Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Blog Name

You may have noticed that the name of my blog has changed.  Only the name, the address remains the same, so no need for any updates to be made by my readers.  So when you see "On a Tangent" pop up on your blog roll.... that's me!

Why the name change?  When I started blogging back in December of 2009, "Scrapping Daze" was the perfect name for my new blog.  After all, I was caught in the vortex of a major scrappy addiction.  ;) Most days I was walking around in some kind of a scrapping daze thinking about my next LO, hence the name.  This was my spot to share all of my creations and everything scrappy.  As time went on and I became more comfortable with blogging, I also started sharing random bits of my everyday life.  I love that I can look at old blog posts and remember what was going on back then.  And of course, I have shared anything else crafty that I have been up to...... knitting, crocheting, cross- stitching, reading and even thrifty finds.  Over the past year,  I haven't been scrapping as much and so I seem to be sharing more of these other interests.  Suddenly, my blog name wasn't really fitting what my blog is really all about.

I'm a person who is usually on a tangent.  Rob can often be heard saying, "Oh, there she goes on another tangent."  I get going on a project and that is what I am going to eat, sleep and breathe for awhile.  Sleep can even be lost, as I think of ideas for my latest tangent into the wee hours of the morning.  ;)  Eventually I will tire and put this activity away for some time and pick something else up.  The name, "On a Tangent" seems like a better representation  of what my blog is all about.  After all, I am really just sharing what my latest tangent is.  LOL

The January tangent was knitting hats.  I am ready to put hat making on hold for a bit now.  I think I knit a total of 17.  A good start to this years knitting for charity.  Here are the last two.  One for a girl and the yellow one could be worn by either a girl or boy.

This was another new pattern in a beanie style.  It can also be worn with the brim rolled up for extra warmth.

And so the knitting needles have been put away for now and so far February looks like there may be some crocheting going on.  This week the White Sisters just might be spending some time scrapping.  I'm excited.  Living life on a tangent is just the way I roll.  :)



  1. Love the new is good to be on tangent of sorts...much better than not doing anything at all. I have considered changing my blog name too...but I remain just that...a work in progress.

  2. Great new Blog Name - I agree with Lynette - taking a tangent isn't a bad thing - you're never bored. Don't let Rob give you a bad time about being on a tangent, if he had a blog, he'd have to call it "Squirrel". ha! One thing about being sick these last few weeks, I have scrapped 6 layouts!! Have been watching the Glitter Girl series - it's like finding a great new author you had not heard of before - I am starting at the beginning and watching the episodes, I watch five in a row and then tell myself I have to save some for later! Very inspiring. t

  3. I love your new blog name Jennifer! It's just perfect. ;) I always look forward to see what tangent you are going to be on next. Hehe... Love all the beautiful hats you've knitted and can't wait to see your finished blanket! :)

  4. I, too, love the new name. I always enjoy finding out what you're up to now. Besides all of the crafty posting, I just love seeing pictures of your sweet dogs. So whatever tangent you're on, I look forward to reading all about it.

  5. It's a great name! I hope it inspires you to even more crafty endeavours in the future

  6. I like the name too - and will look forward to seeing where tangents take you, and where you take us!


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