Monday, December 15, 2014

Looking Festive

We are well on our way to being prepared for the holiday season.  We have our Winter Solstice celebration this weekend so there is lots to get done this week.  I like a week in the calendar that has things to get done on every single day.  It always feels good to feel productive.

This past weekend was a productive one indeed.  After some grumbling from both Rob and myself, we finally got the tree up.  We have squished it to fit into the living room this year.  This meant dragging everything up from the basement as well as a big mess of glitter after the decorating was done.  But in the end it is all worth it, when you dim the lights and enjoy the glow of the tree... so worth it.

I only have a few new additions in the ornament department this year.  This tree is pretty full.  However,  I couldn't resist this little deer when I spied it in the Banff Christmas Store last month.

The bird tree has been up for about a week already and it seems that quite a number of new birds have made their way to these branches.  I finally have the full look that I was going for.  And I really do think that there is room for a few more, even if Rob doesn't agree.  ;)

It wouldn't be Christmas without a red poinsettia and the burning of a cinnamon candle.

I've been snacking on these little wonders.  I call them, "a taste of Christmas".  They're from Hickory Farms and they sell out quickly so we always make sure we pick up our share as soon as the kiosk opens.

I have been doing some wrapping but still have more to do.  I always think that I like this task until I actually sit down to do it.  Then the boredom sets in.

And in between the hustle and bustle of the season, I am knitting like a mad woman.  I am knitting cowls and matching mittens for two of Diane's friends.

Hoping you are feeling festive and enjoying all of the small traditions that this festive season has to offer.



  1. They groan at me here when I say "productive". They say it's one of my favourite words and I say it too much! So I'm right there with you. I like to feel productive too.

    Your wrapping paper is lovely :)

  2. It is always lovely to catch up on things happening in your your tree and your bird tree too. How to you celebrate Winter Solstice?

    1. Hi Lynette, Our celebration is basically our Christmas. I like having my family together before Christmas day because it allows my daughters to be with their boyfriend's families on Christmas day. This way we all get a really good visit in and nobody is running around crazy on one day. We have roast beef instead of turkey and we have ice-cream cake to represent winter, along with some traditional Christmas baking. We exchange our gifts around the tree and that's about it. :)

    2. Sounds ideal and keeps everybody time is spent on both sides of the family xx


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