Saturday, June 22, 2013

She Scraps

Well I finally got to scrap last week!  Yay!!  A random and deliberately off balance LO since exact Exacto knife cutting is not really in the cards yet.  I've been using my Fiskars cutting machine and it is doing a good enough job for now.

Here's this week's file at CSI!  A terrific palette for nature photos.

And documenting our newest birdhouse.  Sadly still vacant but I have hope.  I did see a Swallow pop his head in last week.

I used a sketch from Kristine Davidson's eBook V2.

On a sad note, much of the southern part of my province of Alberta is experiencing flooding.  Calgary is in an awful mess and High River, the birthplace of Diane, is mostly under water.  It has claimed 4 lives.  My heart goes out to all of those effected by this act of nature.  Homes are sliding away and totally flooded.

Diane and Eric were stranded in Banff since Thursday due to closed highways due to the floods.  They were safe and had food and gas to get home.  They are on their way back via B.C.  It will be a long trip with the detour.  Lisa drove to Calgary the night before their rivers crested.  She was flying out to B.C. with friends for a bachelorette party.  Luckily, the areas she is in did not flood and the airport remained opened as it is on higher ground.  These girls of mine are giving me grey hair with both being in the South during this time.  I am thankful that they are both safe.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New in the Shop

Today was "Crafty Tuesday" for me and Susan.  Well, there was no crafting going on since we are down one "wing" but we did get some new items listed in our Etsy Shop!

New dishcloth colour combinations and...

some new scrapbooking embellishment packs.

I think that I may challenge myself to use just one of these packs and a piece of white cardstock and see what I can come up with for a LO.  But first... a little more rest for the "wing".  ;)


Friday, June 14, 2013

On Our Evening Walk....

...we go down our street and through a park.  Then we come to the best part, a trail.

Puppies love to sniff around.

It is shady and smells so fresh.  The leaves rustle in the breeze.  A tiny stream of water trickles.  Little nooks off the trail catch my interest.

It is scattered with Wild Alberta Rose bushes,

and lots of wild flowers.

The sun peeks through the tall trees.  The perfect opportunity to capture a true lens flare.

Then we come out at our new "slough".

The goslings have hatched!  Mama had been sitting for quite some time. They look about one week old.  But... only 3?

Red Winged Blackbirds sit on cattails and sing their shrill song.  A sound that reminds me of living in the condo.

Time to spread his wings and fly away, maybe to feed babies nesting deep within the thick cattails.

Next we arrive at the playground.  Little ones have taken off their billy boots and are running through a warm puddle of water that has collected in the sand.  Mothers look on,  probably happy it will soon be bath time.

I spy my favoutite feature of the park and wonder if one day my grandchildren will play on it.  Maybe one whose poppy is a firefighter will decide this is a favourite too.  Although, I have yet to see children play on the engine.  Maybe it is one of those things that adults assume children will love.  We forget too soon what is really entertaining in a child's eye.

Or  maybe they will be super heros like Spiderman and catch thieves in their webs?  

Time to stop daydreaming and hurry on home. Rainclouds have rolled in and are hovering overhead.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Warming Eggs

My little Swallow couple are busy these days warming eggs.  They often trade off on the sitting duty.  One flies into the house and then the other flies off only seconds later.

Papa is always on guard.  Good thing, as I spied a big crow this morning just walking down the top fence line looking for breakfast.  :(

My new favourite photo of Maggie.  What a face!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Freedom & Rose Coloured Glasses

I have been set free!  The yucky splint was carted off to the garbage can.  :)  I have two wings again.... sort of.  Here's how it went down.

Last night I had a hard time sleeping.  I was giddy with the excitement of hopefully getting back to putting my house in order, scrapping, knitting, walking the pups solo and driving.  I must see things through rose coloured glasses.

Like when I thought that I would likely only be in the splint for a couple of days.  Susan googled the topic and let me know that it would be weeks.  So in my mind, I figured that I'd be fine once I got the splint off.  Maybe just a bit of stiffness and not a full range of motion.  Am I delusional?  I think I just may be.  I have clearly never truly hurt muscles in my body before this.  These things take time.  Who knew?

The sling stays on for a week to 10 days.  When I asked the doctor if the elbow would come out again , he said, "It shouldn't."  I was really hoping for a guarantee.  Delusional... I think so.  ;)  Physiotherapy starts on Wednesday.  Not much movement going on with this arm yet.  And I'm left to ponder which book I should read next as there won't be any scrapping going on around here.  The big guy is still on domestic duty for a time.  He was very brave and didn't cry.  But... the good news is, I can get fully wet  in the shower now.  Goodbye plastic showering glove and Saran wrap.

Wishing you all a creative day with some scrappy time.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

In My Front Yard

Just a quick photo post of the blooms in my front yard.  So happy to have a yard once again!


Friday, June 7, 2013

One Winged Wonder

On Monday I see the bone doctor.  I'm hoping that he will set me free from this.

I realize now just why we are born with two arms/hands.  They really are both needed in order to live a reasonably productive life.  Have you ever tried to butter toast with one hand?  How about fold the laundry?

Here's what I've learned over the past three weeks!

~Putting on jeans with one hand requires special skills.  There is the wiggling action of getting into them but the real challenge is getting the button done up.  Fresh out of the dryer jeans are the toughest so it's best to wear them for a few days.  Bathroom breaks take more time.

~Proper hairstyling requires two hands.  There is virtually no control during the blow-drying phase and only random strands of hair seem to make it through the straightener.  Air drying works best even if it produces a bit of an abandoned look.  Big thanks to hairdressers who suggest a few extra layers in the cut.  It really does help the no style look.  Why yes, this is the look I'm meaning to go for.  ;)

~Make-up application..... forget about it and go all natural.  It adds to the abandoned look of the hair.  Embrace your new look.  It could be the new you, well for now anyways.

~The $14 "what a rip off" plastic showering glove turned out to be worth it's weight in gold.  A big thank you to the big guy who found it at the medical supply store.  Who knew there was a place to buy all of the stuff you see at hospitals?

~Plastic wrap is for more than just wrapping sandwiches.  It adds an extra protective layer against water leakage on the cast.  Saran wrap is your new best showering friend.

~Putting on a bra requires two hands.  Remember to ask for husband's assistance before he leaves.  If not, resort to wearing an undershirt like you did in elementary school. Don't leave the house or answer any doorbells.  Refrain from asking your neighbour for assistance even if she did offer to help.  (I'm serious!  I always have the best neighbours wherever I live!)  As time passes and you can use the bad hand without it hurting the elbow, you will be able to once again do up your bra and a feeling of total liberation will sweep over you.  Must be how it felt for the bra burners in the 60's.

~Splints and tensor bandages get really itchy when put in humid or sunny locations.  Stay away from greenhouses and sunny decks.  Avoid sweating at all costs!  Warnings of elbows re-disclocating if taken out of splint prematurely is motivation enough to work through the itch and sweaty feeling.

~All crafts need two hands.  Creative withdraw gets easier through the process especially when total boredom begins to numb the brain.  Don't waste time getting the big guy to take you to Michael's looking for the one handed craft.  It doesn't exist.  Even the Martha knitting loom requires two hands.  I know.  I saw it on the box.  If anyone out there has an idea for a one handed craft, it may be what makes you millions!

~Safe driving requires two hands on the steering wheel.  Park the car, stay home and prepare to be bored.

~Looking at scrappy stuff on the computer increases symptoms of craft withdraw.   Limit scrappy related computer time.

~One handed typing takes lots of time.  But on the other hand, no pun intended, you have lots of time to use up.

~Too much time sitting on the sofa leads to feeling crazy..... unless you're a dog.

~Sofa time can lead to extra snacking.  It's a slippery slope, as any weight gain will lead to more challenges putting on jeans.

~Housework is an activity to be missed.  Who would have thought it after considerable whining on the topic?   Be thankful for husbands who take over the domestic front without a complaint.  However, One Winged Wonders do make awesome dusting persons and can even wipe down and clean kitchen surfaces if a second party is willing to wring out their cleaning cloth for them.

~Dreams of getting back to the kitchen and baking cookies are just that.... dreams.  Cookies require measuring of goopy stuff like shortening and peanut butter.  This requires two hands.  Head back to the sofa and eat peanut butter chips bought to make said cookies.  They make a terrific snack.  Remember the slippery slope.

~Too much reading leads to feeling sleepy.  Don't fight the feeling.  An afternoon nap can use up two hours of time otherwise spent bored.  Score!

~Abandon all thoughts of one handed dog walking.  First off, remember the sweating factor of walking in the hot sun which will lead to itching.  But more importantly, realize the logistics of holding two leashes and doing the poop pick up all with one hand.  Discard ideas of anchoring the leashes with one foot while picking up poop with one hand.  You are not that coordinated.  It is this lack of coordination that got you here in the first place. The dogs will break free.  Picture yourself running down the street with one arm in the sling yelling after dogs who don't listen.  Once again, go back to the sofa.  Eat some peanut butter chips.  Have a nap.  Most importantly, remember to ask the big guy if he can take the pups for a stroll in the evening.

~Ironing is like riding a bike,  you never forget how!  A husband who is desperate for a wrinkle free shirt will return to the ironing board and all of his skills learned in RCMP training 30 years ago will come back to him.

~Restaurant eating can be a great outing to relieve boredom.  However, restaurant choice is important.  Stay clear of a place like Earl's were the girls look like they have just walked off of a runway.  They are so coordinated that they can carry 6 dinner plates across a slick floor wearing 4 inch spiked heels.  They would never dislocate an elbow jumping onto a bench.  Not to mention that your abandoned look and medical paraphernalia will make you stand out... and not in a good way.  A sports bar would be a better choice.  The sporty types always have sporting injuries.  Yes, this injury was a sporting one but I managed to make that winning goal that got us the cup.  Yeah.... that's the story.  ;)  Also, my hair could look this way as I just got off the playing field.  I don't let my injuries stop me, I just play through them.  Now I feel like I'm fitting in.  And remember that menu selection is key.  Ordering steak will mean sitting there watching the big guy cut up your meat for you.  Damn it, I dropped the ball.

I have already warned Rob that if I return from my appointment still in a splint,  to be prepared to hear me cry on the drive home.  ;)  Wish me luck!  I really want to get back to scrapping.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Like Christmas

When Sian announced that she was organizing The Great Big Swap of Very Small Things, I signed up immediately!  I had never participated in a swap before.  This was the perfect chance to bring some new items into the stash and still be on task with my No Buy Challenge.  It was also an opportunity to let go of some of my existing supplies.  It was so much fun going through my stash and packaging up an assortment of goodies to send off.

Next was the excitement of receiving my gift which  arrived the other day..... all the way from the UK.... packaged up lovingly by Sheena.  I plan on keeping that awesome gold postage sticker with the queen on it!

Here is the beautiful assortment of goodies.  I can see how much thought was put into collecting supplies that compliment each other so well.

So excited to have these stamps from the UK!

Love this handmade tag!

Look at these other amazing tags!

And..... diecuts from a Silhouette!!  Yay!!

Thank you Sheena for all of these lovelies.  You spoiled me!  And a big thank you to Sian for organizing this swap.  It was so much fun!


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