Monday, May 29, 2017

On a Fine Spring Afternoon...

It really is the perfect afternoon.  The sun is shining and there is a calm breeze.  It's warm but not too warm.  So what's going on around here?

Outside we have been busy.  Rob and I have decided to really try to embrace our high maintenance yard this year.  Instead of complaining and putting off the weeding we hope to focus on pride and curb appeal.  We'll see how long our motivation lasts.  ;)

Geraniums always last into the fall on my front porch.

We decided to put another pot out front for a pop of colour once the clematis is done blooming.

We even got super eager and planted a few annuals in the front beds.  Mostly we did it because every time we plant a new perennial it seems to die by the following spring.  This seemed like a cheap way to fill up some bare spots.

The hostas are up and I wish they stayed this trim and neat all season long.  Nature does tend to be unruly and it just goes against my personality.  ;)

Inside I have an orchid blooming in my kitchen.  My plan is to try to wait it out once it stops blooming and see if I can get it to bloom again.  I have a habit of putting them in organics once they get ugly.  It will be a challenge I tell you.  LOL

We are trying out a new hand soap scent from Method.  It is a really nice kitchen scent!

On the crafty front I'm all about the baby hats these days.  I have found a place to donate them!  They put together baskets containing clothing and some books and stuffies to outfit a newborn up until one year old.  The items can be new or gently used.  The items are colour coordinated and they are given to new mothers in need.  Such a great idea!

And so the baby yarn stash has been growing.  Yikes!

My scrappy desk has looked like this for the past month.

Yes there isn't much mojo.  I'm in the middle of a double LO of Thomas.

I do enjoy seeing this smiling face as I walk by.

I just started reading this book.

It interests me because I love having a peek into what women's daily lives look like in other cultures.  Not sure I'll embrace getting up at the crack of dawn to make Rob a hearty breakfast before he heads out to work at 6:30 am.  Nor will I be cleaning in my good clothes to make sure I look presentable throughout the day.  And I know for sure that I won't be serving up a three to five course meal each night.  Yes it sounds delicious.  Soup to start, then  meat,  potatoes and veggies, followed by a salad.  Then for dessert a homemade tart and then a selection of cheese.  How do these women stay so slim?  LOL

And on the iPhone front I am continuing to text!  Yes I am now officially moved into 2017.  I've driven most family members nuts with my emoji... except for Susan.  There really is an emoji for everything!

Lastly, we find out on Wednesday the gender of Lisa and Steve's little one.  Lisa is half way there in her pregnancy and feeling great.  She looks so cute with a little baby bump.  I'm just giddy waiting to find out if I'm having a granddaughter or grandson.  I've been seeing "pink" since the beginning.  I'll keep you posted!


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  1. Delightful recap. Thanks for the hand soap referral - always looking for the right scent. Yesterday at my sister's house I was very tempted to stash her guest bathroom's soap into my purse, I was smitten with the scent. I think there's a possibility that your yarn is multiplying all on it's own ... such a great knitting project. I am trying to move technically into 2017 but living, working & playing in a community where most shun technology gives me SO many excuses not to (lol).


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