Friday, October 30, 2015

Catching Up

This is the official "Catching Up" post.  I have been somewhat off the grid as of late.  It was a technical thing.  My almost 7 year old laptop was breathing its last breath.  Who would have thought?  I ignored it's age even after it had been referred to as "vintage" on more than one occasion.  For the past couple of years Rob had warned me that I needed a new one.  But... you know me and technology.  Yikes!  So I put it off until I no longer had a choice.  It was a bit of a rush to get photos backed up.  Then there was the whole cleaning up thing before we transfered over to the new computer.  Good thing I don't keep house the way I keep my computer.  Turning over a new leaf and I'm going to try to "clean as I go" with this one.

So here's what's been going on.  Warning:  lots of photos ahead!

We have had an amazingly beautiful fall.  We watched the changing of the foliage and took it all in day by day.  I see this beautiful tree from my front door.

The pond near our house was amazing!

Last weekend I found my happy place on this amazing nature trail in Sherwood Park.  We were a bit late for the leaves but it was still beautiful.  The pups loved it too, even if it was an on-leash area. I think the "bad dogs" who can't go to off-leash hang out here.  We only passed two dogs.  Both were very large and both snarled their teeth at my girlies.  :(

We stopped for a little photo shoot.  Dogs are not easy to photograph!

There has been some decorating for Halloween both outside...

and inside.

There was also some Lego building!  I'm actually more the lego piece finder and Rob is the builder.  I think we are digressing in our fifties.  But we grew up watching Scooby Doo and it is just fun!

Then there was a visit to a really scary house.  Lisa told us about it as she passes it daily on her way to work.  It is a "Walking Dead" theme.  I'm unfamiliar with that show but still totally appreciated this display.  Having said that,  I wouldn't want to be the mother of young kids in this neighbourhood.  This place is gory and I think it would give any little one nightmares.  Yeah, I keep my decorations "happy".

We heard that there was an awesome "projection" at night so we went back with Susan and her family.  It was so worth the one hour drive.  The shadows projected on the living room window depicted zombies and some victims.  Spooky spooky spooky!  The lights were great too.

Even nature cooperated with this spooky moon!

The best thing about this display was that visitors brought food donations for the food bank and donations were being taken for one of our shelters. 

We are ready for Trick or Treaters tomorrow night.  We are hoping for big numbers considering it is Saturday night and our weather is predicted to be good.  

I'll leave you with my latest favourite photo of Thomas.  We left these goofy Halloween glasses for him when we visited last month.  When he was given the gift we were sent this photo.  It is another one of those photos that make me laugh every time!  This will be scrapped for sure!

Happy Halloween!



  1. Glad you have made your transition without incident. I need to clean up my computer as well and do a complete backup before transitioning to windows 10 - but I have the same relationship with technology as you, so I am procrastinating. Although I am trying to run my printer out of ink first too, because it is not compatible with W10.

    That snapshot is absolutely priceless - why isn't it scrapped already!

  2. Oh, this is such a big warning call for me! My laptop is really on its last legs and I have put it off and put it off but I know what I need to do..

    Your photos are wonderful. Very atmospheric! I thought this year round here that a lot of the decorations were just too scary too

  3. A wonderful catch-up post. Beautiful fall photos...we never get those vivid colors during our fall season...probably because the weather has no extremes. The leaves just turn brown and fall off the trees.


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