Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Oh Johnny

I saw John Mayer last night in concert for the third time.  I seem to think when I saw him last in 2010, I did a post and named it the same.  LOL  I do love me some Johnny.  He just gets better every time I see him.  It took some time but I finally dragged Rob into my world of Johnny and now he too is a fan.  We were lucky enough to get fifth row seats on the floor.  We stood through the show but it was well worth it.

So we finally got to see the new Rogers Place in Edmonton.  We are late to the game.  Yeah we don't get out much and never went for the community viewing when it first opened.  I was really looking forward to seeing this beautiful piece of artwork in the Ford Hall.  An amazing mosaic by Alex Janvier.  It almost seemed disrespectful to even walk on it.

While waiting for the show to start we took our obligatory concert selfie.  I think we might be getting just a bit better at the selfie photograph.... I think.

My newest favourite song, Emoji of a Wave, was played.  Very exciting as he hasn't played it in every show.  Score!

We got to see the John Mayer Trio live and they played a cover of a Jimi Hendrix song, Bold as Love.  Score!

It was a really fun night.  Now if I could only convince my little brother, Andrew, that John Mayer is amazing.  It will never happen.  LOL



  1. Your selfie is excellent - I try & try but I don't think my arms are long enough ... all mine make my nose & forehead HUGE. (col).
    That mosaic tile is amazing & yes I'd be hesitate to walk on the art. Glad you have converted your husband to John Mayer.

  2. It sounds like you had a great evening out, with the selfie to prove it :)

  3. It is so good to visit your blog again. That floor is stunning and you are a pro at selfies xxxxx


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