Monday, June 29, 2015

A Day Full of Treasure

Yesterday was really hot outside.  It was one of those days where it might as well be the dead of winter, since it was too hot to go outside and do anything.  So it was a good day for shopping and thrifting.  I went back to my LSS to take a second look at the garage sale,  since a little birdie (Susan) told me that there was more vintage BG there.  Yay!!  Here's the score.

Some Lilykate...

and some Euphoria with embellishments!

This is a page kit for Porcelain.  I won't do their page but will add this goodness to what I already have of this collection.

I also found some Heidi Swapp albums that were not at the sale the first day.

I checked out the Heidi Swapp blog and actually found some free printables to go with the Christmas album as well as some photo prompts for a December Daily.  It's weird to be thinking of the holidays in June.  LOL

Next stop was the thrift store.  We were actually dropping off some donations but I decided to go in and take a boo.  I'm so happy I did because I found these beauties!

Yes, there goes that 70's tangent again.

Now there are four!  (The yellow one has undergone some surgery to repair his milky eyes.  Nail polish top coat did the trick.)

It was a great day for finding all things old!  I think that July might just be the month of scrapping Basic Grey!



  1. soon as I saw your title I knew there'd be fun finds in your post. Those white chocolate alphas are a real lucky find..I used almost every last one of the pack I had. I love them

  2. I saw that frog and mushroom on your countertop today and thought they were part of your older finds so I didn't mention them. Awesome find! The yellow frog is looking good now that his milky cataracts are gone. ;-)


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