Saturday, May 26, 2012

Greetings from the Zoo

No, I'm not actually at the zoo, although that does sound like fun.   Mo, the grand-kitty is back and with four animals in the house, I referred to Rob this morning as the zoo keeper.   Mo is always a welcome addition to the pack although this time around he is not being much of a basement dweller.  He has been with us almost constantly.  Where is his mother?  She is in Quebec watching Memorial Cup junior hockey.  Her boyfriend's little brother plays for The Edmonton Oil Kings but they were unfortunately done in the series as of Thursday night.  :(  So Diane has been in Montreal eating smoked meat sandwiches and texting photos of it to her father to torment him.  Next it was off to Quebec City.  Tomorrow night is the big game for the cup.

As always when Mo visits, a photo shoot is in order.  Mo is one of my favourite muses.  He actually photographs more beautifully than he is in real life.  So here we go with more photos from the crazy dog/cat lady!  ;)

And one just for fun..... a smiling Mo!

Eventually, Lady realized that she was not the center of my universe, so over she came.  Yes, she is a bit of a jealous one.

In other news around here....

flowers are starting to bloom outside,

and inside,

Rob captures a terrific shot of the female Red Winged Black Bird  (told you she was no looker)

The knitting needles and crochet hook is a working (scrappy LO is still sitting half done)

And sadly, our seven goslings are now down to six.  :(  It is only nature but still.)

If you would like to view some amazing photography taken on our slough by my neighbour,  John Warden,  check out this link.  His work is stunning!!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. Amazing photos, and your cat is the most gorgeous cat I've ever seen!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my page. Yes, you can do older Case Files. :) Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Mo! You are too cute for words! And the lady taking your picture, well she's taking some pretty good pictures of you! Enjoy your visit!

  3. Oh how can you say he is prettier on camera! LOL I bet he is just as beautiful. His eyes are the same green as my old kitty (sure miss her). Glad you are having a good time with Mo. Great pics of him. I can't wait to see these on a page. :) I did get a glimpse of the goslings. They are big!! Mama and Papa have done a good job of keeping them hidden this year. I have only seen them once and keep looking to find them again.

  4. Nice photos. I'm sure you'll be scrapping that last one of Mo! I still think Lady is the cutest animal in your house. ;-) I looked at that photo of her and said out loud, "Awww, Lady, you're soooo cute". Best dog ever.

  5. The real proof that you aren't a "Crazy Cat Lady" yet is that you can take pictures of your animals on your hardwood floor and there aren't any dust bunnies!! The pictures are great and your bird family is so cute. Harold and Maude the Mallard Ducks that stayed in our yard a couple years ago have been sighted walking down the court a couple days ago. Ken won't let me buy a paddle pool for them like I did last time. Hope you are enjoying the great weather!! terryk

  6. Jen, your spring photos are great, and I just LOVE the shot of Mo in profile! I wish I could hire you to photograph my own little zoo!


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