Monday, February 24, 2014

When Did the Sizzle Fizzle?

Anyone who has been following my blog in the past year knows that I have been struggling with this scrappy passion of ours.  I started scrapping in 1999 and since discovering the amazing world of sketches in 2009 was scrapping hardcore.  For the past five years scrapping has been the crafty priority.    I felt so passionate about this creative outlet and yes, would sometimes even lose sleep to planning my next LO.  ha ha  However, slowly over the past year my thrill of scrapping has been fading.  Scrapping is leaving me feeling flat.  :(   It is always like this for me regarding my crafty interests.  My interest will shift.  It is no surprise to say that knitting seems to be taking over.

So I have made the decision to give scrapbooking a break.  I have packed up all of my supplies neatly away in the large closet in my studio.  I am not getting rid of anything.  Who knows, maybe down the road I will feel that thrill again.  If not, I am well stocked for crafty time with future grandchildren.  LOL  I fought hard with the idea of whether to continue blogging but in the end have decided that since my blog would have no scrappy content, it was time to stop.

So what will I be doing now?  Well, the studio is slowly turning into a knitting room.  Knitting supplies are front and center!  I am hoping to expand my knitting horizons and knowledge.  I really want to spend some time finishing up some cross-stitch projects.  My eyes aren't getting any younger and so stitching must be done in small time slots before the headache kicks in.  ;(  I plan on continuing making granny square afghans.  They are a fun project to have on the go and easy to just work on a square here and there.  Lastly, I really want to get back into reading.  I have so many books just waiting to be discovered.  In some small corner of my mind there is the thought of watercolour painting.  It has been there for many years.  But considering that I have trouble drawing a stick figure, this may not be a viable future endeavour.  ;)

I am happy to say that I will continue to take photographs.  I love taking pictures and documenting the everyday.  I will just be displaying them in a simpler way.... just a regular photo album with dates and a few lines of journaling what I want to remember.

Thank you to my readers for making this journey such a fun one.  May your scrappy passion burn bright for many years to come!  :)

And.... just because I hate a post without a photo,  I'll leave you with this shot of two of my favourite little people in this world.  They came for a visit this past weekend and we had a candy party!

Bye Bye.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

At the Dog Park

When I came upon the awesome sheet of map paper, including a river,  in the BG "Carte Postale" collection,  I knew that I wanted to use it in my LO documenting our trip to the dog park with Jack.  This dog park is so amazing that it has a spot where the dogs can run down to the river for a dip.  Such a great spot for water dogs or any dog on a hot summer day.  We visited in fall right after the leaves had fallen.  Apparently, it was amazing the previous weekend.

I was really happy to get many photos on the one page.  It is something that I am hoping to do more often with my LO's.

It amazes me how little Jack looks.  He has grown somewhat although he is still on the smaller side of Miniature Australian Shepherds.  He has a beautiful long coat that is shiny beyond belief.

Here's the sketch I used created by the talented Julie Bonner.  Love her sketches!

This page is making me look forward to warmer days with lots of opportunities for dog walking.  It has been a cold and icy winter this year.  Boo to that!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

BG Love

I guess I will always be a total admirer of Basic Grey.  They keep pulling me back year after year.  Susan and I often have the conversation of, if you could only have one manufacturer, who would it be.  It always comes back to BG for the both of us.  I spent yesterday playing with "Carte Postale" again and even added in a bit of "Persimmon".  I am loving these collections filled with gold!

First up, another one for Lady's album.  I love how she looks like she is posing for the camera here.

Lots of the embellishments are MME and I finally used one of those amazing Maya Road kraft camera diecuts.

This is the sketch I used but unfortunately I have lost track of where I found it.  I think it might be from a kit club.

Next up is Jack and Diane.  Remember that old John Cougar Mellencamp song?  A busy LO using big BG alphas.

I am loving those photo transparencies by Crate although I never use them to cover a photo.  I like how they add a dimension and a bit of a frame effect.

I used this sketch created by Melinda Spinks.

Seems like the scrappy bug has bitten again.  Yay!!

Hope your day is scrappy!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

After Two Months

Yesterday when Susan came over for Crafty Tuesday, we decided to force ourselves down to the studio to scrap.  It had been two months since I last made a LO.  This is the first time I have taken such a long scrappy break.  It was tough to get going again.  I always struggle a bit when I have been away from the process.  It felt so good to be scrapping again.

I used the BG "Carte Postal" for this photo of Rob enjoying photography.

Here's the sketch I used created by Wendi Robinson.

I was happy to finally get a Silhouette title cut on a page.  That machine is amazing!

So I'm aiming to keep the scrappy mojo in action.  I am still working on my granny squares but find that I can only do a few before I get a bit bored of it and need a break.  This is good, as it won't take me away from scrapping.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.  Keep warm!  It is so cold here... again.  Brrr!


Monday, February 3, 2014


This afternoon I weaved in the last ends on my afghan and can officially declare this project done.   Here it is.

And a close up.

It is the perfect size to hang on the back of a sofa ready for snuggling under while watching T.V.  It's new home is in the basement but I took the photo upstairs for better light.

So if you look closely enough you may have noticed that in the end I did end up with two cream coloured squared together.  Urghhh!  I only noticed while doing my last bit of joining.  I could have gone back and moved things around but decided to leave it as is.  It is a good reminder that this was a learning project.  Trust me, if you look close enough there are plenty of little mistakes.  But as Susan says, in the end it all meshes together and looks fine.  I am also not thrilled that my border colour is the same colour as some of my squares.  The border got lost when a cream coloured square was on the outside edge. Oh well.  I will take the things I learned from this one and apply them to the next.

This afghan is going to Lisa.  She loves vibrant colours and will surely love this combination.

I may or may not add in two more colours for a total of eight.

Each square will be bordered with white so that when I join this one, there will be no stitches showing.

I have also already planned out its size of 11 squares x 8 squares.  These squares will be one round larger than the last project so that joining will go a little quicker.  Oh and yes, I will be making an official chart with the colour placement plan so that I don't get stuck with two colours together.  As with anything, there is always a learning curve.  Although my afghan wouldn't be winning any prizes at the county fair,  I have always wanted to make an afghan and feel really happy when I look at what I accomplished, little boo boo's and all.  ;)

Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Blog Name

You may have noticed that the name of my blog has changed.  Only the name, the address remains the same, so no need for any updates to be made by my readers.  So when you see "On a Tangent" pop up on your blog roll.... that's me!

Why the name change?  When I started blogging back in December of 2009, "Scrapping Daze" was the perfect name for my new blog.  After all, I was caught in the vortex of a major scrappy addiction.  ;) Most days I was walking around in some kind of a scrapping daze thinking about my next LO, hence the name.  This was my spot to share all of my creations and everything scrappy.  As time went on and I became more comfortable with blogging, I also started sharing random bits of my everyday life.  I love that I can look at old blog posts and remember what was going on back then.  And of course, I have shared anything else crafty that I have been up to...... knitting, crocheting, cross- stitching, reading and even thrifty finds.  Over the past year,  I haven't been scrapping as much and so I seem to be sharing more of these other interests.  Suddenly, my blog name wasn't really fitting what my blog is really all about.

I'm a person who is usually on a tangent.  Rob can often be heard saying, "Oh, there she goes on another tangent."  I get going on a project and that is what I am going to eat, sleep and breathe for awhile.  Sleep can even be lost, as I think of ideas for my latest tangent into the wee hours of the morning.  ;)  Eventually I will tire and put this activity away for some time and pick something else up.  The name, "On a Tangent" seems like a better representation  of what my blog is all about.  After all, I am really just sharing what my latest tangent is.  LOL

The January tangent was knitting hats.  I am ready to put hat making on hold for a bit now.  I think I knit a total of 17.  A good start to this years knitting for charity.  Here are the last two.  One for a girl and the yellow one could be worn by either a girl or boy.

This was another new pattern in a beanie style.  It can also be worn with the brim rolled up for extra warmth.

And so the knitting needles have been put away for now and so far February looks like there may be some crocheting going on.  This week the White Sisters just might be spending some time scrapping.  I'm excited.  Living life on a tangent is just the way I roll.  :)

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