Monday, September 30, 2013

"Happy Go Lucky"

Last Friday night I spied an email from my LSS saying that the new Fancy Pants collections were in.  Fancy Pants have been hitting them out of the park this year with amazing collections.  "Happy Go Lucky" was just calling my name out to run over and buy it.  I brought it home and drooled over it for a bit.  By Saturday night I started cutting into its awesomeness.

I finally scrapped my favourite photo of Jack to date.  His "portrait".  I think I am officially out of jack photos at this point.  LOL

I used this sketch by Jenny Evans.

I'll leave you with a recent photo of Lady.  Any throw that I buy soon becomes Lady's blanket.  She has done it from the day I brought her home.  She does like comfort.  ;)

Thanks for stopping by.  


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Feeling Vintage....

...but in a good way!  LOL  After using bright colours and graphic designs, it was a welcome change to use a soft monochromatic palette with a vintage vibe.  I found the Pink Paislee "Hope Chest" paper line at HomeSense for a steal! (Can't beat 24 double sided sheets for $5.99!  I have to say that this bargain put a smile on my face.)  To it I added some die cuts from the Crate "The Pier" collection, as well as some bits and pieces that I had on hand from an old tag making kit purchased at my LSS last year.  Making tags is not really my thing.  ;)  I love this photo of two of my nephews together.  It is hard to believe that Matt and Thomas are cousins because they are 20 years apart in age.  I love the smile on Thomas's face.  He just looks so happy!

I even shocked myself using ribbon on my page.  ;)  Bows are in!

I loved the juvenile images in this collection.

No sketch used for this page.  Just a mish mash of layers.  The green ledger paper at the top of the page is actual ledger paper taken from an old book we found amongst my FIL's belongings after his passing. It is always fun to use actual ephemera.

Thanks for popping in and wishing you all a crafty day!


Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Jack

I have two more pages to share,  created with the August Studio Calico kit.

Another colourful page featuring a sleepy Jack.  Sleepy Jack is something that I don't witness very often.  When he comes to my house he is full of energy and wanting my old girls to play like puppies.  They just growl at him when he gets too annoying and keeps jumping on their heads and swatting at their faces as they try to have yet another daily nap.  I remember the days when Maggie thought that hours filled with face biting with Gus was just a grand way to spend the day, but not so much anymore.    Then there is poor Lady who really doesn't know how to play.  If she sees other dogs playing,  she just stands off to the side.  She seems excited and wags her tail but never joins in on the fun.  :(

Thank you to Michelle for sending me this awesome "Today" die cut from her Silhouette.

A few close-ups!  I really loved that gold polka dotted washi tape that came in the kit.  I think it might be showing up on quite a few LO's.  Still addicted to Heidi Swapp Colour Shine.  This time using "Mustard".

Here is the sketch I used from Stuck Sketches. 

This last LO was my favourite from the kit.  It hardly seems like it would come from the same kit, as the colours are so subdued.  It was fun to use some of the frames as little sections of embellishment!

And a few more close-ups.

This fun sketch full of layering opportunities is by Jennifer Kinkade.

So another kit bites the dust and Jack's album starts filling up!  :)


Friday, September 27, 2013

Documenting Jack

The Studio Calico August kit has been sitting on my desk waiting patiently to be cut into for well over a month now.  As with any SC kit that I have had, the first cut leads to a scrappy tangent that doesn't stop until the kit has been reduced to a pile of tiny scraps.  I have to say that the design that goes into these kits makes scrapping a snap!  It seems that with every flip of a paper, a new combination presents itself!  Whoever designs these kits is AMAZING!  I decided to dedicate the entire kit to documenting Jack!  Oh the exciting life he leads..... Jack in the yard, Jack with a piece of wood in his mouth, Jack on the sofa.  I know that you see one photo of a dog and you've seen them all but,  scrapping that furry little guy just makes me happy and so his album begins.  LOL

Today I'll share the first two pages that I created.  I didn't use sketches for these and let the product guide me through the design.  It was fun to work a grid of sorts although, I did realize afterwards that I basically duplicated the design twice.  LOL

It's hard for me to see cross stitches without adding a few, so I did!  The "Be Happy" title was cut out of one of the chalkboard patterned sheets of paper.  They are terrific bang for the buck with so much that can be cut from them!

The chipboard frames didn't come with the kit but worked so well with it.  They sure have a lot of potential for embellishment.  More than just for framing photos.

The splattered paper is actually packaging that came that way.  Too beautiful to throw away.  Lots of naked buttons on these pages.  I'm breaking my own rules that all buttons need to be sewn on!  These ones came with adhesive on the back and it is hard to peel it off to sew through it.  I guess I can live with it.  ;)

Love the wood veneer words!  Playing with negative space here.  The journaling card with the gold circle was actually an advertisement card in the kit.  I just punched the words out of the middle and backed it with the blue patterned paper.  This allowed me to tuck the red circular element under.

I'll be back soon with the two remaining pages created with the kit.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Teresa Collins Love

So I have to admit that the Teresa Collins "Family Memories" collections was one of those lines that had me wanting to keep scrapping it until there was nothing left to scrap.  Being the heavy paper consumer that I am, I was running low on paper when there were still so many bits and pieces from the collection to be used.  A quick trip to the LSS to grab a few more sheets from the line made it possible to get a third LO from the kit.  The collection has been reduced to a pile of scraps that just might serve Susan well in producing a LO for her Project 365 album.  There is an awesome set of day of the week labels begging to find a home and lots of little flat tags and labels.

Not sure how many of you remember that old song from the 70's by The Orleans called " Still the One".  I have always loved this upbeat song about a love that has stood the test of time.  It was 31 years ago, this week, that Rob asked me to be his girlfriend.  I figured it was time to do another mushy love LO for the Big Guy.  (I think I actually missed my annual Valentine LO in 2013.)  The lyrics from this song gave me a good title and some journaling too.

You may have spied some black splatters.  I know it is shocking since I am usually afraid of wet medium.  It is Heidi Swapp Color Shine in Black Velvet.  I'm loving it!

Here is the sketch I used.  I think it is safe to say that it is a Studio Calico sketch but I can't be 100% sure.  

I'll leave you with a little peek at my newest knitting project.  Coral coloured mittens using some Martha Stewart merino wool.  There might just be a cowl and scarf to go with.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Family Memories"

I was never a huge Teresa Collins fan until this year.  The shift away from the stark white, black and ballet pink was all I needed.  I always loved the graphics.  When I spied the "Family Memories" at the LSS on the day I fell off the "No Buy Challenge" wagon, I tried to be frugal and just choose a few select sheets but soon realized that they were all awesome! So, the collection pack was bought.  Perfect family theme to document Diane's newest fur baby. Her mini family is growing.

Here's the sketch by Liz Chidester.

Many of the sentiments worked perfectly for this knitting page.  I finally used my "Keep Calm and Knit On" stamp.  For me, knitting is the ultimate exercise in relaxation.  Our good knitting shop in Edmonton has a slogan on the front window using the word "unwind" in it.  A catchy idea since when working with yarn there is always lots of winding.  I always wanted to use it on a knitting page, so I put it in my journaling.

Here's the sketch I used from Inspired Blueprints.

I think it is safe to say that the scrapping just might continue.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Are You There Mojo? It's me, Jennifer.

I'm happy to say that yesterday I scrapped!  I think it has been about 2 months since my last page.  This is my longest break since 2009 when I discovered sketches and became a "hardcore scrapper".  LOL

So what brought about this sudden urge to return to the studio?  I would have to say that it was a combination of things;  working on my album class with Susan, wanting to use my sale stash of Studio Calico "Atlantic", wanting to splatter some more Heidi Swapp gold Color Shine, Creative Scrappers returning with sketches and of course.... Jack.

Yes, it seems weird that my newest fur grandbaby is what I am most wanting to document when, after all, there are people in my life too.  But, truth be known, my daughters tend to get snarky when I ask to take their photos.  Oh, their hair isn't right that day, they didn't put on make-up or even, "Mom, no.  I look like _____."   I have long lived by the motto of choosing my battles with my girls.  There will be no drama over things that in the long run, really don't matter a bit.  And so, this Mama has just plain given up.  In years to come when there are beautiful albums documenting the every event of animals long gone, and the girls ask where the photos are of them, oh, I'll have my answer ready.  ;)

So, here is "Meet Jack".

A simple page with some Christine Middlecamp influences of gold splatters, gold pen work, inking in Frayed Burlap Distress Ink and using branding strips for borders.

This sheet from the "Atlantic" collection

lent itself well to this week's sketch at Creative Scrappers.

On a side note, this template, available at Michael's and probably Staples too, makes adding pen worked circles to a page, a snap.  I learned of it on Christine Middlecamp's blog and it is a great investment for anyone who is into circles and is afraid to doodle.... like me.

Rob thinks that the background paper for this LO should have been blue, after all, Jack is a boy.  But... I'm pretty sure that Jack is very secure in his masculinity and wouldn't mind the pink background.  ;)

Well, let's hope that it won't take me 2 more months to produce another LO.  I think that the mojo just may have returned.  :)


Friday, September 20, 2013

Two Pairs of Mittens & Layer by Layer

The knitting needles have been a clicking!

Making this pair of mittens to match this scarf,

and this pair of mittens to match this scarf.

I think I am ready for the onset of our Canadian winter.

On a scrappy note, Susan and I spent the day yesterday,  working on our Layer by Layer class by Christine Middlecamp, completing two and a half more pages for our album.  The layering and detail amazes me.    Best of all,  I am finding a love for all things gold and glittery.   I'm excited to have items such as these in my stash.

Yesterday even entailed some splattering of some Heidi Swapp Color Shine, outlining with white gel pen and gold gel marker and even some doodling.  Susan and I had a question of the day... Does it count as doodling when you use a ruler for part of the design?  Ha Ha  We think not, but what can I say, The White Sisters like things neat and precise.  ;)

I will eventually share the album pages, but until then, here is a peek at some of the other products we are using.

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