Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Is This What Crazy Looks Like?

The neighbours might be talking about me.  They might be saying, "We always thought she was a bit off but now we know for sure."  Yes that might be how it goes when they see me out on my walk with the pups.  Here's the story.

Lady has a bad leg.  It has been getting progressively worse.  She is an old girl of 14 years and the two medications she is on don't seem to be giving her much relief. In the last year we have shortened the length of her walk significantly.  Unfortunately this has shortened Maggie's walk also.  Might I add that Maggie needs her walks because she is a fatty.  But it is really hard to leave one behind.  Either way, one dog is missing out on something that they need.  Lately I have had to carry Lady home.  She would just stop walking and sit down on her sore leg.

So I decided to take the plunge into crazy and buy her a pet stroller.  We gave it a whirl in the house and she seemed quite happy in it.  Then Maggie wanted a turn and Lady followed along until it was her turn again.  Today we took it out for a spin around the neighbourhood.  I took Rob along in case I had troubles keeping Lady in it and managing Maggie on the leash at the same time.  Well it went super smooth.

I let her out three times to sniff around and feel like a real dog instead of a "baby".  On the third time out she just sat on the grass waiting for me to put her back in it.  She seems happy as a lark to just sit looking out and spend some time sniffing the air.

Now Maggie can enjoy some longer walks and Lady doesn't have to be left home alone away from the pack.  It's a win win!  I may be subject to some drive by mocking but I'm okay with that.  I don't mind looking a little bit cray cray if it makes a better life for my pups.  :)



  1. Now there's love for you :)

  2. Hey, as long as Lady is happy! :)
    Shawn and I were sitting on our balcony the other day and we noticed a guy walking a golden retriever... and he also had a much smaller dog strapped to his chest in one of those baby-type carriers. I can honestly say that's the first time I've seen anything like that! I've joked about getting one of those for Lloyd before... but I never wanted to be "that cat lady". Though, my friends like to frequently remind me that I already am ;)

  3. I like it & I certainly don't think you're crazy for wanting to provide for your pups - our fur children at just as important to us. I say if it gets everyone out for a walk, power to the product.

  4. HA HA HA! This is such a great post! I love!!! your pet stroller and I completely do not think you look crazy! Awesome!

  5. Awe-this is great. On our rail-trail, people have strollers attached to their bikes for the small dogs. They even have netting:) The stroller you have is much more practical.


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