Friday, July 13, 2012

It's That Time of Year..... Again

Didn't it feel like Winter CHA was just here?  Hard to believe that another CHA is upon us and with it a frenzy of sneak peeks of what will soon adorn our LSS shelves.  What is an addicted scrappy shopper to do?  sigh  Susan suggested to just not look at any of the peeks that have been released in the past week or so.  I knew this would never work.  I'm just not disciplined enough.  ;)  I told myself that I would not create a "Wish List" file containing images of scrappy goodness..... but, I did.  Next I decided that I would not talk about CHA on the blog.  Clearly, I'm failing at this.  I also said that there would be no posted photos on the blog of items that I am already drooling over.  Well, I'm breaking that resolution too.  Here is what has caught my eye!

Studio Calico is always a weak spot for me.  "Year Book" is calling my name.

Bright and yummy papers

amazing frames

cute pockets

and these amazing clips.

Then there is the Christmas stuff.  Yet another weak spot.  :(  Why do I love Christmas paper so much?  I don't even like Christmas that much!

MME  "All is Bright" makes me happy!

Pink Paislee "Side Walks" has a great vintage vibe!

The third problem area is when it comes to my favourite colour palette.... turquoise, gold and grey.  Then I spied this from Pink Paislee.... "Portfolio"!  Oh I just love it.  I can see it with black and white photos and it looks oh so classy!

The last major trouble spot for me is..... Crate Paper.  Oh my!!  I just seem to love everything that they come out with!

Acorn Avenue.  Oh I love the autumn theme and every sheet in this collection.

On Trend.  Vibrant and amazing.

Sleigh Ride.  Such a classic Christmas look and mixing cream and white... I love it!!

So this year I have decided to save face and not make any grand claims of not buying any of this stuff.  Who am I kidding?   I will try to be prudent but oh the paper addiction rages on within me!  Paper just makes me happy!!  So what are you drooling over?

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. Fab post!! Thought about doing something like this, too!! How in the world are we supposed to not buy any of this?!?! ;)

  2. I too have been trying not to look at the sneak peeks without much luck! I've just stocked up in the sales and have so much paper that I daren't even think about new stuff (yet!) - maybe by the time all these lovelies hit the uk stores I'll have used up some and will feel guilt free? The Year Book and the Portfolio are calling my name :)

  3. Heyyyyyy!!! Remember the other day when you told me, "Don't worry - I'm not putting any of the CHA sneak peeks on my blog this time." Remember that? So, how come when I looked at the CP sneaks a couple of nights ago they didn't peak my interest but then when I see them on your blog suddenly that Acorn Avenue is looking pretty nice? Hmmm...maybe I need to stop reading your blog. ;-) Just kidding!

  4. Ok.. I admit to looking a little. I said I wasn't going to look at any of the sneak peeks the mfrs. were doing. Some of your choices are some of mine. The MME for sure all of them. I too like Crate's Acorn and I NEED that PP gray, yellow and turquoise line!!! I had so much fun with Lily Bee's Buttercup (same color palette). The Studio Calio is so you!!! :) Great picks!!

  5. I'm taking a break from my holiday unpacking to catch up on some blog reading and yes some sneak peek watching too! We always seem to like the same kind of things, so I agree with all your picks. I don't know how strong willed I'm going to be either..

  6. I love Portfolio...first time I see it right here on your blog...and I am still trying to work away my huge stash.


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