Thursday, October 11, 2012

Welly Warmers

With our Canadian winter being just around the corner, the knitting needles have been a clicking.

 Diane has been keeping me quite busy with wishes of warm woolies.  I had already knit both of the girls mittens for this winter.  I have to thank Maggie and her knee surgery for my getting this done during the summer months.  It kept me busy as I sat on the sofa with Maggie trying to keep her off her knee. I still  have a couple of scarf patterns planned for Diane. (Lisa is not much of a woolie fan and basically just accepts the basics mostly to appease her knitting mother.)

Diane's biggest wish was for me to knit her a pair of boot socks for her Hunters.  For anyone out there who lives under the same rock as I do when it comes to the latest in fashion, Hunters are just your basic pair of "billy boots" as we said in the east and what westerners call "gum boots".  Because Hunters are a highly sought after fashion item, they cost around $150.  Someone's getting rich.  The long socks that are worn with them and roll over the boot top into a cuff are sold for $40.  Diane decided that this was too expensive and that I could knit her a pair much cheaper.  Anyone who follows my blog may remember the sock knitting adventure of last winter.  Yes, I conquered the goal and decided to never knit another pair of socks, let alone a loooong pair of boot socks.

Diane is a resourceful girl.  She is an HR girl,  after all.  She set out to find the perfect pattern and that she did.  Welly Warmers!!  A bit of a cheat actually.  It is basically a short leg warmer that extends up and over your boot into a cuff.  No sock knitting or heal turning involved!  Yay!!  She is thrilled beyond her expectation of the project and so am I.  :)  I am even proud to say that I tweaked the pattern.  The original had an opening in the cuff and a large button to close the flap.   We didn't like the look of the button so I altered the pattern to omit the opening and hey.... it worked!

Next I will knit a pair in a light grey shade.  Diane assures me that I could sell these things for $20.  Not sure where I might find these welly wearers wanting welly warmers???  Could this be my opportunity to riches and fame?  hee hee  I think not.

On a related note, the charity woolies went out for donation today.  There was quite a stash between the four knitters in our family and I have to admit that I yielded the least amount of goods.  Robert's mother who turns 85 next month,  outdid us all!  My mother had quite a lot done already, as of last February when she had her stroke.  I have to give Susan kudos for the beauty of her knits.  Some amazing patterns and even some little girl hats with crocheted flowers on them.  They were so cute.  

I'll leave you with some funnies.  This is me after a trip to Michael's.  I say it but never can follow through on it.

This could be my Mother-in Law, Pat.  She is such an accomplished knitter.  I think that she could knit in her sleep!


  1. Wow, wonderful wooly welly warmers! And I love that last cartoon- too funny!

  2. You totally could sell these! They are much sought after round here too and a personalised pair seems like a perfect gift. Great job

  3. Those hunter boots/welly warmers are fabulous. They would sell like hotcakes here.
    Your hats are all lovely. so great that you all knitted together to send off your hige package and so apt that the eldest produced the most. i am not a knitter but totally enjoyed the 2 jokes!

  4. Your pair of black boots is your warmer and I must say how I love it. You change the opening of this boot and make it more simpler.


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