Sunday, May 20, 2012

Photo Post

No scrapping to share yet but I do have some photos of the newest additions to our slough!  They are only two days old and out for a morning swim!

There are actually seven but one little one is swimming behind Poppy here.

Here they are this evening.  It is so hard to see them in amongst the grass.

So the neighbourhood is pretty excited about these little ones.  Lots of families coming for a peek and lots of photo shoots too.  It makes me happy to see my community enjoying such a simple pleasure of our spring season.

Now that the goslings are here,  Poppy is being less territorial about the slough.  Or... maybe he is just too busy to have time to fight off intruders.  A new couple has shown up and is enjoying another section of the slough.  Rob got pretty close to this one.  "Hello Human!"

The slough if full of Red Winged Black birds.  I love their shrill call.  The male is so beautiful and yet the female looks similar to a Sparrow being just a drab brown.  Seems so unfair!  ;)

Lastly,  some foliage.

Be back soon with a LO to share.  I have one in the making but it has been just too lovely outside to sit inside and scrap.  A perfect chance to be outside taking photographs.  :)

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. The light in your photos is beautiful - I can easily imagine that it has been too nice to stay indoors. Wish we could say the same here! (though today is showing a little promise..)

  2. wow.... they are all beautiful and I just pinned them all under God's Creation on my board.

  3. stunning photography as always Jennifer

  4. If only I could get that good of photos that close to the geese! They won't let you anywhere near them. I love your photos! I agree, it is too nice to stay inside.

  5. I'm glad to hear that Poppy has finally let other geese onto the slough! Seemed so unfair for one pair to monopolize such a huge body of water. Those goslings are so cute!

  6. I just love living vicariously through your nature shots...someday, when we decide to move to a new house, I hope we live somewhere that pretty! :)


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