Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It Happens Every August

The Ikea catalogue arrives on my doorstep!  I open it up with anticipation to slowly look through and see what the designers have come up with for a new year.  It isn't the furniture I am interested in,  it is the organizational items and home decor items like candles and glassware.  It is always fun to see the prints of the new bedding and fabric.  If I was young and single I can see myself with an apartment fully decorated in Ikea products.

So what has caught my eye this year?  Hmm Something worth sharing on a mostly scrappy blog.  It's this...

I think I NEED this for my scrappy room.  Vertical storage, on casters  and the colour turquoise.... it is calling my name.  Think of the items that could be housed on this unit and then just wheeled over when in use. It reminds me of the little carts that they use at the hairdressers.   It is metal and goes for $69.99, in Canada anyway.  I hope it does not disappoint when I see it in real life.  Catalogue pages can sometimes be deceiving.

Is it calling your name for your scrappy place?

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. Oh yes, many people here are excited by the catalogues arrival too. I have not really looked at it yet but I must say that cart you have found looks fabulous!

  2. I love the day the new Ikea catalogue arrives here! In fact I love the catalogues so much I usually persuade my brother to bring me the USA version whenever he comes home too.

    I might be heading there this afternoon. Ikea, not USA lol, and I'm hoping to see a trolley or two - I've heard there is a grey version too and that would work perfectly round here

  3. Anything turquoise calls my name. Now we need to see it in your scrappy space filled with all your crafty items.

  4. My copy that usually comes in the mail, I haven't seen it. I grabbed mine at the store recently. I love pouring through it too. That cart would make a wonderful addition to a scrappy room.


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