Monday, April 17, 2017

It Has to be Tardis Blue

I've just started knitting a baby blanket for Little Blueberry.  I have to say that it is special,  knitting for an expected grand baby.  "Each stitch was stitched with love" and all that mushy stuff seems to actually hold true.  We went to the good yarn store and bought the quality yarn.  It is 50% washable wool and 50% acrylic and it is so soft that I am loving every stitch except... for the colour.  ;)  I bypassed all of the awesome soft baby neutrals for this!

Yes, Tardis blue at the request of the Dr. Who loving Lisa and Steve.  But what if it is a sweet, delicate baby girl?  Oh well, she will learn to love Dr. Who in time.  The nursery is planned to be a space theme with lots of Tardis blue.  Apparently space will allow them to tie in some Dr. Who themes.  I know nothing of Dr. Who so I couldn't tell you.

The good yarn often has to be rolled since it comes in skeins.  Luckily, Rob doesn't mind the task.  I find it finicky and boring.

I'll be spending lots of time in the next couple of weeks knitting away.

In other knitting news,  I started and completed this baby blanket before I even knew that Lisa was expecting.  Not sure who will end up with this one.  It would be good for a boy or girl.  I love this colour.  I tried a new pattern.  I love the look of it.  It had lots of purling and I did seem to do quite a bit of ripping back.  But in the end, I am really happy with the result.

Our recent dumping of snow is melting and it is feeling warm out so it just seemed fitting to have some yellow tulips on the kitchen table.  An Easter Monday half price sale made them hard to pass up.

As tradition goes, Thomas received his Easter parcel from us on Easter Monday. When he was three years old and the parcel arrived, he asked his mom if the Easter Bunny had sent it.  I remember this every Easter.  It was the cutest thing.   These days, it's all about sharks and chocolate of course.

I'll leave you with a photo of Thomas on Easter morning.  That bunny looks delicious!



  1. Thomas sure is growing up fast! It's been fun seeing it through your photos you share. I am glad you are enjoying the knitting for the new wee one. :) You will have so much fun with Baby. I love the gray walls in your house too. So pretty!!!

  2. Oh yes to the Tardis Blue - Dr Who fans here. I cannot wait to see photos of the Dr Who themed baby room ... it would be right up there with a Harry Potter themed room ... Dr Who's companions are usually kick ass women, so good role models :)

    1. I just learned a bit about the companions today. Now I know why if it is a baby girl it just may be named... Amelia Rose. LOL

  3. Wow...I am beyond excited to hear that you are going to become a awesome. I can just imagine the lovely pages you are going to be making xxxxx


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