Friday, November 23, 2012

Acorn Avenue

This last CHA had me really "needing" only one collection.... Crate's Acorn Avenue.  I loved everything about it.  Once I finally found some, I looked at the patterns in the papers and was worried that they would be hard to work with.  They are so eclectic and busy.  Well, yesterday I mustered up the courage to cut into them.  I kept telling myself, "Less is more."  lol  Photos that I took of MO last Fall were perfect for the colours in this line.

Playing with tags in this one.  I have been wanting to use the title, "Grand" for a long time.  My all time favourite teacher was my grade five teacher, Miss Shakel.  She was an older lady who smoked like a chimney (even while in her office helping me try to conquer fractions.)  What can I say, it was the 70's. ;)  Whenever I did something that pleased her, she would seem so pleased and say, "Grand!".  Her encouragement meant a lot to me.  I think of her often as she was everything that a teacher should be. Anyway, I think that Mo is grand and decided to play on the fact that I refer to him as my grand-kitty.

The stitching through the stamped numbers was a "happy mistake."  I love it when that happens.  My stamping left an empty ridge under the seam of the paper.  I decided to fill it in with a line of stitching.

I used this sketch by Marcy Penner.

For my next LO, I went searching for some Julie Bonner inspiration.  Julie is my #1 scrappy mentor.  I have been pretty much stalking her creations for the past three years.  When her blog is inactive, I seek her out on whatever team she is on to see what she has been creating.  I found a terrific sketch by Julie as well as lots of inspiration from her take on it.  Thank you Julie Bonner!!

Here's Mo, once again.

Here is Julie's amazing sketch!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with some creative time too!



  1. Wow, the papers look great, not busy or over-powering at all. Love the happy mistake too - that stamp is great.

  2. Oh wow!! That page with Julie's sketch is just beautiful!!! I just love the color palette and the photos of Mo. The first page is great!! Or Grand, I should say. ;) The colors and patterns you chose are perfect, not too busy. Mo is such a pretty kitty!!! He looks so little. Laura's male cat, Leo, he is a moose!! He has big features too! Big feet, facial features, etc. The biggest cat is the biggest baby too! LOL

  3. Your layering on your first layout is stunning and that "happy mistake" is indeed a lovely touch. I love it that you "stalk" Julie Bonner. I love her sketches. Mo is very regal looking in the second layout.

  4. Gorgeous! This is such a lovely post with two pretty pages to enjoy and a story to make me smile. What could be better?

  5. You put the patterns together perfectly Jennifer!! I never got any of this collection, but I really love it!! I love the stamped numbers on your first page!


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