

Some of these papers had been released by BG for Studio Calico.

 When I bought my last kit in late December, I ordered extra papers from the add-on kits. The plaid paper was from the BG "Oxford" collection.  It might be a bit bluer than the one in the kit but might still mix in well.  Having some of these papers already got me thinking that it might be fun to Counterfeit the "Hey You" collection.  It has been ages since I played along with The Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  So, I pulled some papers that seemed similar in colour and pattern.

Then I collected other pieces that I thought might work well with the papers.

Here is my "Hey You" counterfeit collection!  :)

Here are some pieces in the collection that I may counterfeit if they go well with my pages.

This process made me realize that I instantly fall in love with certain paper collections.  But, before rushing out to buy them, I need to first shop in my stash.  Often, what I am drawn to, I already have something similar to it on hand.

I am learning so much from the No Buy Challenge.  I am seeing scrappy shopping in a different way.  It is my hope that these things I am learning stay with me long after the challenge.  I never thought that I would say that I am really enjoying this challenge.  :)  Having said that, Diane mentioned today that Mother's Day is coming up and I may be getting a gift card to the LSS.  I have to say that the thought makes me pretty excited.  LOL

Four months down, eight months to go!


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Snaggle Tooth

My Big BG Giveaway can be found here!

 I have another CSI challenge to share.

I am really enjoying the theme of humour this month.  This week I have documented the story of Lady's "Snaggle Tooth",  which appeared soon after she had three teeth extracted last summer.

One of the challenges was to write a poem.  I have totally forgotten everything I learned about poetry writing in elementary school so I am calling this a free style poem.  Yes,  it is artistic liberty.  hee hee

I loved the palette this week and had fun mixing some old Fancy Pants paper with some new Crate.  So happy that one of the sheets that I bought last month with my $10 free coupon worked for this challenge!

I used this sketch from Shimelle.

I have been scrapping lots as of late,  with trying to keep up with the CSI challenges as well as begin my DT assignments that begin in May.  Hope you all are getting lots of scrapping in too!

I'll leave you with a photo of "The Girls" sharing a morning snooze in a sunny patch.


Friday, April 26, 2013

The Big BG Giveaway!!

As promised, I am back with a giveaway.  If you have been following my blog, you know that this year I have a self imposed "No Buy Challenge" going on.  With not bringing new supplies into the studio, I have been going through the stash a lot.  I am finding treasure that I had forgotten I even had.  So, along with not consuming and trying to really appreciate everything I have, comes a purging process.  Purging by using things up, and purging by giving away supplies that I have too much of.  Well, I am a bit of a Basic Grey hoarder!  So, it was time to really go through all of the BG and find a new home for some of it.

So are there any BG fans out there??  Here's what you have the chance to win....

There is lots of goodies in here.  Some Indie Bloom, Little Black Dress, Konnichiwa & Out of Print.  Some collections have more in them than others.  Then I went through my much loved Vintage BG collection of paper and found some repeats to give away.  There are some alphas and borders and stickers and chipboard and diecuts!  Well, here it all is!!

Although some of these supplies are older, the terrific thing about BG is that it is always a classic and so many of the new lines mix so well with older lines.  I think that is why BG is my all time favourite manufacturer.

So if you want to be in the running.... just leave me a comment telling me your all time favourite Basic Grey collection.  Mine is "Nook & Pantry".  I will draw a name on Friday,  May 3 after dinner.  Unfortunately, I can only open this giveaway up to North America because this box is heavy and shipping will be expensive.  Canada Post is such a rip off.  :(

Good luck to all and Lady sends out a special "good luck wish".

See how her tail looks blurry.  It is wagging with excitement!  LOL

This giveaway is now closed.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Mail

Yesterday I received some happy mail from Michelle!  It was this beautiful card and inside was tucked this awesome package of enamel dots!!

Michelle always makes such amazing cards and I love how the card even matches the colours of the dots.  Thank you so much Michelle!  :)

This kind gift has me thinking of two things:

Firstly, I am so grateful that scrapbooking and blogging has enabled me to make friends with people all over our world.  Our world doesn't seem like such a huge disconnected place anymore.  I always appreciate a sense of community.

Secondly,  when you drool publicly (on the blog) about products that you can't buy until next year, people feel sorry for you and buy you presents.  hee hee  I better stop doing that.  Have some pride woman!  LOL

So with all of this kindness that has been shown to me,  I would like to pay it forward.  Check back soon for a giveaway.  I already have an idea for it floating around my mind!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Back When I was a Stitcher

Tonight I ran over to Michael's an hour before closing to pick up floss for a new project.  It all started this afternoon while I ran into Micheal's to see if there was any baby wool on sale. { The aqua blanket has been completed in a little over a week.  Yes, I was on another tangent.  ;)}  As I walked in the door I spotted a Cross-Stitch magazine.  I stood looking through it and spied a few fun and easy patterns that might be nice to have in my collection.  So I picked it up along with some Huck towels to stitch on.

As I drove home tonight, my mind traveled back to an earlier time when I was a stitcher.  I had a few magazine subscriptions and would be thrilled to see that magazine show up in my mailbox.  That first look through  to see if there was anything that inspired me was always so exciting.  A trip to the city to pick up random floss colours for my collection was equally as enjoyable.

My girls were little then.  I had a neighbour who I taught to stitch and we would meet up, let our kids play and stitch the afternoon away while drinking coffee.  Rob worked many night shifts at this point.  I can remember tucking the girls into bed and then sitting in a quiet house and stitching until it was time for me to go to bed too.

I got so much joy from this simple act of crossing stitches.  I thought that I would never give it up.  I couldn't imagine my day without crossing a few stitches.  But, time goes on, eyes get weaker, new hobbies are presented and suddenly this passion gets pushed to the back.  I don't stitch with Susan anymore because my crazy Dane Edna magnifying glasses are so thick that anytime I look up from my work to chat, I have to take them off!  Ha Ha

Back in the 90's that homespun country look was in.  I stitched anything that I could get my hands on....  kitchen towels, fingertip towels, hooded baby towels, bibs, tumblers, coasters, trivets, bread covers, pins, key tags, eyeglasses holders, ball caps and pictures.  Heck I even stitched through a plastic strainer!

So, as much as I am not much of a stitcher these days,  I am happy to know that the thrill of a new pattern and a pile of floss to roll still makes me happy.   {I likely have these floss colours in my collection but my floss is no longer pristine since it has become a scrapping supply in the last 4 years.}

I wonder if there will come a day when I am no longer a scrapper?  When the daily search through blogs for creations, inspiration and challenges is no longer the drill.  I wonder what the new passion will be?


Saturday, April 20, 2013

CSI #67

The theme this month at CSI is humour.  It was a great time to get some silly photos of Rob scrapped.  Here's the case!

I did ask for Rob's okay before exposing him to the world like this. LOL

And a few close ups.

So much for not using my new enamel dots until doing DT LO's.  They were sitting on my desk just willing me to pop a few on a page!  I think that these lovelies will be short lived.  They sure add the perfect touch!

This challenge came with a sketch!

Wishing you a creative day!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Vintage Tags

Last summer I picked up two vintage tag kits at my LSS.  I finally got around to putting the first set of three together.

It was actually offered as a class or you could just buy the kit.  Being the solitary scrapper that I am, I opted for the kit to do at home.  As beautiful as these tags are, I really can't claim much ownership in them.  With the home kit, most of the stuff is done for you.  The heat embossing, stamping and even the  butterfly came with crystals glued on.  Of course, this makes sense that it has to be done for you if you are not at the class.  But somehow,  having really only assembled them leaves me flat.  I did still want to share them here incase they might inspire someone to design something similar with their own supplies.  Kathleen from the LSS does an amazing job designing and putting these kits together.

These may end up on some gifts wrapped in kraft paper.  I think the contrast of plain and fancy would be effective.

In other news I am caught up in another knitting vortex.  The baby blankets are in high gear.  I finished the purple one and it is carefully stored away for a future granddaughter. Unfortunately, I packed it away before remembering to take a photo to share here.  I am proud to say that I managed to make it without a mistake.  The yarn was a nightmare to work with.  So much for being excited about the good yarn that was partly merino super wash wool.  A few emails to the manufacturer and a trip to the good yarn store to pick up a few free balls righted the problem.  Who wants wood fibres in their yarn?  I was also sad to learn that having three knots per ball is okay according to industry standards.  :(  Even one of my replacement balls had four knots.  So sad.

And now I am on to my third blanket using the same pattern.

This will be for Lisa to give to a college friend who is expecting a baby girl with her husband, this summer.  Lisa picked the yarn colour.  Her friend hates pink and any girly colours so aqua it is!  I didn't want to tempt fate with a new pattern as I want this one to be perfect for gift giving.  A Granny's #1 Imperfect will not due.  LOL  My next baby blanket will be of a new pattern.

And I will leave you with a photo of my favourite visiting pup.... Sophie!  She belongs to Lisa's boyfriend, Steve.  She is a sweet girl who gives me lots of kisses and steals my heart with each visit.  This one may end up in a LO.

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring day!  We have flurries today.  :(   No Spring for Alberta.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

On the Team!

I have some exciting news to share today!  I am honoured to announce that I have been accepted onto the CSI Design Team!

I am so excited to be amongst this talented group of "detectives".  I am totally addicted to Debbi's challenges.  I love the process of scrapping from a colour palette and then trying to incorporate as many elements as I can.  My journaling has become more of an important element of my pages now.  I know that in years to come I will be thankful to have the stories down.  I have to say that CSI is a super fun place to hang out and the community is amazingly warm and positive.  I encourage you to come on over and play along!!  :)

In other exciting news,  Susan presented me with a gift to congratulate me on my new gig!  I am now the proud owner of........

enamel dots!!! Yippi!!!  Thanks Susan.  :)  I am saving these babies for DT LO's.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Breaking Up with "Blue" ~ A Green Post

"Blue" and I have been together for about 30 years now.  We broke up for a bit in 2009 but he slowly edged his way back into my life.  Last month I threw him out the door for good!  Who is blue?

Actually, I sent him to Lisa's house.  She is still in love with chemical cleaners.

Yes, "Blue" was my go to cleaner.  A replacement for an all purpose cleaner as well as terrific on windows and mirrors.  So convenient to just spray messes away.  That catch in my throat and sting of my senses gave me confidence that things were sanitized.  It must have been the "Amonia D"!    I pushed "Blue" to the back of my cleaning supplies in 2009 when I was on a bit of a green kick.  Slowly I was lured back by that clean smell.  I knew that the only way to be rid of him for good was to
not have him in the house.

So here are "The Replacements".

Norwex window cloths are perfect for windows and mirrors.  Used with only water and there is no waste of paper towel.  Then I have my homemade window cleaner which I also use as a quick all purpose cleaner for small messes.  Yes it is just vinegar and water.  Vinegar kills bacteria and you won't feel like you want to cough up a lung after you spray it.  It is also cheaper than "Blue"!

For anyone who hates the smell of vinegar, you can add in some essential oil.  Apparently it will hide the vinegar smell.  I haven't added any to my mix yet.

This book has changed the way I see clean.  Clean doesn't have a smell at all.

Here is the recipe.

Glass Cleaner

1 cup white vinegar
1 cup water
1/2 tsp. liquid dish soap (optional)
3-8 drops essential oil (optional)

Some people add the dish soap in the beginning to break down the residue build-up left from "Blue".  She suggests a green dish soap such as Seventh Generation.  I love this soap.   Eventually this residue will leave on it's own and you will get a perfect clean from vinegar and water alone.  I sometimes put a bit less vinegar.  It really isn't an exact science.  ;)

And on a "green" scrappy note,  Susan and I headed down to our favourite thrift shop yesterday looking for treasure and  Susan bought an amazing bag of sequins.   I am now the proud owner of half the bag!  They are sure to be making an appearance on some future LO's!

Post Script:  Susan has posted a few more details of how the sequin purchase really went down.   I may have left out a few details here.  ;)  You can check out the real story here.


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