Monday, December 17, 2012

Bird is the Word

Yesterday we finally got the Christmas tree up and decorated.  The downsized skinny tree that we purchased last Christmas almost didn't make it out of the box this year.  We don't have room for it in our living room.  We have a really long living room in this house.  Very different from the huge space in the condo that I never quite knew how to fill .  So we debated if it was worth setting up the tree in our family room in the basement.  We only go down a few times a week to view our favourite television shows.

So I had the great idea to go off to the greenhouse, yet again, to look of a little tree that could sit on my fireplace ledge in the living room.  We found the perfect tree and decided to make it our "Bird Tree".  We selected a few bird ornaments and I knew I had lots at home packed away.

Next came the task of going through all of my ornaments to locate all of my birds.  Then it hit me.  If I am going through all of these ornaments anyway, why not just put up the big tree in the basement too.  Besides, I would miss not seeing all of my old ornaments and the memories that some of them bring back.

This year's new ornaments.... yes still birds.  ;)

And images of this "tweet" little tree.

So now we have two trees and I have to say that the "Bird Tree" is here to stay for many years.  I plan on looking for new birds each year to add to it.  My plan is to have every branch adorned with a little bird.

Wishing you all a terrific week.



  1. Your trees are beautiful!!! I love the newest birds you purchased too.

  2. Great idea and both are gorgeous. The birds are so beautiful. My Mum does her tree in owls only...I scour the shops looking for glass owls for her tree!
    Our tree is in the living room. A room we sit in to chat or read a book or visit with company. Our TV is in the family room/kitchen and i have a wee tree in a Santa boot on the island in there. But it just doesn't do it for me. Perhaps I shall steal your idea and look for a tall tree in an urn in the after Xmas clearance sales! (DH retired early this year so I am keeping to a fairly strict budget till his pension kicks in next year.)
    Great idea!

  3. The bird tree looks great! What a neat idea.

  4. Your trees both look gorgeous...but those bird ornaments are absolutely amazing. So very pretty.

  5. Both your trees look amazing Jennifer! Love tweet bird tree. Such a great idea. We have finally put our tree up too... not very organised this year.


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