Monday, November 19, 2012

Around Here...

We are having an early winter.  I think it is pay back time since last winter, winter didn't really show up.  The snowy days seem to have people in the Christmas spirit a bit early.  There is Christmas music playing in the stores, lots of shopping going on and lots of Christmas decor and goodies to be had at Starbucks.

Winter and all of it's ups and downs have arrived at our place.

The big guy is doing lots of this.

He actually missed shovelling while we lived in the condo.   He does have a new snowblower to play with and already has some of our new neighbours thrilled that the "snow blowing fairy" lives next door.  ;)

We have been taking care of our little feathered friends!  Lots of seed to be had by the little Chickadees who visit each day and eat for warmth.

In the spirit of Christmas, we spent last weekend building a Christmas village.  I have to blame Michelle for this sudden tangent!  Last week's email conversation about villages along with a link to one woman's amazing village started it all.  ;)

I have always loved the idea of building a Christmas village.  I think it goes back to my childhood memory of me and Susan building one out of construction paper and glue that my father brought home for us,  after discovering that our store bought village from the previous year had been stolen out of our storage locker in our apartment building.  Although I missed the glittered roof and light up houses of the store bought version, there was something so special about making our own.  We sprayed canned snow on our roofs and hung Christmas lights around our bedroom dresser where the village sat.  Fast forward to my adult life and the fact that I married Mr. Baaa Humbug.  ;)  Each year Rob tries to convince me not to put up a tree let alone build a village.

Last year I caved and bought my first house for a village with the idea of collecting one piece each year.   After my conversation with Michelle, I happily went over to Michael's and bought the United church as this year's addition.  It was on for 40% off and has significance to our life as we were married by the United church.

Things started going willy nilly when I discovered a Saturday only coupon at Michael's for an additional 25% off sale items...... 4 hours only!!  So off we went to buy one more piece.  Then.... Rob spied the train set that goes with the village.  Yay!!!  It was a boy thing and enough to get him to buy into the village construction!  So we spent the weekend looking for pieces, buying styrofoam, blankets of snow and fake snow.

In the end, we realized that we didn't have room to actually have the entire train track up and running.  The train is parked on the tracks at the edge of town this year.  But... there may be a village expansion next year!

Christmas Village 2012

Complete with skating rink

a police station, of course, and United church.

Here's my favourite house in the village.

Lots of dogs in my village because everything is better with dogs.  ;)

Here's the large community Christmas tree

and lastly, our parked train that just may be up and running next year!

So this seems to be what empty nesters do in their spare time.  I think I need some grandchildren. LOL

The knitting needles have been going in full force.  I have been working on my charity knits for next year,  along with this tiny pair of mittens for my favourite little fellow.  There is also a matching hat.

Hope your days are beginning to be merry!



  1. I love your village!!!! I am glad you talked the big guy into it. :) It turned out wonderfully. I am glad I inspired you. ;) Winter has yet to arrive here and that is just fine with me. Our temps during the day are in the 50's. I am liking it. While we do need the moisture, I am glad it is holding off... Hopefully it won't be a long winter or super cold.

    Well, I think I better go dig out my village since I made you do one. :D I will have to sit down with my big guy and see what we can come up with. ;)

  2. I love the village. The Bylaw Officers are a nice touch. I am trying to knit an infinity cowl. Already took it aoart once but determined to keep going.

  3. Oh wow! Your little village is looking fabulous Jennifer! Love that idea. Just think how big it will be by the time your grandchildren do come along. :) Love looking at all your photos. xx

  4. I can just imagine how much fun grandchildren would have with that little village of never would be the same again. Such lovely photos Jennifer, you are putting me in the mood for Christmas.

  5. Your village has made me feel very merry indeed! I'm such a dollshouse and miniatures fan that I have been poring over your photos looking at all the details. It's gorgeous!

  6. Wow, the village is beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person.


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