Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Dog Park

I have lived in my community for the past 17 years, 17 of which I have owned dogs, and yet I have never visited our dog park.  It is all of a five minute drive from our house.  I always envisioned huge dogs bothering my little ones and worst of all,  I worried about my misbehaved girls running off and getting lost in the bush.  This thought alone was enough to keep me away.  After going to the dog park near Diane's house last fall, I had a different perception about the whole thing.  So this past weekend we decided to finally venture over and give our girlies their first dog park experience.  Why did I wait so long?  It was a blast!

There were beautiful trails.

The pups loved running free and they were so good at staying by our side and not running off too far.

Rob stopped along the way to capture some nature photos.

It was such a peaceful time.  The sun was in our faces, the leaves were rustling in the trees.  The path was soft under foot and every now and then leaves would come floating down around us.  And the best part was that good earthy smell that surrounded us.  It was my perfect fall day.  :)



  1. I know exactly the smell you mean. Here's to lots more beautiful autumn days

  2. I love the smell of fall and walking in the parks. Colors are starting to turn down here. I hope you have more days like that one before the snow is here to stay.


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