Thursday, July 30, 2015

That Cushion!

Back in February,  I posted about a lottery dream house that we visited.  Well we didn't win a thing but I did hit the jackpot, in a way.  One of my favourite things in the house was this amazing geometrical and colourful cushion.

Imagine my delight when while milling around HomeSense yesterday, I came upon two cushion covers exactly the same!  No inserts,  so they were only $13 each.  No worries, I have lots of cushions that I can borrow the pillow part from!  I took them home and did a bit of reorganizing of the living room.  Yes, that decluttering book is still in my mind even though I have totally purged my house.

In case you've forgotten I have spoiled little dogs.  ;)  The sofa is basically theirs.  Since Maggie is a paw licker and they can both become smelly little creatures when grooming is due, I am forced to keep a blanket on my sofa.  :(  It always looks like this in my living room and it is really starting to annoy me.  It is like a perpetual sick daybed.

Well, these pillows inspired me.  We have a beautiful basement that is perfect for lounging in.  We can even watch DVD's in the basement but not upstairs. Why not actually use this space?  Walking up and down the stairs is good for us and so is being further away from the fridge!  LOL  Now my living room looks like this!  Yay!!

Now I'm not saying that I will never use my living room.  So I have a throw blanket close at hand for slobbery Maggie.  But, the evening will be for basement lounging for sure.  It feels good to have my best room looking as it should.  We are giving this new idea a trial period and if it works out, that eye sore of a television, with its nest of tangled wires, will be taken out.  Oh, dare I dream?

Did you spy that tiny paint chip on the wall above the green chair?  I may be having gold walls in the future.  :)

I think it is safe to say that Maggie and Lady are adjusting to the change.  ;)  Same position in a different location.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mini Album of My Girls

Over a year ago, I started a mini album documenting my girls through the years.  At the time, I was inspired by a mini album course I took with Christine Middlecamp through Gossamer Blue.  I got as far as choosing old photos to crop down and sketching out my pages.  Some were based on designs we used in Christine's albums,  others came from a variety of ideas that I found in my scrappy travels on the internet and some I made up based on products I was using.  I used the Maggie Holmes line "Flea Market".  I got all of one page completed and then it all got put away in a drawer and forgotten about.  Well, my new love of all things tiny, especially mini albums, had me wanting to get it out and get it done.  Here it is... finally.

Yeah, mini albums are where it's at for me right now!


Friday, July 24, 2015

Around Here

Life has been busy as of late.  This is one of the things that I love about the summer season, there always seems like there is a lot to do.  We have been trying to enjoy the outdoors as well as get some walking in at any chance we get.  Last Sunday we went to a wilderness centre near our home.  There are many trails to enjoy.

It smells really good and the sound of the breeze rustling through the tall Poplars is a very peaceful sound.  There was barely a mosquito to be found although we did have many tiny black flies annoying us.  :(

The trails are wide and covered in grass.  As you walk along you have to watch out for little toads hopping under foot.

This past week I got into this book.

Reading this book turned into a full on tangent.  Yikes!  I consider myself to be quite organized and I detest clutter.  It makes me anxious when things are too out of order.  So I figured that reading this book would just basically confirm the way I already am.  Although much of it I do by nature, she addresses the idea of only having things in your home that "spark joy".  It is an interesting concept.  We are often surrounded by stuff that we feel we should keep.  So I decided to go through my house looking at things with new eyes and deciding if my possessions really "sparked joy."  I have slimmed down some possessions and it feels good.  I think I am a minimalist at heart, or at least strive to be one.

But.... after reading only the first chapter,  I took a trip down to my favourite thrift shop.  The collector in me loves the thrift shop.   Although I knew that I was planning on a purge, this followed me home.

I decided that it was okay because it definitely sparked joy!  It's gold and yellow and awesome!

I had so much fun washing it up and setting it up in my kitchen china cabinet.

In other news, look what we found when Rob cleaned out the birdhouse that my swallows nest in.   (No worries, they've been gone for weeks and it is best to clean it out for next year.)

Aww, looks like some eggs never hatched.  The nest looks so cozy with all of those soft feathers though.

I'll be back soon to share my latest mini album!  It is one that I started over a year ago and then it sat. It felt good to finally get back to it.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Farmer's Market

Rob and I were looking for something to do yesterday so we decided to go into the city to the farmer's market.  It's a large indoor market that is opened year around.

Our plan was to buy some fresh fruit and veggies.  There was lots to choose from. 

We ended up buying some fresh baby potatoes, little carrots and some amazing cherries.  But then I came upon some paper.  Yes, paper seems to be a huge part of my life. ;)

These followed me home.

The first is a little matchbook notebook for my purse.  All hand made and sewn together.

This little journal is made from trash.  Totally up-cycled!  People are so smart.  :)

The front cover is made out of a rubber gloves box.  The back cover is made out of a cheese sticks box.  

The inside papers are made from one sided photocopies.  The blank side is showing as each paper is neatly folded over.  Looks to be some kind of absentee form for a school.  The shadow of the typing shows through and almost serves as ruled lines for straight writing.  Brilliant!  I'll pay $4 for somebody's trash.  LOL

I'm quite excited about these little gems.  I'll leave you with a photo that Rob took of a firefighters memorial close to the market.  Such a beautiful statue.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Backyard Visitor

Rob and I love putting feed out for the birds.  It is a constant source of enjoyment to watch these little feathered creatures fly in and out for a bite.  The other morning I spied this furry little guy cleaning up the bird seed that sits in the bottom plate of the feeder.

Nom nom nom.

Oh this is good stuff.

Oh, hello there.

While some bird lovers would have been running out to scare him away, I ran to get my camera.  LOL  I think that all of nature's beautiful creatures deserve to eat.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

One Day ~ One Photo Each Hour

Well it has been quite some time since I challenged myself to taking a photograph each hour for a full day.  It is always so much fun to see what I have collected by the end of the day,  although it makes me realize that my life really is not all that exciting.  LOL

Monday July 13, 2015

10 am ~ Morning tea time.  Hey, don't judge me for sleeping late.  It's summer! ;)

11am ~ Laundry day.

12 am ~ Met Rob at Dairy Queen for lunch.

1 pm ~ Hit all four thrift shops in Sherwood Park.  Good finds today!

2 pm ~ Fudgesicle break.

3 pm ~ Catching up on the daily planner.

4 pm ~ Waiting to fill up gas before the prices go up tomorrow.

5 pm ~ Turkey burgers and salad for supper.  Yum!

6 pm ~ Dog walking time.  I always hold Lady's leash.

7 pm ~ We went to the mall to look for work shoes for Rob.

8 pm ~ Stopped for a latte at Starbucks.

9 pm ~ Colouring time on the back deck.  So relaxing.

So that was my Monday in a nutshell!  These glimpses of everyday life just might find themselves as the subject of a mini album sometime in the future.  They will be fun photos to look back on down the road.

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