Sunday, December 23, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust & Shark Review

My Studio Calico November kit has been reduced to a mere pile of tiny scraps.  Boo to that but the next kit is just waiting to be cut into.  The kit yielded 3 LO's which proves to me that it is a more expensive scrapping option than just buying my own supplies.  However, I could never mix it up the way whoever designs these kits does.  A price must be paid for these talents.  :)

One more LO of my Gus.  He was on my mind yesterday so it seemed fitting to scrap him.  I promise that I only have one more sad Gus LO planned.  What can I say, I'm a sappy dog lover.  ;)  This LO is based on a sketch from Kristine Davidson's eBook.

I cut strips of paper out of the brown paper and backed it with the yellow paper.

This last LO with the kit was so much fun.  I just used what was left and let the product guide the design.  After I was finished, I realized that the design is pretty close to my last LO.  I love the mix of colours here.  It is always hard for me to scrap nature foliage and flower photos, so it is nice when in this case, the photo was chosen to match the supplies on hand.  

About The Shark Pro Pocket Mop.  I give it 2 thumbs up!  Here's what I liked.  It is easy to use.  Just fill it up with water, almost like filling an iron, let it heat up and you are ready to go!  There are three settings, dust, mop and scrub.  We used the hottest scrub setting.  8 tiny paws leave lots of prints on my floors as the pups come in and out from the back and their paws are wet from the snow.  It was light to push.  Just seeing the steam come out of the machine made me feel that my floors were really getting clean.  This is important to me with having the dogs coming in and out and tracking in yuck. The pad comes off to dry.  It will be flipped to the clean side for the next use.  It washes easily in the machine but can't have fabric softener or bleach used on it.  I will just wash it with my Norwex cloths and mop pads.

On the down side, if a few streaks on your floor will drive you crazy, it may not be the machine for you.  I have light hardwood so the streaks don't bother me.  If I was in the condo with those dark floors I may have given it only one thumb up.  ;)  For me, I will take a few streaks for a cleaner floor.  Norwex may have my floors virtually streak free but I know that if I am wiping something up with damp paper towel after they have been mopped, there is still dirt on the damp towel.  The next time I use the Shark, I will try going over the floor more, leaving less water to see if that makes it less streaky.  But.... in my opinion, it is well worth the money.  Floor washing is still not a "fun" chore but this little gadget makes it less work.  Just the fact that it is a gadget will have Rob wanting to use it until the novelty wears off.  The more Rob mops, the less I mop!  hee hee



  1. I love the page of Gus. It is hard when we miss our four legged friends. The 2nd page is so fun. What a mix of color and pattern. :) I hope Rob had fun with his camera class. Thanks for the review on the steam mop. I will have to check them out, see if I can find locally. Too funny about the "gadget" and Rob mopping. Wish that worked that way here. :)

  2. Love that sweet page Jennifer and the way you cut the strips out of the wood grain and backed it with the Yellow! And the mix of embellishments on the second layout is really cute!

  3. I love what you have done with the November kit. Each layout is gorgeous. It just makes me more excited about receiving my December kit...I have looked at the January sneaks...and I might get some of the add on's as well.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas Jennifer.


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