Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The "Granny Club"

I've been waiting patiently... very patiently.  I have wanted to be a part of this club for quite some time.  It's a great club.  You get to cuddle little humans and sniff their heads and take in that new baby smell.  You can spoil them and not worry about following all the rules that you made yourself follow with your own children.  When they get older and exhaust you, you can just go home and get some quiet time.

Here are the soon to be parents.  October 16th is the promised date.

Meet "Little Blueberry" at 12 weeks.

Why this nickname?  When Thomas was in the womb I named him "Little Peanut".  The night that Lisa and Steve gave us the news, we all thought she was 7 weeks along, when in reality she was only 5.5 weeks along.  At 7 weeks, they are the size of a blueberry.  From that night on, I referred to this little one as "Little Blueberry".

It's a very exciting time for our family.  Every time I see a baby, I get excited again thinking how we will soon have one in our family too!  I'm so happy to be joining the "Granny Club".  Not sure what my official name will be, "Granny Shaw" or "Granny Jen".  Rob will be "Poppy"... or maybe "Grumpa".  ;)



  1. Such exciting news! Think of all that knitting..

  2. Oh my gosh, Jen!!! Congratulations!! Such exciting news for sure!! Lots of knitting and scrappy pages for sure to document that little one, because we both know how fast that time goes. So happy for Lisa and Steve!!!

  3. Congratulations!! Very exciting! October babies are the best ;-)

  4. Congratulations. October has a beautiful birth stone, the Opal.

  5. As I said before...this is the best news ever. You are going to LOVE this new phase of your life. Congratulations dear Jennifer ♥

  6. Oh!!!! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! Baby layouts.... yeah!


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