Friday, October 30, 2015

Catching Up

This is the official "Catching Up" post.  I have been somewhat off the grid as of late.  It was a technical thing.  My almost 7 year old laptop was breathing its last breath.  Who would have thought?  I ignored it's age even after it had been referred to as "vintage" on more than one occasion.  For the past couple of years Rob had warned me that I needed a new one.  But... you know me and technology.  Yikes!  So I put it off until I no longer had a choice.  It was a bit of a rush to get photos backed up.  Then there was the whole cleaning up thing before we transfered over to the new computer.  Good thing I don't keep house the way I keep my computer.  Turning over a new leaf and I'm going to try to "clean as I go" with this one.

So here's what's been going on.  Warning:  lots of photos ahead!

We have had an amazingly beautiful fall.  We watched the changing of the foliage and took it all in day by day.  I see this beautiful tree from my front door.

The pond near our house was amazing!

Last weekend I found my happy place on this amazing nature trail in Sherwood Park.  We were a bit late for the leaves but it was still beautiful.  The pups loved it too, even if it was an on-leash area. I think the "bad dogs" who can't go to off-leash hang out here.  We only passed two dogs.  Both were very large and both snarled their teeth at my girlies.  :(

We stopped for a little photo shoot.  Dogs are not easy to photograph!

There has been some decorating for Halloween both outside...

and inside.

There was also some Lego building!  I'm actually more the lego piece finder and Rob is the builder.  I think we are digressing in our fifties.  But we grew up watching Scooby Doo and it is just fun!

Then there was a visit to a really scary house.  Lisa told us about it as she passes it daily on her way to work.  It is a "Walking Dead" theme.  I'm unfamiliar with that show but still totally appreciated this display.  Having said that,  I wouldn't want to be the mother of young kids in this neighbourhood.  This place is gory and I think it would give any little one nightmares.  Yeah, I keep my decorations "happy".

We heard that there was an awesome "projection" at night so we went back with Susan and her family.  It was so worth the one hour drive.  The shadows projected on the living room window depicted zombies and some victims.  Spooky spooky spooky!  The lights were great too.

Even nature cooperated with this spooky moon!

The best thing about this display was that visitors brought food donations for the food bank and donations were being taken for one of our shelters. 

We are ready for Trick or Treaters tomorrow night.  We are hoping for big numbers considering it is Saturday night and our weather is predicted to be good.  

I'll leave you with my latest favourite photo of Thomas.  We left these goofy Halloween glasses for him when we visited last month.  When he was given the gift we were sent this photo.  It is another one of those photos that make me laugh every time!  This will be scrapped for sure!

Happy Halloween!


Saturday, October 24, 2015

"Home for Christmas" with Kaisercraft

I'm back today to share what I created for my LSS, Treasured Memories, with Kaisercraft's newest Christmas collection, "Home for Christmas".  It is a lovely line with a classic Christmas palette.

Here's Thomas opening up a gift from me and Rob last Christmas.  He is a pro at pausing to get his photo taken while opening gifts.  It is the only way we get to share the moment so far away.

I used a sketch by Kristine Davidson out of her first eBook.

When you are an empty nester and there are no kids to take photos of during the holidays, you take photographs of the tree!  Last year I finally got the tree decorated to reflect our love of nature.  There are lots of birds and snowflakes and woodlands creatures.  I was really happy with the final outcome.  I am challenging myself to not buy one new ornament this year!  I'm not sure I will be successful.  I am a sucker for new ornaments and have actually already been looking at this year's supply at Pier 1.  I know it is crazy but I actually did go in looking for clearance Halloween decor and there was Christmas... in October!

Here's the sketch I used from Scrapidees.  Love this site even if I can't read french.

Okay, that's enough Christmas talk for now.  It's time to scrap some fall photos with this month's kit from my LSS!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pink Paislee ~ "Yuletide"

I have to admit that whenever I work with a holiday collection,  I end up humming Christmas carols... even if it is only October.  I love his new Christmas line.  Here's what I created for my LSS, Treasured Memories with "Yuletide"!

First up is a Christmas page to celebrate Tom's first Christmas.  How did he grow up so fast and where did those adorable chubby baby cheeks go?  This photo is bittersweet as Mia, that beautiful girl in the photo passed away just a few months back.  She was a loyal and much loved companion and is very much missed.

The sketch I used is one of my favourite from Julie Bonner.  I think this is the third time I have created from this sketch and each page comes out looking so different.  I think this is what I love about creating from sketches.

Yuletide is also a great collection for scrapping winter photos!  I am still a sucker from documenting winter and am about to start filling my second winter themed album.  I figure if I am a Canadian living with 6 months of winter a year, I might as well embrace it as much as I can!  Here's  baby Thomas once again.

I didn't follow a sketch for this LO.  Just let the product lead me.

I'll be back soon to show you what I created with "Home for Christmas" by Kaisercraft.  Another beautiful holiday collection.

Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all a wonderful day!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I've Been Scrapping

 I've been on a scrappy tangent lately and couldn't be happier about it.  My LSS, Treasured Memories,   asked me to do some design work with some of the new collections coming into the shop!  I was super thrilled and very grateful for the opportunity.  It has been a couple of years since I have done any designing and it feels good to be back at it.  I especially like that this gig is "off line" and I don't have to deal with photography issues or computer technology!  LOL

The first collection I worked with was "Provence" by BoBunny.  It has a vintage vibe and I love the warm tones in the palette.

I knew when I saw that beautiful bird sticker that I needed to scrap a bird photo.  I just can't help it when the bird geek in me comes out.

Here's the sketch that I used from Creative Scrappers. I really miss this sketch site.

Next up is me and my favourite little guy, Thomas.  I really miss all of the hugs I was getting while I visited him last month.  :(

I used this sketch from Once Upon a Sketch.  Oh I love me a good linear sketch! ;)

I've been enjoying creating the traditional 12x12 page once again!  I'll be back again very soon to share what I made with Pink Paislee's new Christmas line, "Yuletide".  It's a really amazing collection!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Getting Ready for Halloween

I figured that it is high time that I pop in here and say hello.  Time is getting away on me.  We are having an amazing Fall.  Maybe once our weather turns I will be more focussed on getting back to this much ignored blog.

Our spooky night will soon be upon us.  I love Halloween!  I love seeing the childrens' costumes and enjoy their excitement for the night.  This year I am being a bit lazy.  I usually put together bags but this year I am giving out chips and gum.  We have many older Trick or Treaters, so we will have cold cans of pop ready for thirsty teenagers.

Diane and I got together to do some Halloween crafting.  We decided to make some Heidi Swapp Marquees.  We decided to tape the outsides...

and glitter the interior.  After all, Halloween is all about tacky decor!

I'm not a huge fan of working with glitter.  I hate the mess.  I knew I was in trouble when Diane announced, before we began, that she was happy that we were doing this craft at my house.  Urrrghhh  I am still finding orange glitter in my kitchen!

They are easy to put together...

and look really great when they are lit up.

Here they are shedding their last bit of loose glitter.  Now I just have to remember to get some more batteries so I can light up my ghost.

I don't think I'll be making any Christmas Marquees... unless we do them at Diane's house this time!


Saturday, October 3, 2015

September... Where Did You Go?

Time is getting away on me.  I blinked my eyes twice and September was gone.  There hasn't been much crafty going on but there has been a bit of travel.  Rob and I went to Montreal.  It was great hanging out with my brother Andrew,

visiting and chatting lots with Chantal,

and getting lots of hugs from my favourite little guy, Thomas! 

We spent lots of time outside enjoying nature!

There was lots of good eating enjoying all of our eastern favourites that we don't have in Alberta, like Montreal smoked meat,

and Quebecois sugar pie.

We had the chance to dress up and be total dorks!

Rob and I went back to our college where we first met many moons ago.

We were a little early to see much of the beautiful red foliage that we miss so much 

but Thomas helped me to find a couple to bring home.

I collected lots of memorabilia and now I just have to decide how I will record all of the fun memories we made. 

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