Friday, December 4, 2015

Bring on the Holidays

It's December!  All of the signs are there.

~ There is limited parking at the mall and once inside you want to run out the door really quickly.  Luckily I only have one more gift to buy at a mall in Edmonton.  Then I can stay far away if I choose to.  I really don't have many gifts to buy these days so it really isn't much of a burden.

~ The SNL Christmas special showed up on television the other night.  I've seen it many times before but I still laugh.

~ Chocolate is trying to overtake my world.  I love the stuff but am trying to limit my intake.  It is tough with the delicious ads I see on television each night, not to mention the free Lindt sample at Costco!  I can't say no to free chocolate.  LOL

~ List making is in full force.  Today's list was the meal plan for our Winter Solstice celebration.  This year we are having prize winning Fife n' Deckle pie and an ice-cream cake from the Dairy Queen for dessert.  I'm also making the girls their favourite Christmas squares from when they were little.

~Furniture has been rearranged to accommodate two trees this year.  They'll go up this weekend so more on that later.  All I can say is that the little bird tree has grown this year.  It has been replaced with a 7 foot pencil tree.  I'm so excited to decorate it!

~A touch of red has been added to last month's winter decor.  Now it's looking more festive!

~Advent calendars are in full force.  Rob is enjoying the Lego Star Wars calendar this year.  I got him one after he seemed very interested when looking at the one I picked up for Thomas.  Each day we exchange photos of Big Uncle Rob and Little Thomas holding the toy of the day.  It is great fun!  Here's day one.  Thomas was running a fever and under the weather so he looks less than happy.  Poor little guy.

But Uncle Rob looks happy enough for the two of them!  LOL

Thomas did point out that Uncle Rob forgot to put the grey brick on an angle.   Good thing Rob will have Tom's guidance throughout the month because he may need it.  ;)

~Finally, you know we are into holiday mode when morning tea looks as yummy as this!  It is "Sleigh Ride" tea from David's Tea.

Here is my advent calendar.  Rob and I enjoy a pot of the day's tea each night.  A fun new holiday tradition and a great way to sample some new flavours.

One of the great things about this calendar is collecting these little tins.  I plan on using them for scrappy goodies.  They are so cute!

Hope you are heading into festive mode too.  Even through the craziness of the season it is so important to slow down and enjoy the small moments that really matter most.



  1. I love these little glimpses into your life...just makes you feel a bit closer :-) Our tree will be going up this weekend and I really hope the Meh feeling will leave and will be replaced by HOHOHO :-)

  2. I just love the idea of the two of them swapping photos as they unpack the advent calendar. What a wonderful idea!

  3. Lots of good ideas in this post - merry abounds at your place, that's for sure.


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