Friday, January 24, 2014

Around Here in January

Oh the Canadian winter.  It has been a strange one with either lots of snow, really cold temperatures or super warm.  You would think that the super warm would be awesome for getting outside.  Well, it is as long as you are an amazing skater.  The streets are a sheet of ice.  Therefore, no dog walking and more time spent at home.  Canadians start getting cranky at this point.  I guess it comes with the thought of about three more months of winter.  Last week I noticed that it was still light out at 5:15 pm and Rob and I rejoiced.  Got to hang on to the positive stuff.  So what do Canadians do, other than following the latest antics of Rob Ford and Justin Bieber?    Here's what I've been up to.

I ordered this off Amazon.

I really need to learn to read the fine print.  I thought it was a novel but it is a play.  It was fun to read a play since I haven't read one since my college days.  But, it is a fast read.  I really wish it had been a novel.  I want to see the movie when it comes to home theatre.  If I drag Rob to see Meryl Streep on the big screen he may not be able to endure it.  I am still hearing how he suffered through "Postcards from the Edge" back in the late eighties.  LOL

I found a new hat pattern for a slouchie beanie.  How funky is this hat!

I love the mix of garter stitches and stockinette stitches.  It was really fun to make.

 One more using my "go to pattern"and one more ribbed hat in the colours of our Edmonton Eskimos football team.  Some little boy will love this hat.

Susan and I spent Tuesday working on the granny square blankets that we are making.  We laid out my squares to make sure I finally had enough squares.

Then I spent many hours weaving in yarn ends.  Next up will be to lay the squares out to determine a proper colour distribution and make a chart.  This Tuesday I will commence joining squares!

I have an update on the "Loud Chair".   I am sad to report that it is going back to the store.  Its fabric is defective and started pilling within two weeks.  It is getting worse by the day.  Sofa Land offered to come and "shave" the fabric and assured me that this is not a defect and a natural process of the fabric.  I got cranky.  My 70's style chair actually looks like it has been in use since the 70's.  :( Rob had to resolve the situation in the calm manner that he is known for.  At this point we are getting store credit for the cost of the chair and matching pillow.  I am not sure how I will be able to choose a fabric that will work with the green chair that was bought to compliment the loud chair as well as match my leather sofa.  I really want my money back for both chairs so I can start over.  I'll keep you posted but if you hear of a crazy woman in Canada having a melt down at an Edmonton location Sofa Land...... that might be me.  I'll be on the news right after the daily update on those other two crazy Canadians.  ;)

I'll leave you with a photo of Susan playing with the swift.  Check out the blur in the photo.  That yarn was a spinning!

Have a great day and thanks for popping by!



  1. At this point I'm going to admit that I only found out that Justin Bieber was Canadian this week after seeing the newspaper reports. Shows how much I know lol

    I'm sorry to hear about the chair. It's a pity..I liked that chair!

    I'm liking that new style of hat too. It's going to go down very well with a new owner

  2. It is at times like this that I am very happy to be living in a country with very mild weather. We South Africans are outdoorsy people and I know for sure that my men folk and my grandies will become very cranky if snowed in. I hope you get your sofa problem resolved...I loved the look of your loud chair.

  3. What a shame about your sofa Jennifer! Hope you can work something out. We have just had the hottest, most humid weather this last week. I was seriously thinking of moving to the North Pole! Maybe Canada would be good too. :) I don't think I would last longer than a week in that cold though!
    I'm looking forward to see your blanket when it's all finished. ;)

  4. YOu really have taken your knitting seriously I love how you combine different colours in your projects!


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