Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It's a Happy Day When...

... Treasured Memories puts on their blog that they have just received 34 boxes of American Crafts product.  These days, most of the lines that I really love are manufactured by American Crafts.  So off I went to the store to see all of the new goodies.  These days I try to shop a little more wisely.  I'm trying to not hoard paper but to rather buy what I will use in the very near future.  I rather use supplies when I am still really inspired and excited by it. If it hangs around too long it might end up getting donated. Well, my plan of just buying a taste kind or derailed with a couple of the collections. Here's the haul!

Lucky for me, I was able to use my 25% off birthday discount that comes with my yearly membership at the store.  It was a great day to use it.  Tuesday is also double stamp day and so my purchase filled up one card which is valued at $15 as a member.  I was able to use it today.  My LSS has some really great deals for customers.

Here's a peek at the individual collections.

Oh Shimelle!  Here is "Go Now Go".  This collection really had me.  I looked at each sheet of paper trying to choose only the awesome ones and ended up only leaving a couple from the collection behind!

Crate's "Cool Kid" was on my want list.  I love everything about it and it is going to be awesome for scrapping Thomas.  I have a series of fishing photos that I am itching to scrap.

Pink Paislee's new Paige Evans line is beautiful.  I bought a small selection of the papers.  I love that they brought out more of the mirrored titles.

"Saturday" by Dear Lizzy is really great.  It is a step away from her usual colour palette that dominates with mint green and peach.  The ephemera pack is terrific.

We R Memory Keepers collection "Urban Chic" is really pretty.  There is a really awesome dusty mauve in the palette.  I only bought a few sheets and some tags and will do a page of one of the girls. It is a really feminine line.

Lastly, I bought some of Jen Hadfield's "Warm and Cozy" collection.  It is so subtle and muted with greys and browns.  There are some awesome background friendly sheets too and an amazing cut up sheet.

So I've finished drooling over it and enjoying that "new paper" smell.  Am I the only weirdo that enjoys this?  I am grateful to have all of these amazing supplies to keep me busy playing with paper.

I'll leave you with a peek at the rainbow scarf that I knit up for my charity knits.  The fringe was really fun to put on!  I knit most of the weekend since Rob was working 12 hour night shifts.  It has been about a decade since he has and I think he might have to recover now.  The bags under his eyes have four layers.... no kidding!  LOL


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pioneer Girls

When the girls were pre-teens I would often try to get them to do a craft with me.  By this point they were sick of crafting.  I would plead with them to come and stitch with me and tell them that we could play "pioneer girls".  We could pretend that we were living in older times and crafting out of necessity.  At this point they would give me a look and either groan or grunt at me.  They never played.

Flash forward and one girlie likes to crochet.  Diane had me show her how to do a granny square a few years ago.  This is the extent of my crocheting knowledge.  I'm a knitter.  Crocheting doesn't come easy for me.  I am not at one with the hook.  But for Diane... it comes naturally.  She is loving it.

Last week she came over to finish working on a baby blanket that she was making for her friend's baby shower.

It was like a dream come true.  We sat together all afternoon.  She crocheted and I knit.  At one point I said to her, "It is like we are playing pioneer girls."  She replied.  "Don't make this weird Mom."  So I said no more but enjoyed every minute of our time.  Now I just have to get Lisa interested in crafts.  Now this might be an impossible dream.

Oh yeah,  Jack came too.  What a cutie.  Just look at those adorable eyes.


Saturday, August 20, 2016

It Must Be August...

... because this is what I found peeking out of the mail box!

Yes, it's the Ikea catalogue!  I love the excitement when it arrives.  I take some time to have a good look through usually while sipping a cup of tea.  It is an August tradition.   It is never the furniture that I am looking for.   For me, it is all about the organizational items and the possibility of some unique all be it mass produced home decor.

 As for organizational items, I didn't see a thing that I thought would be great for the scrappy room. Boo to that.  I did discover these though.

 There is just something about the shape of them that appeals to me.  I also like that they can be stacked for storage or even stacked to add height while only lighting one tealight on the top.  Soon we will have chilly fall evenings and candle lighting season will begin. I'm excited for fall.


Friday, August 19, 2016

It's a Tradition

Every summer we go to our local heritage park,  Fort Edmonton Park.  I'm not sure what it is about it that draws me in... thoughts of a simpler time I suppose.  This year Diane and Eric came along.  Eric thinks he may have gone once as a child on a field trip, but was excited to see it again.  He had a small glimpse when we went for a Sunday brunch on a cold January day but needless to say, we didn't walk far that day.  It was really fun to share his interest and explore some spots that we usually skip over.  I used the August kit from Treasured Memories to scrap these, plus a few bits and pieces that were on my desk.

Here is the sketch I used from PageMaps.

For this page I used a special effect on the photo print.  I love how it brought out the blue.

The sketch was from Julie Blanc.

In some knitting news, I found these amazing yarns at Michaels!  They are by Caron and called "Caron Cakes".

They are rolled into these beautiful cakes similar to when I roll yarn with my swift and yarn roller.  It allows the colours to show and when you see these all stacked up on the shelf at the store,  they basically sell themselves!  It is brilliant marketing.  I have started a basic garter stitch scarf with the rainbow ball.  I'm planning on fringes.  Some child will love it!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I've been scrapping and just finished two pages using the new "Hooray" collection from MME, for Treasured Memories.  It is a really fun birthday themed line.  I had to dig into the archives to find some birthday photos.

First I have a photo of me and my siblings on Andrew's fifth birthday. ( I think.)

I used the new sketch out at Stuck Sketches.

Then there is this oldie of me at two.  That's going back half a century.  LOL

I used this sketch by Julie Blanc.

My happiest "hooray" news is that Lisa and Steve got married this past weekend!  They had a simple wedding in their backyard with the closest family.  It was laid back and casual and amazing!  We all went out to a restaurant to celebrate after the ceremony.  I actually got to wear Birkenstocks to the wedding.  Score!  Here are a few of my favourite photographs.

Yay to having two wonderful son-in-laws!  I'm grateful.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Crafty Tuesday

It has been some time since I posted about crafty Tuesday with The White Sisters.  Susan and I still meet for a fun day of crafting each Tuesday.  Lately we have been playing with paper lots.  There is a whole list of mini album projects in the planning stages soon.  Yesterday we worked on LO's.

I scrapped one of the latest photos of Thomas geocaching.  He seems to really be enjoying this new hobby.  He looks so proud in this photograph.  What a cutie!

I didn't use a sketch for this one but rather scrap lifted a design by the very talented Jamie Pate.  I loved the elements of a bold patterned frame, a 4x6 PL card and a vertical photo.  Most of the supplies are from the August kit at Treasured Memories.  It is another great kit out this month.

Crafty Tuesday wouldn't be complete without a sweet treat at teatime.  I picked up this selection of dainty cookies at the BonTon Bakery in Edmonton.  Yummy!

If only every day could be Tuesday.  ;)


Saturday, August 6, 2016


I put together a bouquet of sorts using blooms from the yard. They didn't last long but looked pretty for a bit.

I'm glad I took photographs.

Happy Saturday!


Friday, August 5, 2016


It isn't a subject that I scrap often but every once in a while I like to record a peek into my life at this moment.  My 52nd birthday seemed like a good time, not to mention documenting the process of my aging.  LOL  I really loved the soft colours in this BoBunny collection.  It wasn't their usual look.

I used this sketch from D-Lish Scraps.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with some good weather and crafty time.  I have a new kit from Treasured Memories that I am itching to cut into. :)


Thursday, August 4, 2016

The End of Flip Flop Season

Well not literally, thankfully.  It is still pretty warm in these parts most days.  Here are the last three pages that I created using the July kit at Treasured Memories.

Here's Tom enjoying a cone!

I used this sketch by Laura Whitaker.

Next up, Andrew enjoying icecream.  This 4x6 card was perfect!  I didn't use a sketch for this one.

This was the last page I made with the kit.  It was just a basic mish mash of what little scrap I had left.  The lollipop flowers were made from the kraft bag that the kit was put in at the store.

It was an amazing kit!

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